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Sep 30, 2021

People, especially Filipinos, need to understand that voting is the ultimate power in a democratic country. Each vote possesses a power that turns seats around, holding people in power, begging for their numbers to be shaded instead of their political rivals. The privilege of choice puts voters in between poverty and the national economy, forcing Filipinos to at least use morals and their values to tell the difference between good and bad governance, having educated politicians pin against each other to gain the public's trust.

There are many problems with Philippine democracy since many politicians have already become experts in manipulating the democratic process of voting: misinforming the people, resorting to vote-buying, even to an extent to silencing their running rivals, reaffirming their chair of power at the expense of everything else. Through the series of political patterns from Philippine history and daily news, voters should realize that voting can either repeat or break what happens in our country.

Of course, shading costs no more than a few inks and minutes, but responsible voting will pave the way for change. Much like choosing a condo, home buyers want nothing less than the best condo, as many are trying to outsmart buyers to buy less expensive ones. Applying the same carefulness and principles in buying condo units, here are tips on how you can be a responsible voter:

Doing research

Researching and seeking advice is condo buyers’ source of information, handpicking the trustworthy among the choices. Much like researching condo units, voters need to know the candidate profiles and how each stands on societal issues- are they pro or anti-same-sex marriage, divorce, abortion, medical marijuana, etc.?

It is challenging to pick among a handful of owners, avoid being outsmarted: check for their reviews, both positive and negative, speak to their customers, check their other projects. For voters, check how many laws have they passed, how have they responded to criticisms and the poor, and how many broken promises have they committed from their previous campaigns.

Reviewing their platforms may be difficult to understand, but research takes time, and anyone who wants to get their hands on the best condo unit must resort to reach out to any means if they really want to.

Knowing where and what you want

Imagine the family buying a ready for occupancy condo and ends up a little too small for all of them to fit comfortably inside. When skimming through the candidates, voters want to make sure their wants align well with their candidates’ wants, especially if they are essential to the voter. For example, a mother wants to vote for someone whose platforms highlight education and children’s welfare; another example is a man who wants to buy a condo unit that suits his income and lifestyle well.

Comparing and weighing

This part is when condo buyers are often stuck between possible choices; they will resort to the better price, nearer to good malls, and has better furniture. Comparing two political parties is difficult, so it is best to limit the two best candidates for each position, regardless of whether they can work efficiently alongside their political rivals. Compare their ideas, principles, manner of speaking- is it someone children should look up to? Once voters have chosen their vote for the first position, move on to the second-highest, until all positions have been wisely chosen.

Taking notes

After researching and weighing the candidates, remember and take note of the candidates to vote for. Take note of their promises and whether these are met. Using the note for future reference can help the vote look for what they want and will need for future elections. Bringing the list during the day of the vote helps in faster going through the ballot. For condo buyers, taking notes helps ask for more information if the buyer came across any concerns and clarifications.

Speak to someone else

Speaking with someone else regarding the choice can help educate others. Since not all voters have the patience to go through their platforms and profiles, a responsible voter can open a conversation to educate and hear sides for other voters as well. Gaining insights and understanding from different perspectives can spark discourse for other societal issues to take additional research on.

Practice voting regularly

Though this step does not apply metaphorically with condo owners, this highly reflects responsible voting. Some voters do not mind skipping or abstaining from their vote if they dislike the candidates running for office. Opposing the candidate can be caused by negative campaigning or not wanting to contribute to possible corruption.  

These reasons are not sufficient to abstain vote. Choosing is easy if there are good and bad ones, but if given all bad ones, find one candidate that sticks out the most based on their debates and proposals, find the candidate to support since each vote is meaningful.

Another reason is the common mindset of having to think that votes do not matter since the democratic system is corrupt or flawed. By abstaining, they see themselves opting out since votes are manipulated or the tally would just produce illegitimate results. If this were to be true, abstaining takes the point out of contributing to fair elections. The system should be taken accountable for this one.

The last reason for abstaining from votes is apathy or lack of interest. If it comes down to being apolitical, this can no longer be just a choice because disengaging from voting just means you have the luxury not anyone can afford. Those who look away have the privilege to do so. Shrugging of politics reflects one’s neutrality to abuse, poverty, oppression, and many more.

Voting and buying a condo require careful, confident decision-making. It is a privilege and power to at least vote or buys a condo unit. However, people, through the ballot, can make the country a better place for all. Voting is an important part, and being informed are steps each voter should take. Remember that an informed electorate is what scares the campaigning candidates; at the same time, the informed candidate is the most important factor in ending corruption and upholding good governance. 

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