Women Rising: Female Leaders in the Business Industry

Mar 16, 2023

We see a dramatic shift in women's leadership roles as societies continue to develop and change. Women are no longer only in charge of domestic duties as they make significant advancements in the political, social, and economic sectors all across the globe. In recent decades, many women have successfully occupied male-dominated roles, including those in leadership. Women consistently prove they are equally capable as men, if not more so.

The number of women working in fields like politics, medicine, and education is growing continuously. In the best corporations around the world, more women are now holding top executive positions, showcasing their strength and leadership skills. Female leaders today occupy key roles in a number of political and institutional sectors, where they have greatly influenced the development of reforms and programs.

Qualities of Women in Leadership Roles

1. Good Communicators - Women are known for having excellent communication skills essential for giving their team clear guidance and resolving issues. Women leaders are also great listeners, giving their team members a voice and providing them with opportunities to offer their insights.

2. Visionary - Women leaders have a clear sense of what they want to accomplish and can inspire their team members to perform to a greater extent by effectively communicating this vision to them.

3. Empathetic - more than anybody else, women are able to empathize with others' thoughts and understand how they feel, which helps them establish close bonds with their colleagues and clients.

4. Flexible - They make outstanding crisis managers because they can easily manage difficult situations and are quick to adapt to change.

5. Collaborative - Women leaders naturally have a propensity for collaboration, which helps create an environment where inclusivity and teamwork are valued in the workplace, allowing everyone to succeed and increasing diversity.

6. Emotionally Intelligent - Women are often characterized as emotional, but they actually have higher emotional intelligence and the ability to recognize their own feelings as well as those of others, which makes them better role models and mentors.

7. Resilient - Women are strong and tenacious, enabling them to overcome difficulties and focus on their goals.

Women Leaders in Business

Given that talent, intelligence, and leadership skills makes women's leadership particularly effective, it is important to support and encourage the advancement of women in leadership role in order further to ensure the emergence of diverse and equitable societies. Women continue to prove that they can offer just as much and even more than what male leadership can give and that they are truly equal to their male counterparts.

Here are several women business leaders who have demonstrated how capable women are as leaders and entrepreneurs:

1. Natividad Cheng 

founder and CEO of Uratex Group of Companies, established Polyfoam Chemical Corporation in 1968 with just ten workers and a capital of Php 4,000. This made it possible for the company to branch out and produce other products, like specialized foam for electronics and vehicle seating. The business develops new ideas to create sturdy, cozy, premium mattresses for every Filipino home.

2. Juliet Herrera  

When the co-founder of Serenitea, one of the most well-known locally produced bubble tea brands in the Philippines with over 60 outlets, and her then-boyfriend opened their first Serenitea shop in Little Baguio, San Juan, in December of 2008, she was only 23 years old and first-time entrepreneur.

3. Josie Natori 

The CEO and Chief Creative Officer, founded The House of Natori in 1977. She built the business from the ground up, starting by designing lingerie in her own room before quitting her prestigious job on Wall Street to devote herself fully to it. Over four decades, Natori is still one of the most well-known designer brands both nationally and internationally.

4. Corazon D. Ong 

In 1975, the founder of Foodsphere, Inc., one of the leading food processing corporations in the Philippines, started with a homemade meat product from their Valenzuela home. She and her husband built a meat processing business on their property with the help of a little loan from a local bank. They changed the company name to Foodsphere Inc. in 1981, with CDO serving as the flagship brand for their wide variety of meat products.

5. Myrna Yao 

Founder of Richprime Global Inc, the country's leading distributor of branded children's products, introduced Barbie to Filipino girls for the first time in 1982. Richprime is also the executive distributor of Hot Wheels and Fisher Price toys, among others, in the Philippines.

Women own Leadership Positions.

There is still a substantial gender gap in leadership roles in today's society. Women have a difficult time securing positions of executive positions since they are underrepresented.

This disparity is much more prominent when it comes to positions of political roles. Research has also revealed a large party divides in attitudes about female leadership—in general, Democrats are more inclined than Republicans to support female leadership positions. This divide is particularly felt about concerns about women's rights and reproductive health.

Women in leadership positions have the potential to also significantly narrow the gender pay gap in their respective industries. Female leaders can contribute to ensuring fair salaries by establishing policies that promote pay equity, developing transparent compensation structures, and offering guidance and support to women regarding career paths.

But perceptions about women in leadership are steadily shifting, and commitment to gender diversity has increased significantly—the fight for gender equality is still very much alive. Although there is still a long way to go, we can begin narrowing this gap by encouraging female leaders and guaranteeing that everyone is equally represented in leadership positions. To get to gender parity, companies must fix the broken rung and make changes to ensure diversity at an executive level. Female leaders can act as mentors and role models for other women, inspiring them to pursue leadership roles and contributing to the dismantling of systemic barriers that help perpetuate gender discrimination, particularly women employees and senior women.

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