7 Guilt-free Series on Netflix To Watch Inside Your Condo

Jul 12, 2022

With Netflix having a massive library of new and classic shows to choose from, it can be puzzling to pick a series to watch. From crime, thriller, and mystery to breezy and funny selections, Netflix ensures you will never run out of great options. What is more, there is no better feeling than staying curled up in a blanket while watching your favorite show on the television. After all, since it is summertime in the Philippines, most students have more time to kill and watch binge-worthy shows on Netflix. We know that you have watched Friends far too much! But don’t be ashamed - we have all been there. However, it is time to switch and explore the best Netflix series of 2022. With that said, whether you are new to Netflix or a longtime subscriber looking for a new series to spice up your nights, look no further! 

Stranger Things

Since its 2016 debut, Stranger Things has quickly climbed the ladder of fame in no time at all. Many people dig this show thanks to its commitment to showcasing the ‘80s nostalgia and culture. But, it’s not just that - for instance, this is not your typical horror story from the past. You will undoubtedly feel like you are one of the kids playing Dungeons & Dragons right from the beginning. Besides that, you will already see how the series lays out its sci-fi and mystery tones straight from the show’s opening sequence. So if you are one to value John Hughes, Stephen King, and Steven Spielberg, along with their top-notch creative essence, you will be in for a treat if you opt to binge-watch Stranger Things, as it is one of the best series on Netflix Philippines.

Ghost Doctor

This series is perfect for every K-drama junkie in the world. It also stars Rain, in the character of a genius thoracic surgeon Cha Young Min, and Kim Bum, who plays a young, intelligent, silver-spoon resident, Go Seung Tak. Although it may be true that the storyline might be typical, there are a few twists in the show that will have you hooked on every episode. Get ready to pull an all-nighter once again as you binge-watch Ghost Doctor.

The Umbrella Academy

Based on the talented Gerard Way comic series, the show follows the story of seven chaotic children born with superhuman abilities. Interestingly, the kids were born to women who gave birth under completely unusual circumstances. Thus, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, an eccentric billionaire fond of the peculiar, willingly adopted all seven children and trained them to master their superpowers, becoming a team of superheroes fighting crime called The Umbrella Academy. However, this is not your typical superhero success story; everything is sunshine and rainbows. The seven children’s troubled personalities led them to become estranged as adults, only to be gathered by their adopted father’s death and the impending apocalypse that awaited the world. With everything mentioned, you now know why The Umbrella Academy is one of the best Netflix series of 2022. So if you are all about superhero themes, a bit of romance, family relationships, and a dash of humor, binge-watch this show and elevate your condo living experience while you’re at it!

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend

If you are looking for a cooking series that will keep your heart pumping, you have to consider Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend as one of the binge-worthy shows on Netflix. In particular, this series showcases challenger chefs facing off against culinary icons in an exhilarating battle royale to become the Iron Legend. Not to mention people enjoy this show because of the diversity in cooking styles, the tongue-in-cheek humor from the Chairman, and the delicious dishes prepared by very talented chefs. However, be warned, watching this show will make your tummies rumble instantly! But on the plus side, you will have more culinary ideas you can recreate inside your home, thus elevating your condo living experience. 

With Vista Residences’ ready-for-occupancy condos, your dishes will undoubtedly be made hassle-free as their condos are strategically located for your convenience. Hence, no more long commutes to the convenience stores and groceries at the mall. With that said, all your cravings will be satisfied if you watch Iron Chef in one of Vista Residences’ top-notch condominiums. They have condos in Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Manila, Pasig, and Quezon City. If you are planning on investing or finding a home away from home, you will be making the right choice with Vista Residences.

Inventing Anna

This show is inspired by the true story of a wealthy German heiress who stormed the city of New York in mid-2010. Anna Delvey sprung out of the ashes as Anna Sorokin - her real name, conned various socialites, banks, and institutions out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Indeed, it is only safe to say how she lived confidently with the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it”! Who knew that supernatural self-confidence would get you to stay in the most excellent hotels, travel luxuriously, and live vicariously based on fashion magazines you read as a teenager? Don’t go envying Anna Delvey’s life without watching Inventing Anna, as the plot revolves around a journalist, Vivian Kent, trying to answer the infamous question, “Who is Anna Delvey?”. Thus, this limited series unravels the truth behind the Russian-born con artist named Anna Sorokin.

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area

This Korean remake of the sensational Spanish series Money Heist will pique your interest with its enticing plot. The story revolves around an alternate reality where South and North Korea see eye to eye in economic relations, leading to a catastrophic situation where the rich get richer and the poor are mistreated. With that, a team of robbers, led by the Professor played by Yoo Ji-Tae, take control of a mint, giving Korea a puzzling heist with a political agenda. And since this was only released last June 24, 2022, now is the best time to binge-watch the first season if you still haven’t! After all, it did not take long since its release last month for the show to climb up the charts. Given that, start watching Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area, as it is one of the binge-worthy shows on Netflix today.


If you are all about romance, gossip, and colorful ball gowns in the 1800s, Bridgerton is the series to binge-watch for you. This Regency-era drama set in London is a story covering the romance of one of the Bridgerton siblings, a family born in high society. Since the show recently had its second season, you will love curling up in your blanket with snacks as you unravel the steamy romance between Daphne and the duke, Simon, in season one. Whereas season two will give you more of a slow burn as Anthony cautiously falls for Kate, leading to a push-and-pull romance. But aside from the great storyline, the diversity among the cast members makes Bridgerton one of the best series on Netflix Philippines. In particular, Bridgerton showcases people from both black and white ethnic backgrounds, as well as Asians. Indeed, it is remarkable how this adaptation emerged with a sense of inclusivity and modernity. With everything mentioned, if you fancy watching a period drama with unique characters and a bit of romance, comedy, with impeccable scriptwriting, binge-watch Bridgerton today!

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