Tips on Condo Living and Real Estate Investing

Condo Tips: Essential Skills Every Real Estate Professional Needs

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Real Estate is a competitive business with countless professional agents looking to make deals with their clients. It is especially competitive in the condominium side of real estate due to the shift to condominiums as a home preference and a boom in vertical villages being constructed around the Philippines. Now, condominium real estate agents are eagerly looking for what is best for one’s condo living. 

Being qualified to be a real estate agent is one thing. But what can set an excellent real estate agent apart from someone who is merely qualified is the ability to close the deal and prioritize the needs of their clients first. It is these kinds of real estate agents that this article will focus on. 

To add further, what helps these competent real estate agents accomplish the skills mentioned above is empathy with clients, well-informed decisions and opinions, and having high expertise in condo living

Want to test if you possess most, if not all, of the essential skills to be the best real estate agents? Or are you curious to know what these essential skills are to improve on them? Here are the five essential skills of a successful real estate agent

Communication Skills

Being in real estate, you are not only selling property but you are also selling a prospective and possibly life-altering idea. In order to convince someone to take that type of leap, it would take excellent communication skills to make that happen. 

In communication, simply being able to write and speak is insufficient—this only entails creating a message. Beyond the creation of the message is having a complete understanding, especially knowing the client and his/her needs. 

For example, the client prioritizes rent-to-own but lacks the budget. As an agent, with a better understanding of the client and his/her needs, you will be able to create a message that will resonate with the client. 

Local Knowledge

It can be hard to compete with a real estate agent who knows a certain neighborhood or community inside and out. Knowing one’s local area includes knowing all the hotspots, rules and regulations, value property, and other small things like how traffic works around the area.

For example, if the client is looking to move into a condo immediately because of school, a real estate with top-notch local knowledge can quickly identify a ready for occupancy condo near the client’s school. After that, you as the agent can provide additional information like coding rules, coffee shops, and after-school hangouts. 

If you are a real estate novice, it would be best to begin immersing yourself in real estate hotspots. 

Integrity and Honesty

Like in any profession, one will be more comfortable working with someone reputable. And there is no better way to build up that reputation through honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness. Conversely, being shady, unethical, and dishonest can tarnish one’s reputation in a snap. 

A common unethical practice in real estate is the sale of “off-the-plan” properties. Buying off-the-plan is basically a pre-selling condo purchase, where one simply purchases property before it has been built. Buying condos in the pre-selling is actually a great idea. However, unethical realtors can overestimate a property’s value that once the property has been built, the property’s final price is significantly lower than the purchase price. 

When being a realtor or looking for one, a proven track record of excellence and honesty should be one of the first things looked at. 

Rules and Regulation Knowledge

When it comes to dishonesty and dubious real estate agents, this is usually done with intent. However, there can be real estate agents who mislead a client without the intention of it. The realtor might have been misinformed himself/herself or might simply lack the knowledge altogether. 

Therefore, a good real estate agent can respond to the questions and queries of clients with confidence and accuracy. The former can keeps his/her facts straight and can make educational guesses if the answer is not currently available, particularly when it comes to rules and regulations. 

For example, if the client has a question about the legalities behind a certain condo design, the real estate agent should be able to answer. 


On a negative note, persistence can be a drag because it takes effort, resilience, and a high spirit. However, persistence always pays off; the best real estate agents are always willing to persevere in spite of failed deals and low sales. 

Right now, due to the restriction caused by the pandemic, condo living is not really an option because people want to be frugal and avoid making purchases. 

Some realtors can wait for the market to boom again, while persistent ones will continue to try and make deals with clients, no matter how challenging it can be right now. They will stay on top of their schedule for any appointments, tirelessly research the market, and continue to do this after a failed deal. 

You cannot win them all but with persistence, you are guaranteed to win some. 


Past all the technical and soft skills you can possess when it comes to real estate, if you do not have a passion for real estate; if you do not enjoy serving clients and selling property, then you cannot succeed as a competent real estate agent. 

A lacking real estate agent is probably bored and frustrated about his/her job, while excellent real estate agents are excited and enthusiastic. 

An example to add further is the realtor’s willingness to help a client. Some clients just want to get paid. That is it. On the flip side, other real estate agents possess the skills above including the passion to help clients and are very invested in making a client’s condo living favorable. 

Already possess the skills listed above? You must already be a competent real estate agent with some other secret skills that contribute to your success. If you do not have these skills yet, they indeed take time to develop. 

But with some patience and focus, you can turn into the ideal real estate agent who makes condo living enticing in the future, 

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