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Condo Living: The Best Coffee Shop Planner

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We all have to go to work sometimes. But, if you are really in a hurry, it can be hard to find the time for breakfast or lunch before you leave. The Best Coffee Shop Planner is your perfect solution for when you're in a rush and need something quick and healthy that's also delicious. Luckily, condo living offers the best location when you’re in a hurry since it is nearby coffee shops.

The best coffee shop panner is for any coffee junkie who needs that extra boost of energy before their next work meeting or client meeting. A coffee shop planner is a tool that helps you plan out your day and prioritize tasks based on how much time you have. It also allows you to track what time work gets done, what time the kids get home from school, and what time all family members get together to talk or eat dinner. Additionally, this is a helpful way to keep your day on track without forgetting about any important tasks like the schedule for your condo design renovation, or making sure that everyone gets their fair share of interaction with each other while also staying productive throughout the day.

However, weekly planners and desk pads seemed to be rendered obsolete in 2021, but people have high expectations that 2022 will be brighter and more productive. Planner season has arrived, and it's time to start thinking about which notebook you'd like to keep you company for the next cycle of the earth's orbit around the sun. 

Here is a list of the best coffee shop planner in the Philippines for 2022.

Starbucks Planner

This year, Starbucks is featuring two planners: Siren and Teavana. Starbucks' renowned Siren carries on the history of outstanding coffee by sharing its best-tasting coffee, from sourcing and roasting to brewing and serving. They provide their consumers with that familiar warm and welcoming face that is Starbucks through the Siren (Green) Planner. On the other hand, Teavana is a fun, modern, Western take on tea drinking that is influenced by tea traditions and rituals from many countries, not just one or two. Through Teavana Youthberry Planner, Starbucks provides clients with a refreshing, bright, and youthful personality to relate to. On the design aspect, the iconic Siren comes to life with the debossed Siren Logo and Siren Tail on the covers, and the pages inside are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified so you know you are writing on eco-friendly papers. If you are collecting Starbucks stickers, you’re in luck if you have a condo living experience since many condos in Manila are near Starbucks.

Starbucks Organizer

Starbucks planner always comes with the organizer. This is not something new especially to people who love collecting stickers every year. This year, Starbucks offers two organizers: Frappuccino and Starbucks Reserve. People are inspired to be their most honest selves by the Starbucks Frappuccino. It is their personal invitation to the amusement park, where anything is possible. They provide the Starbucks Frappuccino Organizer to clients who are always up for indulging, who embrace the fun and colorful side of life. Starbucks Reserve's heart and soul are their outstanding coffees. They demonstrate their devotion to pursuing coffee craft and innovation through their uncommon coffees and various beverage platforms, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of consumer experience. Meanwhile, The Starbucks Reserve Organizer offers customers a classic yet minimalistic elevated feel, similar to the premium coffee line. Customers may choose between the Frappuccino Line Art and Starbucks Reserve Logo, and the inside page is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified as well so you know you’re writing on eco-friendly papers.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The planner comes in three colors: Quartz Pink, Teal, and Purple, and has a no-frills, simple style. Each journal features editable pages, allowing you to begin using it at any time during the year. They provide plenty of room for you to sketch and doodle. In addition, each planner comes with a sticker pack for personalization and adornment. To receive it, you'll need to collect 12-holiday stamps (one stamp for every coffee or tea-based drink you buy at CBTL).

Coffee Project

Four Every You 2022 Planners are being released by the Coffee Project. Coffee Project's planner sets have a fun twist this year. Look forward to activities that have been carefully selected to complement your interests and hobbies. For your daily musings and duties, each contains a journal and organizer component which is best paired with a condo living experience.

Writer Planner

The Writer Planner in pearl gray is a personal organizer that you can use in a variety of ways, including pages where you can turn your words into poems, a gratitude log where you can keep track of what you're grateful for, an idea log for future projects, and other writing challenges to help you improve your skills. Nothing compares to putting your thoughts into words.

Adventurous Planner

The midnight blue Adventurous Planner is perfect for the impulsive soul. This planner is great for planning your excursions, from the date to the itinerary, where you'll stay, what you'll eat, and how much you'll spend. There are additional pages that serve as a mini photo album, allowing you to recall earlier vacations! It also has a bucket list area and a date tracker so you don't miss any important events. The Adventurous Planner is unquestionably the road map for planning and creating your limitless possibilities.

Artistic Planner

The Artistic Planner in Raven Black is ideal for those who are creative. This planner is excellent for a steady stream of ideas that need to be doodled or painted. It includes drawing challenges, 'Create and Destroy' exercises, and coloring pages to let you express yourself creatively. This is the best planner if you are consistently changing your condo design. The Artistic Planner certainly provides you with plenty of room to expand your imagination!

Passionate Planner

The Passionate Planner in saddle brown is for you if you're career-driven and appreciate living life on the fast track. Keep track of your many objectives, including finances, career, wellness, and personal and professional to-do lists. The master plan of so many things to prosper in is clearly captured in The Passionate Planner.


Muji's simple planner is back for the year 2022! This planner, like the previous years', is as plain as they come but contains everything you need in one — from monthly and weekly spreads to gridded pages where you may scribble your thoughts and to-do lists. The planner from Muji costs P495.

Navi Planner

The lighthouses that provide a sense of safety for seafarers are the inspiration for this year's Navi Planners. The planner's goal is to encourage its users to live in the moment by serving as a "Planning Compass" that guides them. It costs P598 and includes monthly dividers and weekly spreads that lead the user through the year's trip.

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In line with Vista Residences’ thrust to offer convenience among its residents, it also features an AllDay Convenience Store and Coffee Project in all its projects.

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