Types of Curtains in Your Condo

Mar 10, 2022

7 Best Types of Curtains in your Condo

Sheer Drapes

Do you have a limited budget? If that is the case, sheer drapes are the finest option. They are inexpensive (compared to other different types of curtains in the market), lightweight, and adaptable, as they may be mixed and matched with any color. They can be hung from either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted rods to provide the impression of height. They come in whites and off-whites and are ideal for condos with a modern design.


Floor-to-ceiling windows may not be suitable for shutters. Use them instead in rooms with standard-sized windows. The good news is, unlike other types of curtain hooks, shutters can be easily hung and installed straight to the rods. They are also a fashionable, custom-made decorative window covering that provides seclusion. Wood, composite wood, and vinyl are the most common materials, with vinyl being the most durable.

Mini Blinds

Blinds are commonly used in storefronts, but they can also be utilized in the condo. Its type of curtain hooks is horizontal slats with a tilting or chord mechanism. Mini blinds can be controlled depending on how much light enters the space.

Roll-up Shades

Roll-up shades are a one-of-a-kind product. They are operated by a cordless spring system, one of the types of curtain hook available in the market, or a chord loop and include a single piece of cloth that rolls up to a bar attached to the top frame of the window. There are also automatic ones that function at the touch of a button these days. Owners of condominiums love these motorized versions.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are made up of vertical wood or metal slats. They're controlled by a cord or tilting mechanism, similar to mini blinds, and they're mounted on a track against the window frame. They are ideal for something that can be opened and closed.

Roman Shades

Transforming the apartment/condo to be more elegant? If that's the case, Roman shades are great because they come in a variety of single neutral colors and patterns. Self-designed shades that may be rolled up and down with a cable mechanism according to your demands might add more visual interest. These types of curtains have been updated to include a remote control.

Solar Screens

To save money from energy expenses, solar screens are the greatest option. These window treatments offer insulating characteristics that keep UV rays out, keeping the homeowners cool in the summer. They keep the cold out in the winter. Say goodbye to astronomical electricity expenses!

Trendy Curtain Designs for Condo

Full-Height Shutters

Full-height shutters will look fantastic for enormous windows that take up virtually the entire wall. It is one of the recommended types of curtains for homeowners who have a balcony, they can also be used for sliding doors.

Natural Tones

Blinds, also one of the different types of curtains, come in a variety of colors, including yellows, greens, and browns, perfect for an earthy aesthetic. This particular design styles the condo to have a more natural feel in it. These natural tones include:

Classic White Blinds

The classic white blinds, in the living area, for example, are bright and can go well with the color red.

Dark red blinds

Since blinds are ideal for condos with smaller windows, it is best to install a dark red color. This can add more dimension to the room and can add a pop of color, too.

Decorative Wooden Blinds

Bring a more natural look and authentic feeling to the condo by choosing blinds with decorated wood design. Such style is timeless, so there's very little possibility it will be out of trend shortly.

Dark Blinds

Leaning towards a more classy look, the bedroom feels, and a little bit cozy? Add a more modern look by putting a touch of blacks and whites to complete the window ensemble.

Simple Wooden Blinds

For homeowners who have wooden window frames, simple wooden blinds will definitely give life to their basic overall look. Furthermore, this design can create an organic look and vibes in the condo.

Layered Drapes

Layering heavier, patterned curtains over transparent drapes makes it easier to let the light in when you want to and block it out when you don't. Drapes with patterns are also a great way to add a focal point to the condo.

Beautiful Patterned Drapes

Dark, patterned drapes are elegant and can lend a sense of "calm" to the room. Living in a smaller space means there is no need for enormous types of curtains and a plain, light type is recommended. Drapes with eye-catching patterns are an excellent choice for large, full-wall windows.

Gauzy Neutrals

Go simple and avoid a too-busy design with neutrals. Curtains are an added element in condo design but it doesn't need to be very overwhelming. Ensure a less busy, simple, and minimalist type of curtain, like gauzy neutrals, to avoid unnecessary interference.

Geometric Patterns and Floor-length

The subtle use of geometric patterns for floor-length curtains creates the illusion of height, making the condo more wider and spacious. It is also a common type for big rooms and condos contrary to smaller units that opt for different types of curtains; plainer and less heavy. One can also add and/or choose striking colors to give a view and draw the attention of some passerby.

Tropically inclined

Transform the condo into an expensive and dreamy Maui home. This design is a mixture of patterns and pastel colors, used to bring out the lush tropical vibes of the unit. Some added accents like bed curtains patterned covers, and indoor plants are encouraged to achieve such design.

How to maintain a clean curtain?

The type of window covering you choose will determine how long they need to be maintained. Sheer drapes, for example, should be dry cleaned every two months. A soft microfiber cloth can be used to dust the blinds once a week.

How to budget for installing different types of curtains in a condo?

The first thing to consider in buying curtains is the purpose of the window covering - is it just for an added accent? lighting control? or for privacy? Once it is determined, then decide on what to invest. For example, wooden blinds are more expensive but are recommended for adding privacy, on the other hand, drapes are cheaper compared to blinds but have lesser security; unless one might invest in a thicker, heavier drape - but still, the price will vary.

This does need an expert?

Not necessarily. Homeowners themselves can already do the job in finding and installing curtains and blinds as long as they have enough tools and it has a simple type of curtain hook. For more advanced and intricate types of curtains and blinds help from the expert is needed, all the way from choosing the nest and applicable design considering the condo design (interior designers) up until the installation.

Controlling the light gain and loss. How to do it?

Solar shades or screens are the greatest window coverings if insulation is a concern because they block the entry of sunlight, keeping you cool in the summer. In the winter, they keep chilly breezes at bay. In any case, you save money on your energy expenses.

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