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Mar 22, 2022

Having no interest or involvement in political activities, or having an aversion towards politics or political issues, is what Apolitical means. So basically, apolitical simply means “not political,” and that, you're politically neutral and you really don't care about politics at all.

There are many reasons why people chose to be apolitical, which can vary from person to person. Some may choose to be apolitical because they have a more focused interest in other topics, while some may feel that they only have limited time to devote themselves so do not want it wasted by other subjects. So why do people choose to be apolitical? 

They feel that it is not their place to be involved.

There are many people who think that they are unqualified or inexperienced to be involved in politics, and so choose to instead stay out of it. Some people may feel that they really don't have a strong enough opinion on the issue to make it an issue for them. This can be because they assume that it would not make any difference if they were involved, or because they do not want to get anything wrong and risk tarnishing their reputation. In these cases, the person may choose not to vote but instead focus on another subject. Others may feel that getting involved in politics is risky, as you may pick a side but then change your mind later on, only to be labeled as a traitor and traitorous.

They have better things to do than focus on politics.

Some people have other things that they find more important than focusing on political issues. Such as their family, friends, interests, and careers. Additionally, some people may dislike the idea of politics and may just not be interested in it at all. People just do not see the need for politics and therefore do not follow it, even if they know about it. Some people think that politics is boring and does not get anything done.

They feel that they only have limited time in a day so want to get the most out of it.

Some people may feel that they are too busy with their jobs or families to consider politics, even if they do care about it. As such, they do not have time to be involved in politics or have no desire to put time into something where you cannot know whether your efforts will pay off or not.

They generally like the political status quo.

Many people feel comfortable with the status quo and see no need to change it. This can be out of apathy or satisfaction with how it is at the moment. They may think that the political system is working just fine, and would rather attempt to change a system they feel is not working or good enough. It may also be that they do not believe that the political structure needs changing. 

They do not feel that they have a point of view on politics that they are happy to publicly share.

Many people feel that they do not have a strong enough understanding of their own views on politics to be able to discuss it openly in public without having a clear stance and without hindering their own opinion by trying to sound balanced. In these situations, some people may choose not to be apolitical but instead, stay silent altogether.

They do not have a strong enough interest in politics to be able to express themselves articulately.

This can be because the political issues are too deep or complicated, or because people may have a difficult time expressing themselves on the topic and so choose not to. Other times, people may not want to try speaking on the topic in public and so choose not to express any opinions at all.

They do not think that it is their place.

Some people may feel that it is someone else's job to discuss politics instead of their own, such as an elected official or a journalist. Others may feel that it does not belong in their area of influence and so focus in another direction rather than political issues.

Some people view politics as corrupted or corrupted by money.

Many people like to see corruption as a thing of the past, and so have a little wish or desire to be involved in it. Some people also believe that politics are ruled by money and so do not wish to involve themselves with it because they fear their own integrity will be tainted by this.

Engaging in a political conversation intimidates them.

Some people may not wish to become involved in a political conversation, or they may feel nervous and feel that they will say the wrong thing and offend their audience. Lack of knowledge on how politics work and its system drives people to stay neutral on this discourse. Some people also feel that if they were to intervene, it would be insignificant as their audience will disregard it because of their lack of influence on an issue. This may happen because the person thinks their opinion is biased or unpopular and so tries to stay out of the political discussion altogether.

They do not want to waste their time on something that is going nowhere.

Some people just have no desire to get involved in politics and so choose not to waste their time doing so. This can be because they do not believe that there is any point in trying and it would be a futile effort. Other times, people may find politics too complicated for them and think it would be too much work for them, with no reward for their efforts.

Many people choose not to care about politics as they view it as irrelevant and although there are many arguments for political awareness and engagement, it can often feel like you are shouting at the wind because of how quickly things change and how hard it is for people to see the wider picture.

However, the influence of politics is still very important to the world and the many people who do care about it are heavily involved in many different ways.

The most important thing that people can do is decide for themselves if politics is something that they want to be involved with. If you decide that you do not have time, then you need to prioritize what things are more important or non-negotiable and make sure that you have time for them first. If you feel unsure about political issues and their importance, do not shy away from exploring them until you feel comfortable and know enough about them.

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