Vista GL Taft: The Best Condo in Taft Manila near PGH

Jul 27, 2022

We all know that investing needs to start somewhere, and you want something sure and valuable for you.

For many reasons, buying a condo in Manila is a great way to invest. Not only will you be able to own your own property, but it's also a low-risk investment that can yield significant returns.

First, most condos in Manila are located near major hospitals, which means that they are close enough to be convenient but far enough away from the city center so that they don't have to compete with other developments. Plus, they're usually located in areas with little construction since World War II so they will have very low maintenance costs and taxes.

Second, because they're located near hospitals and other attractions, they're usually much more attractive than different kinds of housing stock when it comes to renting out rooms or selling on the open market. This means that you'll have more income coming in than if you were renting out one room or apartment in another building—which could be anywhere in Manila!

As for students looking for a place to stay in Manila, a condo is a better choice because it's more affordable and has more amenities than a dormitory. 

Dormitories also don't offer much in terms of personal space or privacy. Students living in dormitories might have to share their rooms with other students or roommates. Sometimes, they might even have to share their bathrooms with other residents! Condominiums are much more spacious than dormitories, so you can find the space you need for studying without sacrificing privacy. And if you want to make friends with other students or live in close quarters with them, then a condominium is probably one of the best options.

You might ask, where can you find the best condo in Manila? 

Taft Avenue

Taft Avenue in Manila is the best place to find a condominium. There are many reasons why Taft Avenue is the best place for you to buy your condo.

First, it is close to Philippine General Hospital (PGH). This means that you can get medical attention quickly if you need it. Second, it is near the business district of Manila, which means many shops and restaurants are nearby. Third, it has many parks and recreational areas nearby to enjoy yourself when you're not at work or school!

When looking for a condo in Taft, Manila, it can be tempting to go with the first one. But that might not be the best idea.

If you want to buy a condo near PGH and the best condo on Taft Avenue, continue reading, and I'll show you what makes this condominium unique and maybe the one you are looking for.

Vista GL Taft

Students who live in dormitories at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) have a lot to complain about.

Dormitories are cramped, hot, and noisy. They're also full of germs. And they're usually located far from where you need to be—like your classes and the library—which makes getting around especially difficult.

But what if you could have a condo? What if you could live right next to your classes and the library? What if you could relax in a cool, air-conditioned room on a nice day?

Vista GL Taft is an option for students who want a clean, safe place to live that's close to everything they need. And it doesn't stop there: our condos are also spacious and modern, with balconies that give you plenty of space for outdoor living or just relaxing in the sun while taking in the view of Manila Bay!

Here are more reasons why Vista GL Taft is one of the best condos on Taft Avenue:


Amenities help condo owners relax after a tiring day!

Students are looking for condominiums that have amenities that they can use. Not only will this make them feel better about their living situation, but it can also be helpful if they need to stay late at school or if they need to take a nap during finals week. Vista GL Taft is equipped with amenities such as a function room, swimming pool, game room, fitness gym, and a sky garden that are perfect avenues for families, couples, professionals, and students.


Vista GL Taft is located at 1344 Taft Avenue, Manila, conveniently near educational institutions such as De La Salle University, College of St. Benilde, St. Paul Manila University, St. Scholastica's College, and Arellano University. Not only is the condo near PGH, but it is also near churches, hospitals, commercial centers, parks, museums, and the Manila Baywalk. 

The condominium also has several restaurants and grocery stores nearby for residents to use when they are not at home or outside for work.


Vista GL Taft offers a front desk concierge, a round-the-clock security system, state-of-the-art fire detection & suppression strategies, and CCTV cameras for all common areas.

For parents, the condominium does not disappoint by being a valuable investment as it guarantees that their children are in a safe surrounding while still giving them the freedom to live on their own.


The condominium's common areas are equipped with fast and reliable Wi-fi routers. The least condo-owners need to worry about is electricity because Vista GL Taft has standby power generators for common areas and selected outlets for each unit! 

Elevators won't be a hassle, too, since the condominium readies three passenger elevators for homeowners. 

If you want to know more about Vista GL Taft, contact 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167. 

Aside from being one of the best-storied buildings in Manila today, the Vista GL Taft has excellent facilities, security, and amenities. It is a premier condominium in the heart of Manila next to the Philippine General Hospital. It is also close to other educational institutions, restaurants, groceries, and other establishments. Since it is near some medical facilities, it is a good choice for professionals and students. If you like living in posh and private areas rather than in noisy and busy streets, then this condo would be perfect for you. 

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