Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in your Condo

Feb 03, 2022

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! The season of love is about to come, and the majority is looking forward to this day. Well, who hates Valentine’s? 

Every year, we are looking forward to certain events, occasions, or celebrations. We always value these kinds of days because we feel like it is a significant day to some. Besides Christmas and New Year, some is looking forward to Valentine’s Day. This day can be considered as a season of love since lovers, family, and friends are expressing their love and care to each other more obviously. 

We can say that love conquers all. Regardless of your gender, race, ethnicity, societal class, love overpowers all hindrances. Love knows no boundaries; it will make you sane but will definitely give you a sense of calm, peace, and contentment. On the other hand, love carries its opposite; pain. When you choose to love, you also choose the possibility of getting hurt. Still, at the end of the day, love wins! We will all win with love! 

A few more days from now, we will be able to celebrate another milestone of Valentine’s Day. No matter what we’ve been through for the past few months and years, we’ve got to be here, looking forward to sharing a greater and bigger love to one another. The sense of being alive, healthy, and still striving to go on the day with our loved ones is a manifestation of real love. The sense of love grows bigger and wider as we unveil different situations, feelings, emotions with ourselves and with the people around us. Hence, love is our source of life, besides oxygen of course. 

Looking back to what we commonly see when February 14 is approaching, we will definitely see different kinds of flowers, a bunch of chocolates, small and big versions of love letters, malls and restaurants being filled with lovers, family, and friends while being surrounded with red heart paper cut-outs. These are the scenarios we normally see when Valentine’s Day is about to be celebrated

These things make us believe that true love really exists. Love is everywhere because we see smiles, giggles, and efforts from one person to another. It resembles the real meaning of dedication and the essence of commitment. The love and appreciation we see from other people attract positive energy and insight to what we want for ourselves; that is genuine love. 

Most of us value efforts. We see efforts as something that is only done by a person to someone or something special. Efforts don’t normally pertain to material things, although it includes those, the thought of someone allotting their time to think of how they can express their feelings toward you is something worthwhile. 

More to this, we normally believe that Valentine’s Day is for lovers only, only for those who are in a relationship. Yet, we started to see that this day is for everyone. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Therefore, the love we have for our family and friends is worth celebrating on this day. There are different forms of love, but the most important thing with this is who we love, why we love them, and how we show our love to them. Noting that real and genuine love never asks something in return. Nevertheless, all we really want on that day is to cherish the moment we have with our loved ones. 

As of the present time, we can’t freely do what we want like before, since we are still in the middle of the pandemic. We need to be cautious with our plans to celebrate this day. Yet, we can still make this day worth remembering by planning this in the safest and most convenient way. 

Since it is still not guaranteed that celebrating outside is safe, we can celebrate Valentine’s Day inside our home, rest house, hotel, or even in our condo. This way is very convenient, more relaxing, thus safety and security are more guaranteed. 

Still, how can we celebrate this day if it is in an indoor setting? Here are some, and maybe you can get an idea from these.

Have a simple Fine Dining with your Home-made Favorite Foods

Who doesn’t want to experience date-like dining with your loved ones? I guess, all of us dreamt about this even once. Most of us don’t want an extravagant dining experience; rather we just want to have decent meal-and-talks with the people that are important to us. We can say that homemade foods are more satisfying rather than high-end. Of course, if we still can, why not? The serenity that it gives to us will definitely soothe our interest for a time from our loved ones. While everyone is sitting around the table, dreams like having your own car, business, investing in a ready for occupancy condo with your desired condo design and condo living, and future travels will be the main and best dish in the setting. Topics that are not regularly being shared will be unveiled if the people you want to share this with are around you. Simple yet romantic, this is what we will possibly feel. 

Netflix and Chill

Yes, this is what we hear from our friends when they just want to relax and enjoy the moment. Imagine yourself, either with your partner, family, or friends, having your favorite snack while watching your favorite or must-watch Netflix series. The bond while just sitting, exchanging thoughts about the series or movie, waiting for your snacks’ refill is quite a de-stress way compared to roaming outside with no assurance of safety, both in health and such. More so, the quality time is certain here. 

Play your Favorite Board and Card Games

In Valentine’s, there’s no requirement that romanticism is the only feeling allowed on that day. Therefore, enjoyment kicks in. You can play your favorite indoor games such as board or card games with your partner, family, and friends. Board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Snake and Ladders, Jenga are best played with your loved ones. You can also play card games such as Avalon and UNO that can also spice up your bonding moment, being added by your desired penalty for the loser. Sometimes, enjoyment comes from games, but the story about it comes from who you played it with. 

Discover New Talent or Craft

This time is a perfect time for everyone to discover something within themselves. There are talents or crafts that we weren’t able to discover before, and just need time to be unleashed. This day is the right time for everyone to try new things and experience what it feels like to discover something new within their selves. Valentine’s Day can also be a learning day for each and every one of us. 

Talk and Listen

This is a big YES. Whether it is Valentine’s Day or not, talking or listening to struggles, funny stories, achievements, and the likes of the people that means to us is a must to everyone. The world we have is very loud in all forms, yet talking and listening to the most important people in our lives calms us down. Sharing our thoughts, what we’ve been through, what we want to achieve in the future fuels the relationship, bond, love, and trust to one another. It seals the commitment that was built for a long time. 

Exchanging Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the season of love; therefore this is also the season of giving. One of the love languages we have is giving our loved ones something that reminds us of them, or something that they usually use, or something that they want for themselves yet can’t buy it instantly for them. We dream to make them happy as much as we can, that is why we are making efforts for them. It is our satisfaction if we make them happy through our efforts and dedication to making them feel special through giving gifts. 

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