Top 7 Best Apps to Help Save and Budget Money

Aug 29, 2022

No matter where you start, the top money-saving applications can help you save money. All you need for these simple money applications is a smartphone and a checking account. Each software has a distinct aesthetic and set of money-saving techniques. But at their core, they're intended to motivate you to start saving regularly without giving it too much thought. 

Review the terms and conditions before using every budget tracker app because you will have to give them access to your bank information (unless it's also your bank). Ensure your checking account has a balance cushion of more than a few dollars. Avoid taking the chance of an unintentional overdraft.

Budget Planner App: Why essential?

These applications might assist you in changing your behavior patterns if you frequently spend before saving. They're also a fantastic choice if you're only now beginning to accumulate savings. These apps constantly transfer tiny sums of money into your savings, making the chore easier than asking for a single large sum like some traditional savings accounts. 

When you have savings, you might want to consider transferring your funds to a high-yield savings account. Even though yields have decreased due to the present economic climate, there are still some banks where you may park your savings and still earn a higher rate. Although internet banks typically give savers a better return, you won't become wealthy.

Different types of apps to help save money and budget

Apps for saving money come in various forms and function differently. 

Once you link your account to a credit card, you use it to make purchases and cashback and discount apps function. Alternatively, you can scan receipts or make purchases through their portal. 

You can automatically deposit your spare change or paycheck into a savings or investment account using the new card that savings and investing applications give you. 

All of your bills must be entered into bill-saving applications so that they can track them for you. Using a budget tracker app allows you to invest in various businesses to increase your savings.

Depending on the features provided and the app concept, they could be free or require a fee. While cashback apps are always free and rely on advertisements for revenue, bill-saving apps like Truebill charge a commission for any savings made.

7 Best Money Saving Apps in 2022

Here's a list of the best money apps you can use to save money for investing, whether, for business, condo investing, or just for the sake of having something to draw if urgently needed.


The automated budget planner app Digit tracks every transaction in and out of your bank account. The money is then periodically transferred from checking to savings in amounts determined by the system's algorithms to be secure. 

For people who appreciate outsourcing decisions and consider themselves spenders rather than savers, Digit is an intelligent solution. 

Following a free 30-day trial, Digit members must pay $5 per month (this may not be one of the" best money savings apps free" you're looking for. If so, skip to the next budget planner app).

You may use the app to set up savings goals, pay off credit card debt, and use the auto-savings option for that price. Every three months, Digit will offer you a 0.1 percent yearly savings incentive; this benefit can help you pay your subscription cost in part. 

Digit won't withdraw any funds if it deems that you are unable to save any money until you are in a more secure position. Digit will repay up to two occurrences of overdrafts if they happen by accident. Additionally, overdraft prevention is an option.


Again, this may not be your preferred best money-saving app free; you can move to the next one.

With a unique twist, Qapital also wants to make saving modest sums of money simply by allowing users to create savings rules. You might, for instance, configure a guilty pleasure rule to have the app deduct money from your savings each time you order takeout. Qapital can round up your change at the register and add it to your savings, similar to certain investment apps.

The software is frequently praised for its visually based goals-based methodology. You can add pictures to your goals, turning the portal into a virtual vision board for your finances.

Long Game

Long Game, also in our best money-saving apps 2022 list, aims to encourage consumers to save some of the money they spend on lottery tickets. Users of the app have the opportunity to win more funds by saving money. Prize-linked savings is what it is called; the more you save, the more opportunities you have to play games and earn more money. You are not gambling with your principal, which is the money you have deposited into Long Game, and the account is FDIC-insured. Additionally, the app offers 0.1% interest on your balance. 

On this app, you can also create a rule to save money on payday. 

You might want to try this app if you enjoy the rush of a lottery and want saving to be enjoyable. Also, this app is free! Hence, this is included in our best money apps list.


Since its debut in 2014, the digital-only company and the best budget app (one of the many), Chime has attracted millions of customers. It provides bank accounts with a variety of automatic saving capabilities. 

You can set up a rule for Chime to transfer a certain amount of your paycheck into savings if you direct deposit to your Chime account. There is also a round-up option available to increase savings. 

Since Chime isn't officially a bank, it doesn't store your bank deposits like other challenger banks do. Bancorp Bank is their partner that holds your deposits. Additionally, interest will be paid on your savings. Start to save and invest with the Chime app!


Another more recent digital brand, Current, provides a number of financial wellness tools via a mobile banking app. Customers can create savings objectives, or "pods," to have money automatically placed aside for their desired purpose, such as a vacation or a rainy day fund. Additionally, you can transfer money right into your savings pod.


You might choose the path of "save and investing" if you already have some emergency funds and want to take a chance. One of the more famous apps for investing spare change is called Acorns. 

Also included in our best money apps list, Acorns will round up your purchases to the next dollar and invest the spare change or money into a diverse investment portfolio based on your goals once you've linked an active credit or debit card to the fintech app. A recurrent transfer into Acorns can also be set up.


Your accounts are organized and kept track centrally by Mint. All of your numerous bank and credit card accounts, as well as any loans and investments you may have, can be connected. 

With Mint's application, you may view a complete financial image and better understand how to manage your funds. Additionally, you may set up specific reminders so that you never forget to pay a payment and keep an eye on any subscriptions you may have. Even if one of your regular subscriptions increases in price, you can get a notification. 

You may monitor and manage your overall expenditure and debt with the option to build personalized budgets. It is also cost-free and receives funding from partners instead.

Although developing a savings habit can be challenging, everyone can achieve it. Today, we have a wealth of practical money-saving apps at our fingertips to make life easier. Download these best money apps now and start saving for condo investing.

The type of these many app-based money-saving strategies that might work best for you will depend on your objectives and present financial situation.

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