National Women's Month: Ways to Celebrate Womanhood This March

Mar 04, 2023

All the ladies, put your hands up!

It is finally that time of the year - a month when women worldwide stand as one in recognizing equal rights and spreading awareness about the hardships that ladies face daily. Not only that, but this yearly celebration in March provides a great platform for closing gender gaps and promoting gender equality and an inclusive society where women are valued just as much as men. And although this is a month-long commemoration, international women's day falls specifically on March 8, 2023 - and you know what that means... You should undoubtedly think of ways to participate in the women's day celebration this 2023! After all, the Philippines has been celebrating Filipino women since 1988, spreading awareness regarding violence and sexism. So this year, be one with the festivity and celebrate women wherever you are, regardless of gender! On that note, this article will give you ideas on commemorating International Women's day 2023 this March.

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Women's Month Celebration 2023

Before we get right onto celebrating, let us first know what sparked national women's day and why it is celebrated in March.

What is International Women's Day, and When is the National Women's Month celebration?

Yearly, the United Nations honors women's rights every March in commemoration of how women in the 20th Century fought for gender equality against very poor working conditions, low wages, and lack of protective legislation back in 1909 and 1911. Working women in the United States of America organized a strike together with the National Women's Trade Union League in fighting for rights and work equality that they rarely experienced in their lives back then. Notably, many countries have stood hand in hand in highlighting women and have made efforts to fight discrimination. Locally, the Philippines acquired the Women's Month Celebration as a technology for gender equality today and to highlight women's achievements, empowerment, and recognition. The first international women's day was celebrated on March 8, 1988, when former President Cory Aquino signed Proclamation No. 224 s. 1988 to stand in solidarity with the United Nations and recognize Filipino women's equality and human rights while putting effort into eradicating the global gender gap.

Women's Day Celebration Theme this 2023

Recognizing how hard women fought to vote and have a voice is a beautiful thing to celebrate. In addition, promoting gender equality today and fighting social inequalities little by little opens a lot of doors to small girls and children wanting to make a difference in society. Not only that but living in a gender-equal world where women's rights are valued is exactly what the United Nations wanted. With that, practicing gender parity and bidding farewell to gender stereotypes is what this new recurring theme is all about - "WE for Gender Equality and Inclusive Society."

Ideas for International Women's day 2023: What to do and how to celebrate women's day

Host an event to commemorate international women's day.

If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate international women's day this March, host an event in your condo! All you have to do is invite your fabulous friends (not merely women, but you can also reach out to allies!). To illustrate, there are countless fun ways to honor women in a single night. Particularly, you can watch movies with female directors and leads, have a little Netflix and chill to feminist shows, and listen to funky tunes sung by women all over the world! But best of all, you can host a spontaneous fashion show inside the condo while decorating the place with empowering quotes or art by women. Indeed, a touch of fun can never go out of hand, but make sure you will be sensible about why we celebrate international women's day.

Support Women-owned Businesses and Non-profits

With the current rate of women still representing a minority in the business world, showing your support can have a great deal of positive influence on society. After all, women-owned businesses are on the rise in many countries, so let us put more effort into welcoming businesswomen in the Philippines! After all, this March is the perfect month to show your solidarity in recognizing many outstanding entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers. But aside from supporting businesses, you can make a significant difference by supporting non-profit organizations that care for women and girls through the provision of education, thus putting a stop to economic and social inequalities. Given that, your help, whether big or small, can remarkably impact gender equality and thinning the gender gap, especially during March.

Make yourself aware of issues that women worldwide experience today.

Although there is a significant advancement in how women and girls are viewed today, unfortunately, gender discrimination is still present nowadays. To start with, physical abuse and sexual violence are still experienced by women and girls in different households. Moreover, men still earn more in the corporate world than working women while facing double standards and battling workplace stigmas. That said, try your best to educate yourself this March on the unfavorable things women fight so hard for. Whether you are a woman or an ally, this notion goes with this year's theme of having an inclusive society. Plus, awareness ensures that you will avoid making women feel inferior to themselves, especially now that we are working towards an equal future for everybody, regardless of gender.

Thank a woman or write thank you notes for women that inspire you

A simple gesture such as showing gratitude can uplift women in ways you won't be able to fathom. Given that, try making the women and girls in your life feel valued and appreciated this March! For instance, you can write simple notes on how they inspire you and that you see their hard work throughout history - from as grand as fighting for their right to vote to as little as overcoming a tough day at work. So whether it is a family member, a friend, or a colleague you want to acknowledge, give them a call or send a thank you note this March!

"Feminism isn't about making women stronger. Women are already strong, and it's about changing the way the world perceives that strength." - G.d. Anderson

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