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Why Should You Invest in Condo in Cebu?

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In these trying times, security and safety really matter to everyone. Security, knowing that financially you will be okay no matter what happens. Safety, to ensure that you are protected from unlikely danger or risks. For us to ensure these factors, we might take into consideration to let your fortune grow and to invest in one of the best cities in the country, Cebu City, Philippines.

Cebu is being considered as one of the excellent investment havens in the country whether in real estate and the likes. A city is an emerging place for investors outside the national capital region, the reason why Cebu City is foreseen as the next “big thing” outside Metro Manila.

Moreover, Cebu City is the first-class highly urbanized city of the island of Cebu in Central Visayas. The beautiful island is rich in history and culture yet flourishing in business and commerce, thus affirming its reign as the Philippines ’ Queen City of the South.

As investors, young and emerging professionals, and businessmen and women, here are the top 5 reasons why you need to consider investing in Cebu:

Investor-friendly City

The Visayas, whose strategic location is in the Center of the Philippines makes it an ideal home for investors and businesses seeking to do business, making it the perfect location and a perfect landing spot to invest in luxury condominiums. The city is the Philippines’ most developed urban and the local government offers tax holidays to foreign and domestic companies in exchange for the hiring of top-local graduates.

Moreover, the city is full of trustworthy people. It has consistently registered crime rates among the lowest in the Philippines; of all cities and provinces, making the city the best peace and order record.

Astounding Tourist

Cebu City is a tourist paradise; it is widely recognized as the Central and Southern Philippines’ primary tourist getaway. The City welcomed a total of 9.4 million tourists in 2019, up 16.36% compared to 2018’s million arrivals. According to the Department of Tourism (DOT) 7, the total arrivals and tourist growth in the city are very impressive as it shows 18.46% to 4,308,226 foreign tourists’ arrivals while domestic tourists grew 14.58% to 5,116,084.

With these outstanding statistics, Cebu is one of the best spotlights to invest, especially in the premiere condominiums of Vista Residences Inc., to offer the best quality services and amenities they have, making condo in Cebu a safe space for them to stay.

Fast-track Economic Growth

Cebu City’s economic activities are actively growing and improving. From the increasing number of exports, investments from within and outside the country and the infrastructure projects such as houses and lots, malls, hotels, and condo in Cebu led by the government make all investment viable and strategically impressive globally.

The nation’s economy has been growing at around seven percent per year recently. Central Visayas (Region VII) which consists of Cebu and other neighboring islands of Bohol and Negros Oriental, impressively increase the region’s economic growth. It shows that the 2018 region’s gross regional product (GRP) accelerated to 7.6 percent, from the 5.2 percent growth in 2017. This was driven by the major economic drivers of growth in Cebu under the Tourism and IT (information technology) sector. 

Dashing Cosmopolitan Living

Cebu City was named as the second most preferred destination in the country by foreign visitors and the country’s second busiest airport according to data from the Department of Tourism. It attracted 1.4 foreign tourists in 2019 which is a sign of great progress in the city and an opportunity to invest in condos in Cebu.

The tourism influx is being serviced by more than 393 hotels and 12,500 condominiums units, throughout the island, which also hosts a large array of entertainment, cultural, and leisure amenities.

Surely, with the increase of tourism both domestic and international in the Queen City of the South, it will be a great strategy and opportunity for investors to consider investing in the city.

Accessibility and Location

Cebu City is the main travel gateway into central and southern Philippines. It provides more domestic air and sea linkages than any other city in the country. The city is the Philippines’ main domestic shipping port and home to about 80% of the country’s domestic shipping companies and the country’s second busiest airport making the city a significant center of commerce, trade, and education in the Visayas.

Moreover, it has also been tagged as one of the country’s most business-friendly places. With the continuous growth of BPO’s, malls, condominiums in Cebu, and other related industries, Cebu is remarkably unstoppable in progress and economic prosperity.

Aside from the City’s Business District, Cebu also provides an adventure together with nature - from the majestic sand bars, corals, and waterfalls of Kawasan Falls, Moalboal, and Bantayan Island, down to the historical and instagramable sites of Sirao Garden, Fort San Pedro, Magellan’s Cross and many more!

Truly, the city is rich in both economic growth and nature making it a good spot to explore the possibilities of investing and to consider the Queen City of South.

The city is blessed with immense natural resources and with its economic growth, and these five key points are just a few reasons why investors consider the city.

It would be a great start if you will invest in Vista Residences. It offers a luxury and premium condo design and maximized spaces to give you the convenience and comfort that you need in your own home. Have a ready for life partner that you can rely on with Vista Residences’ premier condominium property at the Queen City of the South.

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