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Nov 21, 2021

Music indeed transcends boundaries. But I know we can all agree that Taylor Swift goes beyond doing that. For instance, her songs will straight up connect with you to the core while making your head bop in a single album. With that, I know everybody has not yet moved on from Taytay releasing Fearless (Taylor's Version) last April, and here she comes again, releasing Red (Taylor's Version) just this November.

Oh well, since our girl did not hesitate to win back her discography, Swifties have more reason than ever to stan a fearless woman. On that note, you for sure listened to all the records and have your personal favorites. May it be "All Too Well", if you are into soft rock, or "I Knew You Were Trouble" if you fancy dance-pop. But given that there are 30 tracks in this album, I understand if you are still indecisive, hopping around songs. 

With that, let me help you get the gist while I talk about the top songs in the Red Album through this article. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a whole new perspective on this remastered, polished, and perfected Red Album. 

All Too Well 10 Minute Version

Ten-minute-version, need I say more? We are topping off the list with this brilliant and, at the same time, heartbreaking song from Swift. Not to mention nothing would feel better than screaming, "Well. maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much..." at midnight in your PJs, basically defining the benefits of condo living. 

But aside from that, I believe this song perfectly embodies how Taylor described the Red Album to be - a "fractured mosaic of feelings". Given that, I cannot comprehend just how much of a rollercoaster ride this song is! The track starts with Taylor reflecting on how her relationship with "someone" (winky face) started, slowly escalating to various emotions towards her lover's family, reasons for breaking up, and other deep stuff. However, we Swifties know for sure: we can relate to this song one way or another!

Begin Again

Indeed, going on a date after getting out of a horrible relationship is a hard thing to do. For instance, the trauma, vulnerability, and scars of the past will all be haunting you as you take another step forward. With that, Taylor has exquisitely painted a clear picture of how it feels to begin again, relationship-wise. Thus, making this the second-best song in the album. 

What is more, this track balances out all the tension and hurt from "All Too Well", "I Knew You Were Trouble", and "Sad Beautiful Tragic" by giving hope. On that note, Taylor tells us that a breakup is not the end, and there is still that one person who would not change who you are at all. And although it may not be on a Wednesday, in a cafe, you will eventually begin again. 


We can all agree that some things are hard to forget, and Taylor Swift could not have given us a clearer picture of what that is like—comparing emotions with colors? That is just brilliant! What is more, she did an outstanding job making us understand the intensity of loving someone and longing for them when the two of you break up. For instance, she used the color Red to paint love and Blue to portray losing someone. 

Additionally, the catchy tune perfected with a mixture of pop and country will certainly entice you into listening to the track over and over again. Plus, the first few lyrics start with "Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street. Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ending so suddenly." - and oh my. That could never have been more beautifully written! With that, Red undoubtedly deserves a spot on this list. Not to mention the album cover would make an excellent condo design to put up on your wall. 

Everything Has Changed

Okay, this one is just an all-time favorite! This song is a perfect mix of guitar and folk-pop, combined with Taylor's calming vocals. With that, if you are looking for the ideal tune to play on a peaceful, long road trip with your friends, this is it! Not to mention Ed's majestic voice seals off the song perfectly. 

In addition, everyone undoubtedly relates to this song because it is all about wanting to get to know a new lover better. For instance, I know you have already had a moment where you felt an immediate attraction towards someone. When that happens, somehow, your brain decides to panic and overthink every little thing - how you look, what to say next, and even how you talk. However, even though this is not a good thing, you will still find the excitement addicting. 

The powerful meaning behind the song and the fantastic melody makes me want to buy a guitar and learn the track right away. However, one thing is for sure: you have to add this song to your Spotify playlist right now!


Undoubtedly, this is the go-to song when celebrating your 22'nd birthday party because it vividly represents how life should be at 22. The song's flexibility is remarkable, as it begins with an acoustic guitar riff and surprises you with the bubblegum pop chorus! Moreover, when you see just how Taytay enjoys bouncing on trampolines, playing on the beach, and throwing a massive party in the music video, you would be hyped! Not to mention this track has the best dancing tune to listen to inside your condo. Just make sure not to get TOO loud bouncing off your bed, though! 

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