Condo Tips: Everything You Need to Know About Omicron

Dec 09, 2021

Despite the existing efforts for shots and boosters, the current pandemic proves that it can still further emerge if people become complacent. The existence of the new COVID-19 variant, most commonly known as the “Omicron Variant”, broke the news recently as it began spreading throughout the world.

Homes are one of the safest spaces as of now, and staying indoors is an effective measure to get rid of the new variant. Condo living assures a safe indoor place, keeping everyone in the family and friends away from harm caused by the virus.

What is the Omicron Variant?

WHO has designated the COVID-19 Omicron variation as a variant of concern. As of this date, the said variant is still under strict monitoring. A lot of studies are being done to determine its transmissibility, severity, and risk of reinfection.

Scientists are scrambling to figure out how it varies from other varieties in terms of its spread, as well as its responsiveness to vaccines, treatments, and previous infection. It has been discovered in over 30 nations, and the Philippines is in a huge threat as of now. Authorities suggest that it poses a greater danger than other viral strains.

It is recommended that despite being vaccinated it does not guarantee that such a variant will not target them. As advised, stay at home, keep everyone indoors to avoid both transmissions and spread - staying in a comfortable condo living doesn’t cost much compared to going out and spending more.

How do Variants develop

Prior to the current Omicron variant, there are already numerous kinds that have been discovered, these are the Alpha (U.K. variant), Beta (South Africa Variant), Gamma (from Brazil), Delta (India, which is known to be highly transmissible), and recently the Omicron.

The big question now is how do variants develop? To simply sum it up, when a virus spreads widely and causes a large number of infections, the chances of it evolving increase. So to stop the virus from evolving it is important to achieve herd immunity, this means people must be vaccinated to decrease the transmission of such a virus. The lesser the transmission, the less likely it will evolve. 

How it is different from other variants

Basically, variants differ because of the genetic mutation - this is caused by the numerous transmission of the virus which allows it to evolve.

Is the Omicron variant more severe?

There is no sufficient evidence that the new variant is more severe, yet. Since it is new and still under further investigation, the only thing people should do now is to protect themselves from another possible wave. Luckily, for those people who enjoy condo living, currently in a work-from-home setup, protection is attainable - but doing the basic simple measures like distancing, sanitizing, and washing from time to time is still urged.

Condo living safe from Omicron Variant

Condos in the Philippines are prepared in terms of safeguarding its community from the possible threats of the virus. This can be seen through smart technologies and competent management of condos. Examples of these are keyless security, cashless transactions, continuous sanitizing of the areas, entry restrictions to avoid mass gatherings, and the like.

Meanwhile, residents are also encouraged to take action in keeping their condos from Covid-19 hazards. Here are some of the steps to ensure health and safety within the private spaces in a condo.

A ventilated condo living is a safe living

The virus, regardless of the variant, is contained especially in areas without proper ventilation. Even though most, if not all, of the condos in the Philippines, have already installed air conditioner systems, it is important nowadays to open windows frequently. This prevents the virus from “staying” within the indoor premises. The air ventilation from the opened windows helps in keeping a healthy environment, allowing fresh air to enter, and can conserve energy from not using the aircon system as well.

Sanitize condo regularly

Even though the staff and personnel do their job in creating virus-free condo premises, they are not the ones who clean every private space. This means the duty and responsibility lie now on the occupant. As a responsible condo owner, keeping the space safe, clean, and organized is part of the job, more importantly, today. Sanitizing isn’t just typically cleaning the condo. Every homeowner must ensure that everything in the household is sanitized especially on the things that are prone to handling. These are doorknobs, cabinet handles, kitchen utensils (basically the whole kitchen area), remotes, even personal phones, and gadgets.

No more visitors, yet

Mass gathering in public space is a big no within this pandemic, so might as well apply it indoors. Despite the protocols and entry restrictions of the management of every condo in the Philippines, there might be some numbers that are allowed to enter. A number is still a number and can contribute to the transmission. If there is no essential purpose for the visit and can be held virtually, then go virtual. Ever since the pandemic started, we are forced to be confined within the corners of the condo - an almost two-year experience of condo living may be dragging on at some point. The country is still far from the end of this pandemic and patience must be possessed.

Keep a comfortable condo living

Perhaps making the condo comfortable can get rid of the urge to see the outside world. Redesign condo living in a way that one must be comfortable enough to stay for a long time (or even forever!). This can be done by rearranging the setup, purchasing technologies or gadgets that keep an efficient flow of the house, or buying enough necessities that are good for a long time which keeps you away from constantly going out. Keeping a comfortable condo living helps in preventing the tension between seeing the outside world and staying at home.

Get those shots, booster

Although the aforementioned steps are quite helpful, they will be wasted if you get the virus. There are instances where those who are really careful still got the virus - and this is caused by other external factors.

People who really need to go out especially for work are encouraged to take their shots as soon as possible. Aside from keeping everyone safe from the risks caused by the virus, other establishments also offer freebies, promos to those who have completed their vaccine doses - this is a win-win for them. Meanwhile, those who don't need to go out are still encouraged to be vaccinated so that herd immunity will be attained in no time.

The dream of going back to normal is still far. For now, everyone must still stay within their homes and enjoy condo living.

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