Vista Residences Celebrates a Decade of Providing the Ideal Condo Living

Oct 23, 2019

Over the years, Metro Manila’s skyline has continually changed due to the high urbanization and rapid development of residential and commercial properties in the metro. With a continuously growing population, worsening traffic, increasing number of foreign investors and tourists, there is a steady demand for vertical developments.

Today, there are numerous skyscrapers, high-rise and mid-rise buildings scattered all over including those developed by Vista Residences. For ten years, Vista Residences has provided hundreds of families, professionals and students the opportunity to live the ideal urban lifestyle with condominium developments that cater to their every need. Each development is carefully planned based on the prevalent demand for its location.

As the condominium development arm of Vista Land, Vista Residences has become a reputable player in the fast-growing vertical development sector of the real estate industry, serving a wide range of clients through its multiple product lines. Launched in 2009, it was only natural for Vista Land to start developing condominiums given the growing popularity and the pressure of creating dwellings within the metropolis.


Vista Residences caters to different market segments. The units are utilized in a variety of ways — as modern family homes in key cities, upstart initial abodes for young professionals and learning nests for students. 

There are multiple unit options to choose from in a Vista Residences development — studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and even three-bedroom units. The amenities and facilities are designed to cater to multiple interests and activities — made to sustain an active lifestyle regardless of disposition —single or married, male or female, young, old and everyone in between.

“We recognize that these facilities make the difference between subsistence and true, existential experience. We not only want our owners to love their units, we also want them to be proud of where they live. Also, we recognize the growing trend of families now living in buildings instead of houses. In that regard, we want to provide an environment where children can engage in multiple activities and at the same time nurture their social skills through interactions with other unit owners,” said Karl Tabucal, Vista Residences marketing head. Vista Residences has two product categories: the University Series and Professional Series.



 Vista Taft

Some of the country’s most prestigious schools are located in Metro Manila, offering a wide array of specialties and subject fields. With an influx of student population, the demand for high-quality, comfortable yet affordable housing near and around these institutions are raised. International students and those from far-flung provinces are also a prime market for condominiums, apartments, dormitories and boarding houses.

One of the developments that are a hit with these students is Vista Residences Taft – a 39-storey mixed-use premium development, located along Taft Avenue, home to a number of colleges and universities including De La Salle University Manila, De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, St. Scholastica’s College Manila, Adamson University, and more. And because it is located along one of the major thoroughfares in Manila and in front of LRT-1 Vito Cruz Station, it provides hassle-free commutes for its residents. However, the actual clientele of Vista Taft are the parents of the students, thus, the primary concern is security — achieved through round-the-clock monitoring with CCTV cameras and available assistance at any time of the day.

The building is specially designed with the lifestyles of college students in mind. Accommodations in the form of studio and one-bedroom units are designed to create a conducive environment for studying and relaxation. Aside from these, the property also boasts of a wide array of strategically-designed amenities such as a swimming pool and lounge, a study and library area, an outdoor rooftop garden and a function room.

“The combination of its enviable location and the comprehensive master plan really makes Vista Taft stand out. It is a short walk from major universities in the area, easily accessible to public and mass transport, and is in close proximity to major landmarks of the city.

The building on the other hand, features adept commercial outlets for its residents; they even operate on extended hours given the demand. The building amenities and facilities are sufficient to sustain physical, mental and social well-being, with abundant natural lighting and open space to rejuvenate body and soul,” said Tabucal. Aside from these special amenities, Vista Taft features commercial outlets at the ground floor that covers the basic needs of its residents — a fully-loaded All Day Convenience Store and a big Coffee Project branch that extends to a loft. It also has an automated utility and bills payment kiosk for convenience.

Residents and guests are welcomed to an impressive lobby wherein attendants monitor incoming visitors and at the same time call out residents whenever they have guests. Four high speed elevators lead to the residential floors and the amenity level wherein the swimming pool, fitness center, multi-purpose function room and the study hall are located. The roof deck showcases a Zen garden for routine relaxation and meditation.


Vista Heights

Like Vista Residences Taft, Vista Heights is surrounded by some of the country's prominent colleges and universities to provide the student population unmatched accessibility while enjoying a kind of accommodation not typically found in a dormitory. As part of Vista Residences’ University Series, Vista Heights — an eight-storey, mid-rise building — provides a place that integrates learning and fun and with its clean and secured environment, parents can have peace of mind while giving their kids individual, social and academic independence.

Located along Nepomuceno Street corner C. Aguila, Manila, Vista Heights is near universities such as San Beda College, Centro Escolar University and La Consolacion College Manila. Its distinct location provides abundant space in an area where breathing room is hard to come by. Because there are restrictions on developments due to its proximity to the official residence of the country’s President, most developments in the area are cramped, crowded, and lacking in amenities.

Vista Heights then provides features that can be considered luxuries in this area. It has a wide frontage easily accessible via public transport. Two commercial establishments can be found in the front — All Day Convenience Store and Coffee Project. The entrance opens up to a wide lobby which can attend to guests and parents awaiting the arrival of their children for their routine weekend homecoming. Amenities include a fully-equipped gym and study hall, while the roof deck holds the multi-purpose function room and a meditation garden — an indulgence for such a heavily dense surrounding.



Customer Service: The driving force of success

The success of Vista Residences is defined in the approval and positive feedback of its unit owners. Collective efforts are focused on providing the best option for the different product segments. The company consciously examines every part of its operations to ascertain whether client expectations are met, and then analyzes on how it can surpass its highest performance. Through this process, they guarantee that every new project will be better than the most recent one.

Recently, Vista Residences launched several projects — four developments within the University Belt, a cosmopolitan building within the Ortigas Business District, a mix-use complex in Malate, a vacation sanctuary in Baguio and a residential address along Timog Avenue and Tomas Morato. Another twenty-one projects with over 31,000 units and 60B in value are set to be launched in the next 3 years, all of them bigger, better and more sophisticated than their predecessors.

In addition, the company is also looking into technological advancements in construction methodology and materials to improve delivery schedules and long-term sustainability of their buildings. It has integrated features that utilize elements to enhance the living experience of its units and introduce energy-saving features to their developments such as natural ventilation, large windows for lighting, rainwater collection for gardening, and others. With strong and valuable contributions from its partners, i.e., technical consultants, multiple contractors and suppliers, and joint venture partners, Vista Residences aims to bring out the best concepts and designs in all its developments.

“We want to tell past, present and future clients that Vista Residences is committed to its drive for excellence. We wish to give our clients living, breathing abodes; we want to take out the notion that condominiums are boxes for sleeping. Through our developments, we wish to show that life can be celebrated in vertical dwellings — our function rooms that host birthdays, debuts and even weddings, our pools and gardens that provide personal and family bonding settings, our units that nurture the critical years of student life, early career or child-rearing moments, and the men and women of our maintenance and security personnel who eventually become neighborhood personalities ready to help in case of need.” said Tabucal.

“We are not afraid to be compared to other developers; rather, we relish the challenge. Our company is as dynamic as the dreams and aspirations of our clients, and like them, we do not stop in our drive to improve and upgrade. They can be certain that we give as much of ourselves in our properties as they do in their investment. We find the greatest fulfillment in the appreciation and gratitude of our satisfied customers. Our main goal is to provide our clients everything good that life has to offer.” he added.

For more details about Vista Residences, you may contact 0999-8871705 or log on to


[Credits: This was an article published in The Philippine Star, titled: “Vista Residences: 10 Years of Providing the Ideal Urban Living”, Written By: Aliyya Sawadjaan, at the Property Report PH Section, March 15, 2019]

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