Top Spotify Life Podcast to Listen Inside Your Condo

Mar 09, 2023

Even though social media platforms are constantly changing, new trends that alter how we consume media appear every year. Despite being a long-standing media format, podcasts have only recently attained record-breaking download numbers.

Podcasts are more well-known than ever right now and are accessible on a number of social media sites like Spotify app and Youtube. The podcast aims to provide a channel for those who live alone to have someone or something by their side.

Spotify serves as a channel for listeners to hear music, but since then, it also became an avenue for podcast shows to grow. You can listen to it for hours long, like watching a late-night tv episode.

How does podcast works?

A podcast is on-demand talk radio. In other words, listeners don't have to turn up and tune in to life; instead, they can listen whenever they want. Themes or topics are frequently the main of podcasts. The podcasts that really specialize and delve deep into a particular topic frequently have the greatest success.

The podcast offers topics like sports, science, news, business, relationships, politics, lifestyle, and true crime. Podcast covers may also have several episodes and seasons. Podcast host tends to be the thought leaders for their show.

Anyone can produce a podcast show. Yes. To produce your show, you need a few things. However, they are widely accessible to the majority of people. You're halfway there if you have access to the internet.

You'll always find a core group of numerically popular podcasts "featured" on the home screen of apps, such programs as:

  • Serial
  • This American Life
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • WTF with Marc Maron
  • Radiolab
  • The Daily
  • 99% Invisible
  • Stuff your Should Know
  • How I Built This

What is a lifestyle podcast?

It examines lifestyle content in narrative form, interviews, and conversations touching on the personal side of life by offering knowledge and resources that enable people to live on their terms and are available as single episodes or series.

Best podcasts on Spotify

Filipinos love a good conversation. According to Spotify data, time spent listening to podcasts has increased by more than 60% in the Philippines over the past 12 months, with local shows driving the growth. The podcast acts as a self-help for those living alone. These podcast shows vary in different genres; it can be a tech podcast, everything about pop culture, tackling a healthy lifestyle, or even true crime podcasts.

Here is the list of the best podcasts on Spotify that you can listen to:

Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast

You are invited to hear conversations on the hilarious and occasionally insightful topics that filmmakers and best friends Antoinette Jadaone and JP Habac have with their guests as they talk about love, hugot, pop culture, and hot-button issues that make them feel either thrilled or enraged. Every episode is so good.

Paano ba 'to?

Considered as of the best self-help podcasts on Spotify Philippines, Paano ba 'to is hosted by Bianca Gonzales. Nobody responds to advise in the same way. This podcast is intended for inquisitive, lifelong learners who enjoy learning new viewpoints for their self-improvement. It also tackles different stories in order to make more informed decisions about how they want to live life and interact with the world.


This podcast is undeniably one of the most famous Spotify podcasts. Unlike any other podcasts, this is hosted by Kryz and Slater, who are famous people in their respective fields, and tackles topics like life hacks, relationships, success, and the journey of their guests. Plus, their little boy sometimes joins their conversations; it is a feel-good podcast for live-alone listeners. Are you in for a weekly episode? This one's for you.

Wake Up With Jim and Saab

They have developed a surprisingly active audience who have given them the moniker "pod parents" due to the stories they have on everything from trashy reality shows to the value of voter registration. Although Jim and Saab are the ones talking, they definitely make their listeners feel heard, indeed a candidate for the best podcasts.

They were one of just nine podcasts in the Philippines to achieve Spotify Exclusive status in 2020, allowing them to improve listener experience and expand their audience through the platform. There are new episodes every week.

Adulting with Joyce Pring

Talking about one of the best lifestyle podcasts on Spotify? This is it. Hosted by Joyce Pring, this is the How-To's of your 20s, written by a 20-something who is navigating life with optimism. The discussions here focus more on daily life struggles, business, self-improvement, and insight into life.

Why are podcasts so popular?

People today strongly desire access to online content whenever they want, wherever they are. People now have instant access to the content they like, no matter where they are, whether it be music, stories, news, sports, TV, or social media.

Users of podcasts can listen to them while walking or driving home from work without having to watch a screen, in contrast to watching videos or television shows. Podcasts as a medium can satiate our need for social connection in a variety of ways. Podcasts, for instance, are renowned for their intimacy. It is undeniably comforting to be able to hear a familiar human voice whenever you want company. It's similar to carrying a friend who only engages in conversation when you ask them to.

When you discover a podcast that appeals to you, you will immediately join a group of friends and people who share your interests.

Because podcasters frequently respond to the listeners' comments, it makes a more intimate and personal listening experience. If you live alone in a condo in the Philippines, listening to a podcast might help you. Since we're genuinely interested in the subject matter, podcasts force us to actively listen by stimulating various brain regions, which is good for our health. Learning new things is yet another advantage of listening to podcasts.

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