Easy and Romantic Condo Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

Feb 05, 2021

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Atime to celebrate love and affection in various ways. A lot of you might have already been thinking of ways to make this day extra special despite the pandemic.

Internationally, February is considered as the “love month” because of Valentine’s Day. In lots of ways, Valentine’s Day celebrations in the Philippines are very similar to those in Western countries. It is one of the most-anticipated and much-celebrated days of the year.

But you must also remember that celebrating Valentine’s Day is not just limited to couples. Valentine’s Day is also a time to celebrate with your family, friends, and of course, yourself.

Before the pandemic stopped the world from turning, Valentine’s Day is usually the next celebration after the New Year’s. As the end of January approaches, we can see a lot of good Valentine’s deals, restaurants start to receive private reservations, hotel bookings also spike up, and concerts happen here and there.

However, this year would be a lot different as we are still experiencing the pandemic. Going out of the house for non-essential reasons is still limited and discouraged. That is why almost all celebrations, from birthdays to even weddings, are only done indoors with a very intimate number of guests.

But who says you cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day at home? Who says staying in the condo this February 14 is boring? You do not have to spend Valentine’s Day in a fancy restaurant. You can simply turn your condo into a perfect and romantic location to celebrate this special day.

Besides, this is also a great opportunity for you to stay away from heavy traffic, avoid contact with people, and free yourself of waiting for a parking slot.

We have rounded up some of the easy yet romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your condo:

Celebrating with your partner

Breakfast in Bed

Spoil your partner with his or her favorite breakfast in bed, and he or she will surely love you forever. This might seem like a simple gesture but this will surely make them feel special.

If cooking is not your strength, you can just order from your go-to café, or have the food delivered to your condo. Make a spread on a cute tray with his or her favorite coffee and book, newspaper or magazine.

Indoor Picnic

Charcuterie board has been trending since Christmas. If you have not tried this yet, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Start with a few kinds of cheeses, cold cuts (if you are into it), crackers and then, pair them with your favorite wine or champagne. Arrange everything on a cute picnic blanket and you are good to go.

If your condo unit has a balcony, this will make the picnic date even dreamier – plus points for clear sky and great weather. You can add scented candles to enhance the ambiance.

Celebrating with family

Quiz / Trivia Night

Go for a quiz night! There are various quizzes or trivia questions that are easily available in the internet – be it pop, anime, history, songs of the decades, you name it, the internet has it.

The head of the family can host the game and the rest can compete with each other. To make it more fun and interesting, pool a prize for the winner! This will make everyone unleash their competitive spirit. This can also be done with your relatives virtually so there are more participants.

It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently. Battle it out with your family and relatives this February 14!

Movie Night

Movie nights are fun especially when done with the family. Snacks to be eaten during the movie, like popcorn and home-made pizza, can be done together, hours before your start. This will also be a great bonding activity and create new memories together.  

You can simply watch your favourite Netflix movie or if you want to watch with relatives abroad, you can schedule a Scener virtual theatre party where you can chat and see each other while watching. Sounds fun, right? It’s time to level up your movie experience in the condo!

Celebrating with Friends

K-BBQ Night

Because of the rise of online selling that started last year, it is now easier to look for local sellers who are offering frozen K-BBQ-style meats and Korean side dishes for your do-it-yourself Korean BBQ at home.

No need to stand in line for hours outside the restaurant just to get a table. Complete your Korean BBQ experience with soju or beer, while playing K-pop songs in the condo. You can also enjoy your K-BBQ night while binge-watching your favourite K-drama series on Viu or Netflix.

Celebrating Self-love

Sleep In

How do you show yourself a little love and become your own Valentine?

Reward yourself on Valentine’s Day for all your hard work the past months! What a better way to start the day than by sleeping in, right? No pressure to get up and start the day early and finally get that complete 8 hours of sleep.

This will surely make you feel relaxed, recharged, and full of self-love.

Relax and Meditate

Begin by choosing your favorite essential oil, and add a few drops to your diffuser. Play some piano instrumentals or your favourite soft jazz in the background. You can check out various mindfulness tutorials online or follow meditation techniques available on YouTube. Awaken your senses by lighting some candles of your favorite scent for added effects and ambiance. Remind yourself to make this day stress-free. Treat yourself to aromatherapy. You deserve inner peace and tranquillity this February 14.

Pamper Yourself

You can spend a little more time in the shower, spoil your skin and face with skin care products, and no one is stopping you to dress up! Take your time and make the most out of this day.

You can simply grab your favorite coffee and enjoy some quite time for yourself in the condo, by the window or in the balcony.

Vista Residences condo properties have Coffee Project and AllDay Convenience Store for that ultimate convenience that the condo residents deserve.

Between getting that coveted hotel reservation and fighting crowds at that fine dining restaurant, going out on Valentine’s Day is simply overrated.

Instead of stressing yourself, stay inside your condo and enjoy the February chill without the hassle of celebrating outdoors. Romantic night in the condo will surely be memorable than any restaurant dinner. Remember that!


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