Upgrading Your Condo with High Tech Door Locks

Jun 24, 2022

While moving into a new house can be exciting, ensuring your security by putting safety measures in place to protect you and your home should never be overlooked. Everyone should prioritize having a safe place to live. The good news is that various home security systems and appliances, ranging from DIY monitoring to password door locks, are now available and accessible.

To upgrade and secure your home, you may want to start with the first thing you use in a house: the door. High-tech door locks may be the best option for you because they not only provide tighter security to your home but also make your life easier by offering advanced features like sending notifications when the door is locked or unlocked, connecting with other intelligent home devices, the internet, and/or the Bluetooth, and is controlled through a remote. Not only that, but they're also incredibly stylish and can blend in with your choice of home or condo design, providing your door with both functionality and elegance.

 With so many different kinds of smart door locks on the market, we will provide you with a list of the best high-tech door locks that will match your budget and home security needs.

Before purchasing a high-tech door lock, think about whether you want your lock to link to your phone. Whether you want your lock to be connected or separated from the door handle, whether you wish virtual keys, and what design would fit your current home or condo design.

Corona Japan Digital Lock

Corona Lock is a brand that offers Japan-quality door locks that operate with a fingerprint, RFID card, or password, starting with a simple, smart lock. This lock is undoubtedly appealing as it will most likely fit into your budget, with a price that is far cheaper than that of most high-tech door locks.

Dolity Smart Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

This Dolity lock is likely the cheapest on this list; despite its low price, it can recognize up to 30 fingerprints and is sturdy and simple to use. If your biometrics aren't recognized, it also features mechanical keys.

Eufy Smart Lock Touch

For almost 30 years, Eufy locks have been proven and tested to withstand extreme conditions, such as the frequent comings and goings of your busy family and any weather condition, thanks to their IP65 certification. It also has various unlock choices (fingerprint, mobile app, password, or mechanical key) and Wi-Fi connectivity. Allowing you to control the lock from anywhere using the Eufy security app, which also provides details like the time, date, who activated the lock, and how it was activated. Using the app, you may add users, register fingerprints, set access schedules, and assign passcodes.

Philips 9300-5HBGS Push-pull Smart Lock

The lock is equipped with the latest technology, making it ideal for a high-tech condo or house, and it ensures security with a fingerprint sensor built into the push-pull grip. When you leave your door unlocked, the mortise will send you a warning.

Samsung Smart Lock SHP-DH537

Samsung remains one of the best and most popular digital lock manufacturers in the Philippines. This smart lock model has four unlocking options (RFID card, mobile app, password, or mechanical key) to select from, depending on your preferences. It has a number of advanced features, including the assurance knob, which ensures that your child never leaves the house; the vacation mode, which enables an alarm if someone tries to open the door from the inside; and the high-temperature alarm, which alerts the user and instantly unlocks for a quick escape when excessively high temperatures are detected. It also has a simple yet stylish design that blends in with the interior decor of a high-tech condo or house.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E

Xiaomi has a wide range of products that can easily cover all parts of your smart home. This digital door lock features a 3D fingerprint scanner in the handle for accurate biometrics, as well as an electronic doorbell that warns you of the presence of someone at the door with a ding and a notification to your smartphone via the Mi Home mobile app or Apple Homekit.

ZKTeco Security Digital Lock

The most notable feature of this device is that it can generate a one-time PIN for visitors, which will not be accepted after the door closes. It's also reversible, making it suitable for any standard door. This digital lock also offers four unlocking methods: emergency power, privacy mode, always-on function, and a node to entirely replace the current handle.

These are just a few of the many high-tech door locks, from mechanical keys to password door locks, products, and brands to which you may entrust your home's security. However, security products are not the only approach to guarantee your safety; you need also think about the location and quality of your home. Those looking for high-quality condominiums in a convenient location might want to consider Vista Residences' condo in Manila. Vista Residences, one of the Philippines' premier condominium property developers, has been offering families the finest units that allow them to customize them as they see fit. Condominium units are strategically placed throughout the National Capital Region, including in Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, Ortigas, Quezon City, and Taguig. Units are also available in Baguio, Cebu, and Cagayan De Oro. All of the units in these areas are designed to accommodate all types of condo living.

If you're seeking pre-selling condominiums with top-notch amenities that are perfect for residents looking for properties near major universities, accessible location spots, and establishments in Manila, look no further. These condominiums also include modern living facilities such as trendy cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, and even convenience stores to help occupants live in the condo they deserve. Vista Residences has much more to offer Filipinos, as it is now expected to deliver more mid-rise and high-rise condominium units to other developing districts in different parts of the country, particularly in Metro Manila. At Vista Residences condominium, your security is guaranteed, and an elevated lifestyle awaits you!

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