Condo Tips: Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Dec 05, 2021

Christmas is right around the corner, and we know what that means - presents and food! Given that, everybody is undoubtedly running around looking for gifts to buy their loved ones. Whether you are a godparent, parent, sibling, or anyone who is planning to buy gifts for kids. However, the pandemic has made it quite hard to buy presents since not everyone has enough budget nowadays. On that note, we all have to watch out for and take advantage of the Christmas sales in malls, online shops, and others to enjoy significant discounts fully.

When talking about gifts for adults, of course, we want to give something either valuable, practical, and thoughtful. On the other hand, giving presents to kids or toddlers is a whole different story. For instance, parents may advise you not to give toys anymore as it will just add to the things they need to put away at the end of every day. But, if you will ask the children yourself, of course, their answer would be TOYS, WE WANT TOYS! 

On the contrary, toys may be what they want, but some are not beneficial to the child. And being a caring guardian, you have to think of their whole well-being as well, instead of merely what makes them happy. With that, this article will give you some Christmas gift ideas for kids that will undoubtedly make children feel cared for and amused.


Sparking a kid’s love for books would be a fantastic and beneficial gift. Not only can books hone a child’s vocabulary and reading, but they can also instill creative juices into their system. In particular, they might build a genuine love for writing poems and short stories in the future. What is more, countless books will help them learn more about life in a nutshell. For instance, try buying a book about proper hygiene, good manners, and stories about people in general - like The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

On top of everything, kids will also find interactive books amusing, like those with coloring activities or push and pull designs. Indeed, these books will all stimulate a child’s sensory and motor skills, which is exactly what you want! With that, both the parents and child will thank you if you decide to purchase a book as a gift.

Art Kits

If you are an art enthusiast who wants to pass your passion to the little one, then giving them art kits this Christmas would be perfect! Not to mention you can even make this a bonding time between you and the child for a bonus. After all, kids love the mess! They will undoubtedly enjoy painting on themselves, their clothes, and basically everything they see. With that, parents should definitely watch out for this gift! But who knows, maybe their paintings would make for a unique and priceless condo design, right? So, if you want to be the one sparking the kid’s creativity, going for an art kit, this Christmas is the way to go.

Lego Play Trays

Although legos can create quite a mess when disassembled, they can stimulate a child’s sensory and motor skills like no other. Not to mention they can craft castles, houses, and cars from scratch through the little boxes of legos. But, what is great about giving kids a play tray is it can make the building process more organized and easier for the child. They can build whatever they want on the surface, and when it is time to put away the toys, their parents can easily store the tray in one fold. Given that, not only will the kids be amused, but the parents will benefit greatly from the easy cleanup as well!

Additionally, these trays will go well with Vista Residences’ pre-selling and ready for occupancy condos. They offer strategically positioned condominiums in Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, Pasig, Quezon City, and Taguig that will surely help you get the best out of condo living. 

Kiddie Box Subscription

Why settle for giving kids just one present when you can give them fun little things every month? After all, children show the best appreciation when receiving a gift. Whether you give them chocolates, toys, or even a single banana, their reactions are always priceless. Given that, they will surely love constantly getting small gift boxes from their now favorite aunties and uncles.

You can get Kiddie Box Subscriptions from a lot of companies. What is more, you can also buy single boxes if you do not want to get a monthly subscription. However, wouldn’t it be fun if they had something to look forward to even after Christmas? Not to mention these boxes are filled with art projects, science experiments, and other activities that children will certainly find amusing. This way, kids can now maximize their condo living experience since they will be given a lot of activities to keep them occupied instead of having their eyes glued to gadgets all day long.

Child’s Necessities Gift Sets

Giving a gift set is probably the best thing to do for a present that parents will gladly thank you for. Not to mention you will be sparing them a few thousand since clothes, blankets, and other child necessities cost a lot nowadays. All you have to do is pick a gift set that flawlessly suits the little one’s age and everything they need, which is not hard at all. In particular, countless online shops sell child gift sets with discounts since it is Christmas

Although, the price range varies depending on the inclusions and the brand. However, fret not because this gift set will help the parents and the child financially and conveniently. 

On the other hand, if you cannot find a gift set that fits your budget, fixing up your own gift set can also work! This way, you can choose the actual gifts to include, which gives a more personalized touch to the present. After all, gift sets do not have to be grand - they only need to be practical and convenient. 

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