Basic Essentials for your Sanitation Area

Sep 14, 2022

The Philippines continues to lessen its COVID-19 restrictions by allowing 100% capacity in all establishments under Alert Level 1. On June 4, 2022, the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) modified the Guidelines on the Nationwide Implementation of Alert Level Systems for COVID-19 following the government pandemic task force's observation of allowing more establishments and activities under Alert Level 1. 

In the statement released by the Office of the Press Secretary, establishments and activities in places under the said alert level can operate with total capacity, provided proof of complete vaccination is presented. 

That said, many Filipinos prepare to return to their pre-pandemic lives – businesses under the said alert level can fully operate, most WFH employees can now work on-site, and many students prepare for face-to-face classes. At the same time, many people prefer relocating near their workplace or school to avoid traffic and transportation problems; most buy or rent a condo to avoid the hassle of commuting. 

Living in a condo is convenient, especially for people with busy schedules. It is easier for them to run errands like grocery shopping, going to laundry shops, or buying essential things at the mall since every place they need to go to is a short walk away from the condo, or they can be located in the apartment itself. Not only this, entertainment and relaxation can also be fulfilled without needing to travel to a distant place. Condominiums have gyms, swimming pools, sky lounges, and other amenities. People can achieve many things in one place, even in a busy schedule. 

While condo living can be convenient and accessible, the threat of COVID-19 infection remains, especially since people continue to go in and out of public places and return to their homes. It is essential to take proper sanitation seriously regardless of where we are. With that said, having a designated sanitation area before entering the main living area of your condo is a must in ensuring a safe and healthy environment. 

Here are essentials for your sanitation area to level up cleaning procedures and maintain a healthy environment in your condo living: 

Organizing Your Sanitation Materials

Having a specific storage area for your sanitation materials near the entrance of your condo can help you be organized and save space, primarily if you reside in a studio unit. It can be shelves, a storage trolley cart, or a simple console table with drawers. Storing your sanitation materials properly can also help you with proper sanitation since you can get all your sanitizing essentials in one place.

Having the Right Disinfectants

One of the most important factors to consider in buying disinfectants is identifying if it is FDA-approved. It is recommended to purchase disinfecting materials in trusted grocery or department stores to ensure the safety and reliability of the product. The disinfectants in your sanitation area do not need heavy chemicals like bleach. It can only include disinfectants like disinfecting wipes, sprays, hand sanitizers, and rubbing alcohol, providing that they are bought from trusted brands and stores.

If your entrance is near a sink or the bathroom, you can also include liquid soap, not bar soap, to ensure contactless sanitation for handwashing.

Using gloves while touching your disinfectant sprays or alcohol/soap dispensers is also one way to achieve contactless sanitation. However, disinfecting your sanitation materials is highly advised to avoid using too much plastic.

Trash Bins

Disposing of your mask is essential since it is extensively exposed outside. A trash bin beside your doorway or entrance can help you quickly dispose of shows or other waste materials without entering your condo's central area. Remember to segregate your wastes properly.

Disinfecting Your Footwear

Disinfecting door mats or footbaths are also one of the essentials you need in your sanitation area since sanitizing your footwear can also help in fighting more bacteria present in it. Place it on your doorway and a shoe rack to place your footwear after sanitizing.

Remember to keep your doormat or footbath clean from time to time.

A Place for Your Things

The items you bought outside can also be possible carriers of the virus as different people held them. Place a specific tray for non-food items or any item that cannot be damaged once sprayed with disinfectant, and dispose of its packaging. Sanitizing these items is also a must before entering your condo.

You can also acquire digital sanitation materials like UV sanitizers or digital mists to prevent your items from being damaged by disinfection. However, simple disinfectant sprays will do.

If you bring home food, transfer the food to another container and throw away its packaging. For groceries, keep your items in an isolated place for 24 hours before organizing them in your kitchen.

Taking cleaning procedures and proper sanitation seriously is vital in condo living. Choosing a condo that prioritizes health and safety can help you successfully achieve these goals to avoid being infected by COVID-19 and other present viruses/diseases in our country.

At Vista Residences, you do not have to worry about being in contact with a particular virus since Vista Residences value sanitation and maintenance all the more so. Even before entering the condo, hand sanitizers and alcohol dispensers are located before entering the building, as well as temperature checkers. Vista Residences also follow strict guidelines for safety, such as imposing regulations for shared amenities like the gym, swimming pool, and lounge areas.

Vista Residences also place signage on the condo's safety protocols to ensure that everyone is well-informed and guided on the safety procedures. Moreover, you don't have to go to different places since Vista Residences has it all! From groceries and convenience stores to coffee shops and restaurants, you don't need to go far and increase the possibility of catching diseases from other places. Vista Residences ensure that safety is achieved not only in terms of the security of the business but also in the security of the people in terms of a healthy, virus-free environment. 

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.  

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