Seize a New Kind of Urban Living: Best Places to Buy Condo

Sep 23, 2021

There is nothing more fulfilling than living in the city, close to opportunities, home to the most prominent business hubs. Through condo living, staying in such an environment has never been the same, giving you easy access to the closest tourist spots, best restaurants, prestigious shopping centers, and more - thanks to ready for occupancy condos and pre-selling condos, urban living is just so close to everyone.

In the Philippines, specifically in the Luzon islands, there are two places where people can go once a holiday is declared or for a family vacation, or even just when boredom strikes. Either way, with the number of people that go to these places, it is then known that these are some good locations to invest in a home.

These two cities are Baguio and Quezon, a perfect juxtaposition for their weather. The former is mostly for recreational, staycation, and family getaway, while the latter is more on the business side, working opportunities, and professional growth. These make both of the cities as best locations to buy a condo - for people who are looking for a place for relaxation and for those goal-oriented that seek professional experience.

What does Baguio Offer?

Most of the people in Luzon, perhaps, have already visited Baguio already. Being the summer capital, the city expects tourists to come from the most humid places to get a feel of the so-called Baguio breeze. But aside from the summer season, Baguio still houses a bulk of people, especially students. This mountain turned into a place with booming economic development is known to be the center of tertiary institutions and students coming from nearby provinces choose some of the city’s premier universities - Saint Louis University, University of Baguio, and University of the Cordilleras, to name the most well known.

For people that have yet to experience Baguio and still plan to go up, here’s a simple guide for you to explore this magnificent city.

A Place for Reflection

Baguio is not just a place meant for a refreshing, it’s weather also matches people who are into a personal reflection. Maybe for some, especially in their high school days, Baguio is the main go-to for school’s recollections since it has a peaceful scenery perfect for inner reconciliation with nature. It is also known that within the city, religious architecture rises together with the city’s skyline. The Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral, commonly known as the Baguio Cathedral, is designed to be the highest overlooking architecture in the downtown area. Some recommend that it is designed to symbolize the city's importance to religious values. It is also perfect for visitors who are fans of religious architecture since the structure of the cathedral exemplifies a simple, elegant, and strong personality.

Another place to look forward to is the Pink Sisters Chapel, just a minute away from the famous cathedral. This chapel is not just a typical religious structure. It is believed that it is miraculous, saying that all personal wishes will come true. An indestructible legend for a couple of years, people still come up to Baguio, and Pink Sister has never been removed from their lists.

Going into the said places has never been easy with Vista Residences. Last 2017, the company established its brand in Baguio, with rising development projects and real estate properties making sure that future tourists will have a full city experience. A pre-selling condo is a perfect investment for those who plan to either just visit or stay for good in the city. Brenthill Baguio is the most approximate place to do your personal reflection on the mentioned churches. Such a strategic location enables visitors to stroll to other landmarks such as Session Road, Wright Park, and SM Baguio. Offered with various amenities such as 24-hour security, Gym, a Swimming facility, a function room, and a club room, Brenthill serves as your home away from home.

Exquisite cuisine

Whatever places we may go to, of course, eating is always included in the list. Food, aside from being an essential need for living, also completes one's travel. Thankfully, Baguio offers exquisite cuisine, both prestigious and for those who have a tight budget.

For those who are into fine dining, Lemon and Olives Restaurant is one of the most talked-about restaurants in the city. Located on the green side of the city, visitors would definitely enjoy both the food and the place itself. On the other hand, for people who are going up as groups, group of friends perhaps, samgyupsal (“samgyup” as the Gen Z calls) is the best option. Enjoy meals with the best people, cherish each moment while enjoying the peaceful breeze of Baguio, Romantic Baboy - Baguio is definitely the best to go to.

Nonetheless, whether some choose haute cuisine and other is geared on the affordable option, the best thing is the quality of the bond. Thankfully, a pre-selling condo in Baguio is available to achieve such goals. Pine Hill Baguio consists of studio and 1-bedroom apartments, perfectly sized for students or families who want to live in the Summer Capital or just visit. This 12-story vertical village located on a stunning view surrounded by dense pine frost has exclusive amenities, these include 24-hour security, Fitness and Wellness Gym, Swimming Pool, and Function Room.

QC’s finest: The best places in the metro

Meanwhile, in the south, located in the country’s capital region, Quezon City is known to be not just a business hub but as a center of social life and urban development. Located at a strategic place, home of the country’s premier university, and known to be the city of stars, it is no doubt that Quezon City is one of the best places to invest in ready for occupancy condo for those who need to move in immediately for opportunities. Housing a diverse set of people, either students, families, young professionals and experts, living in QC gives a full urban living experience.

Home of the best food hubs

Businesses along Katipunan capitalizes on food, expected since schools are nearby as well as employees from other business establishments. From a variety of food to choose from, all kinds of soup all the way to grilled foods, Katipunan is known to offer the best food options. Encountering celebrity-owned establishments is also common along this long way. 

Satisfy the cravings easily with a pre-selling condo nearby. Aside from condominiums that are open for ready for occupancy, Vista Residences also caters to property buyers who are looking for pre-selling condos. Vista Pointe located along Katipunan is the most perfect place to discover all the food stalls around the avenue. With its easy access, you can try all of their products in no time. Pointe also includes 24-hour security, Fitness and Wellness Gym, Function Room, Study Hall, and Swimming Pool features and amenities that complete the condo living experience

The Best Urban Living Experience

Aside from the best food hubs, Katipunan avenue also happens to be the center of urban development. The place has banks, universities, hospitals, and other essential establishments that make every people’s life easy. Quezon City is also known to be the “Filipino Hollywood” since it is where two of the biggest Broadcasting companies are located. Both a center of the entertainment industry and an urbanized metro that caters to essential social life, choosing to stay in Quezon City is undeniable.

Living the dream is far from being impossible with Hawthorne Heights. Another pre-selling condo in Quezon City, also located along the busy Katipunan avenue, provides property owners a complete view of the city’s skyline that caters to the needs of its residents. Amenities include Study Hall, Fitness Gym, Swimming Pool, and Function Hall and features such as Fire Alarm (Smoke Detector), Fire Sprinkler System, Fiber Optics FTTH System, Base and Overhead Kitchen Shelves & Cabinets, T&B Exhaust System, Stubout & space provision for Range Hood, and Stubout & space provision for window-type ACU that ensures the place’s security and quality.

In completing urban living, all you need to do aside from having opportunities is to find a ready for occupancy condo to live in or just invest in various pre-selling condos in the Philippines in securing the complete city experience. Vista Residences is here to help in finding the best place to build both a new home and new life.

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.   

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