What is The Difference of All Soul's & All Saint's Day?

Oct 20, 2022

Weeks from now, we will start to reminisce about our deceased loved ones this incoming UNDAS 2022. 

Unlike other occasions, remembering and prioritizing UNDAS has always been a culture and tradition in the Philippines. Undas is solemnly celebrated to commemorate, reminisce, and remember our loved ones who have passed away. 

This day is nationally allotted for the Filipino people to give them enough time to embrace the longingness for the love and presence of everyone’s deceased loved ones.

Although visiting cemeteries can be done any time or with everyone’s free time, the time for UNDAS yearly has always been officially celebrated and remembered every November 1st and 2nd of the year, which are said to be All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day.

What is All Saints’ Day and All Soul’s Day?

All Saints’ Day, celebrated every November 1 of the year, is the day wherein all the men and women the church canonized are venerated. It marks the spiritual maturity of every Christian. 

On the other hand, All Souls’ Day is celebrated every November 2 of the year. It is said to be the day wherein people commemorate their deceased loved ones and those souls still in limbo repenting their sins. 

In the Philippines, these two (2) days are the exact days allotted to visit their deceased loved ones in the cemetery. Since most of the time, these are the days that are officially termed as a holiday. Thus, November 1 and November 2 are the appropriate days to visit beloved family members and other loved ones. 

Usually, here in the Philippines, when these two (2) days are nearly approaching, some people tend to plan what to do, where to go first, and when or what are the appropriate days to visit their deceased family or loved ones. It is because a massive number of people will be visiting their bereaved loved ones, too. It may cause a stir and unexpected circumstances that may hinder everyone’s safety. 

For some, it is way better to plan before these events. 

Moreover, people also have ideas on how they would want to spend these days in the cemetery. Some just wanted to visit their bereaved loved ones for just a quick time, but some also prefer to stay a little bit longer --- build a tent, meddle with other family members while praying when visiting the cemetery of their bereaved loved ones.

It is essential for Filipinos, mostly Christians, to commemorate and remember all those who just have passed away. Thus, plans from the concerned national and local agencies prioritize the best measures to ensure a triumphant celebration of UNDAS. 

Numerous country cemeteries will be piled up with visitors on November 1st and 2nd. Everyone should expect heavy traffic and mashed-up lines of people entering and leaving graveyards. 

If you want to make it less of a hassle to visit the cemetery this UNDAS 2022, it is advisable to plan things out earlier. 

You should consider knowing the appropriate days to visit the cemetery, what you should do while seeing, what prayers you should when visiting the cemetery, and the like. 



Just like any other special occasion or celebration, sometimes the best way to visit is the day before the said “peak season.” This is to avoid a crowded space and a possible ruckus while visiting. No one wanted to be trapped in a place where there was no enough space to walk freely and breathe easily. In terms of seeing the cemetery this season, it is advisable to go to the graveyard before November 1 or 2. 


If there is no available time earlier than these days, it is still appropriate to visit the cemetery every November 1st and 2nd. As these days are very solemn, it is expected that people always set these days for cemetery visitation. Yet expect a little bit more hassle because surely, these days will be the days where most of the visitors will be going to the cemetery like Golden Haven as this is what is all saints’ and all souls’ day about. 


It is the same as going before the said dates. It is also advisable to visit your bereaved family right after the “peak season.” You can expect fewer people in the cemeteries you will be visiting, like Golden Haven. 

It is expected that the incoming November 1st and 2nd will be very hectic and crowded. Some people will go home, such as back to their provinces or the capital. People are being cautious about where they should stay in the mean time. Since these days will be very hassled, some prefer to have a short-term staycation as a part of their plan to some of the buildings, residences, and condo units, that are way nearer to the cemetery they will be visiting. 



The most common prayer that the Catholics take into the celebration is the “The Lord’s Prayer.” This is the most usual prayer that all ages can give; the lead and the answers can be taken solemnly. 


This prayer is very appropriate for those bereaved family members or loved ones. This is to lighten the Path that the suffering will be taking Above through this prayer. This honors the power of the One Above to give an eternal life for our bereaved family members or loved ones. 


This prayer is very fit for honoring the One Above about the chance of life He has given every one to live with the bereaved family members or loved ones. This prayer also provides grace to His everlasting love for His children who have just died, thus asking Him to give them an eternal and peaceful life within His presence. 

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