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Vista Residences Sets Out Key Points for a Future-Ready Condo and Resilient Recovery Amid Pandemic

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This global pandemic has caused fear, stress, and anxiety beyond imagination. With constant news on the increasing number of cases, it seems so hard for even the most optimistic person to stay positive during this time. And with all the things happening now, we might have asked ourselves, are we future-ready?

Vista Residences, the condominium development arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., envisions to bring about a mindset that would help homebuyers and investors focus on the positive amid pandemic through Future Ready - the company’s initiative to educate, motivate and help its customers get ready for the future through property investing. 

Feelings of anxiety and uncertainty have become completely normal during times like this. We have seen that this pandemic has made us all concerned about the future. This challenged Vista Residences to think of ways on how to bounce back, adapt to this ever-changing world, and better serve its customers. Vista Residences envisions to be with its customers as they recover from this pandemic through the Future-Ready campaign.

The changes brought about by the pandemic have been felt across real estate markets and the impact may only accelerate from here. There has also been a sudden shift to new normal where connectivity and digital technology served as alternatives in hosting activities that previously could only take place in physical space.

On all these fronts, Vista Residences is optimistic that it can be able to bounce back and start its journey on the road to recovery by setting out its Future Ready campaign that outlines the company’s key priorities to build a more resilient recovery from this pandemic.

Repurposing Knowledge, Resources, and Technology at Hand

The pandemic demands speeding up innovation by repurposing the company’s knowledge, resources and technology at hand. As Vista Residences adapts to the new normal, it will continue to look at technology and digital adoption as the way forward. 

The company is looking at accelerating the digitalization of its business processes to ensure fast, safe and hassle-free transactions. It will also help in enhancing the skills of its workforce and reinvent itself as necessary to keep up with the changes in technology and customer expectations. 

Renewing the Perspective for Property Investment

Different people are motivated to invest in property for different reasons. But having the right mentality is the biggest part of being a successful property investor.

The company envisions to educate, inspire and influence homebuyers and investors with the triumphs of the property market through a knowledge-sharing platform where people can learn from industry experts and share their insights on real estate investment. Whether it's planning for retirement, saving for their family’s future, or earning residual income, there is an investment strategy that fits their needs and budget. Vista Residences is here to help them with that.

Vista Residences has top-tier condominium properties in Manila and Quezon City that are strategically located near premium universities and developed business districts.

It has pre-selling condominium projects in Manila which include Orwell Heights and Sky Arts Manila. In Quezon City, it has move-in ready units which includes Wil Tower, The Symphony Towers and Pine Crest as well as pre-selling condo units such as Hawthorne Heights and Vista Pointe.

Reconnecting with Customers and Community with Health, Safety and Well-Being in Mind

The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically changing our lives including our relationships with other people in our communities, families, homes, and workplaces.

Vista Residences will re-orient its customer relationship efforts to meet the primary needs of its customers such as safety, security, and everyday convenience. The company considers that these actions will inevitably speak louder than words especially during this time of pandemic where almost all businesses communicate the message of “we are here for you."

To minimize the risk and reduce physical interaction, Vista Residences has actively shifted customers to digital channels through the implementation of contactless procedures such as online property viewing, condominium e-catalogue and virtual tours to promote its condominium projects in Manila and Quezon City.

Moreover, the company also saw the need to step up to meet the demand to always keep the properties safe and secure through regular sanitation and disinfection.

Vista Residences recognizes the need to double its efforts in reconnecting and engaging with its customers which it plans to address by staying reachable and treating them with care in personal interactions, offline or online.   

Rewarding the People Who Matters Most

The pandemic has turned people’s lives upside down. Businesses have closed, a number of people lost their jobs and there’s a recession, which resulted in the wait-and-see attitude among potential homebuyers and investors.

Vista Residences sees this as an opportunity to provide pragmatic help to customers in financial distress by providing them with flexible property investment solutions to help them bounce back, become whole again, and be future-ready amid this pandemic.

Aside from this, the company is also looking at various ways to bring joy and support to the emotional needs of its unit owners and tenants who stay in their properties by delighting them with free consultations and treats through brand partnerships to make condo life enjoyable during this time.

As the company goes through the resilient recovery stage, it envisions to help its customers build a secure and stable future in a world transformed by the pandemic by guiding them to the right property that they will use as they build their future or invest in for a brighter future ahead.

Customers also need to re-examine what they do, look back in the past to improve the now and work on the now to be ready for the future.

This pandemic has enabled Vista Residences to transform itself into an ever-evolving company which do not only look after its own future but also on the future of its customer. And as it journeys the road to recovery, Vista Residences will be firm on its commitment to lead a future-ready mindset that will create real connections and outlive the impacts of this pandemic.