Top 7 Housewarming Gifts For Your Friend's New Condo

Aug 29, 2022

It's time to get blessed!

After all the commotion of planning to have your first-owned condo, you officially deserved to move in and live in it comfortably and effortlessly. 

Once everything is ready and all set, the next thing to do is have a condo blessing or housewarming! Your condo or house also deserves to be blessed to attract more blessings, opportunities, and positive energy. 

Initially, it feels good enough to have your own home finally or have purchased a ready-for-occupancy condo. You may feel satisfied that you now have a property you can call your own. 

Romantically speaking, you can look back on all of your hard work and sacrifices to finally reach a big milestone: to have your condo or home. Just by looking at it, you can take it as a big blessing indeed. 

We can't deny that having a home or a condo for yourself is a breakthrough for one's self. It reflects how much you work hard, save so much, and plan well to achieve your desired home or condo living finally. 

Moreover, purchasing a condo, you have to put so much effort and ideas into how to design it. You want it to be the home or condo that you will eternally want to live in. 

You want your furniture and the interior design itself to be the reflection of who you are. Yet, you also want it to be welcoming to your future guests. Thus, this makes you eager to choose everything that will attract good vibes, blessings, and positive energy. 

Besides having your own home or condo, it also feels good that your family or friends like to visit or stay in it several times. You will surely feel that your nook is also home to everyone. 

Having guests in your home or condo is also a blessing. Their presence makes the whole ambiance a little bit lighter and more positive. Their smiles, the time they spare and spend visiting your home, and the way they appreciate you and your milestone are all a blessing in their own form and way. 

When it comes to blessing, we want to ensure that everything that will bring in more opportunities and the right paths to take. Letting your new home or condo attract more blessings is rightful, and preparing and executing a condo or housewarming. This is to secure that your home or condo, plans, and desires for your dream home or condo living are well-guided by the one Above. 

Thus, one easiest way or form of genuine appreciation for it is through giving or receiving gifts. It may be a tradition for some who attend a condo or housewarming to give gifts to the homeowners. 

Thus, these show that you appreciate being invited to the housewarming and being proud that they have their own home or condo. 

There are various house-blessing gift ideas in the Philippines. Gift ideas such as a unique housewarming gift, practical housewarming gift, luxury housewarming gift, and a nice condo-housewarming gift are some of the forms of gifts you can give to homeowners. These gifts benefit homeowners and can make their way of living much more manageable. 

If you still don't have any ideas about what to give, the following gifts may be helpful for you

1. Potted Money Tree

It is prevalent for all of us that the money tree is a very pet-friendly and somewhat practical design for your house or condo. Besides this, it is said to be that money trees attract fortune and wealth to houses or homeowners that have them. It is resilient and will never break your home's aesthetic. Potted Money Tree is one of the practical housewarming gifts that you may bring to future homeowners. 

2. Customized Blessing Jar 

Want to have a personalized gift to be more sentimental? You can customize your gift. One unique housewarming gift idea is a customized blessing jar. They can use this blessing jar every time they have or receive a new blessing. It can be written on a piece of paper and placed in the blessing jar. With this, they can look back on how much they have moved forward from the beginning of their life. This may make them realize that they have been blessed and are so much blessed throughout their new life in their new home. You can customize the jar by naming the jar with the homeowners' name and such. 

3. Scented Candles

A scented candle is one of the most common house blessing gift ideas in the Philippines. Most homes or condo has scented candles in their living room or bedroom. Scented candles give off a calming and soothing scent or aroma to the whole premises. It also complements most home aesthetics. Thus it makes it more casual to give. It is advisable to know the preferred scent of the homeowner you will be giving this gift to ensure that they will not feel suffocated by the aroma or scent that you may give.

4. Wine

If you prefer to be luxurious, you can choose a wine to be your luxury housewarming gift. Nowadays, some prefer to receive a gift from someone wherein they can taste it, but at the same time, they can display it and store it for a very long time. Thus, giving wine/s to the homeowners is the best choice to give. They can place or display it in their bar, kitchen, or shelf as wine bottles are also very aesthetically-pleasing. It also gives a different vibe to the design of your home or condo furniture. Or if you have extra budget, you can also opt to give a bottle of champagne for a housewarming gift.

5. "WELCOME" Sign

Home signage such as the "Welcome" sign is one of the nice home or condo housewarming gifts. This is also a practical and useful gift to give new homeowners. They can technically use it right away by placing it in front of their door or even at the first desk near the door. This "welcome" sign warmly greets you and your guests visiting you. It can also serve as a design inside your home or condo. 

6. Pillow or Cushion

Another practical housewarming gift is a pillow or cushion. This can be used inside the bedroom or for the couches in the living room. You can also make it customized or personalized just for the homeowner. A Pillow adds volume to the sofa and space in the bed, which distinguishes the comfortability of their house. You can personalize the pillow or cushion with the homeowner's name, initials, or even an inspirational quote. 

7. Painting

If you are into art or decoration, one luxury housewarming gift you can give is a painting. These days, it is way more advisable to give someone that they can keep or use for a very long time. For housewarming, it is good to provide homeowners with something that they can use or add to the design of their house or condo. Paintings can be either practical or luxurious gifts to give. Better yet, know the motif or ambiance of the house or condo for your reference. 

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