Feng Shui Decor Tips in your Condo for Positive Vitality this 2023

Dec 30, 2022

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that focuses on the flow and balance of energy in all things, including people, objects, and spaces. It's all about creating an environment that brings harmony, prosperity, and health to your life.

The goal of Feng Shui is to create a harmonious environment in which you can live your life with energy and passion. This can be achieved by placing objects in the home that have a positive impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

Your condo can be your sanctuary—a place where you can relax, recharge your batteries, and feel at home. In this article, we will discuss some Feng Shui decorations for wealth tips to your condo for positive vitality in 2023 to create a positive energy flow that will feel like home to you.

So whether you're a condo owner or still looking for a condo for sale in the Philippines, this blog will inspire you and help you have more fun with Feng Shui while bringing more prosperity into your life! 

Feng Shui Tips for the Year of the Rabbit 2023

This year is all about healing and nourishment in contrast to 2022's high-energy and explosive year of the Tiger. The Water Rabbit, which represents the year 2023, has soft, sensitive, comforting, tolerant, and vigilant qualities. The water element also brings fluidity, adaptability, versatility, and regeneration to the equation.

All aspects of feng shui in the home in 2023 are built on these characteristics. The components of wood and water create the most uplifting energy for the year of the rabbit. Additionally, in feng shui, some hues may be considered to be more lucky than others at different times of the year. However, experts predict that forest green will be the color of the year since it exemplifies the development and energy that the water rabbit also exhibits.

In addition, this year's lucky colors are red, pink, and blue. The majority of these components should be included at home in your condo design and even in workspaces to draw positive energy, according to feng shui experts. 

Feng Shui Decorations for Wealth 

Here are a few tips for redesigning space at home and at work in accordance with feng shui in order to attract and create harmony in any part of the house.

  1. Make sure to keep the house spotlessly clean.
  2. Allow sunlight to enter the house
  3. Choose plants with rounded leaves. Do not touch any prickly vegetation, such as cacti.
  4. Air out rooms as often as you can
  5. In the living space, consider a fish aquarium that is colorful and well-kept 
  6. Never place any furniture, even a sofa or armchair, so that its back faces the doorway of a room.
  7. Always shut the lid after leaving the bathroom.
  8. Do not use sharp objects to create drawings, sculptures, plants, or the like.

Feng Shui Decoration for Wealth in specific parts of your Condo Living

Feng Shui Tips for the Living Room

The ideal setting is a spacious room that has good lighting without any clutter. It is suggested that you employ potted plants to attract the beneficial chi of the wood element. According to experts, plants with well-rounded leaves can be kept in the living area instead of thorny bushes or cacti. In addition, it is highly suggested to have aquariums in your condo design.

Another crucial piece of advice is to make sure that no furniture has rounded corners and that none of the backs face the doors. The same is true of the sculptures exhibited within the home. Everything shouldn't have a pointed shape in your condo in the Philippines. 

Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

One of a home's most essential aspects is the bedroom. After a long day of work, one might retreat there to unwind and find shelter. In light of this, the bedroom's feng shui should enhance the possibility of relaxing there. 

To achieve this, the bed must be in a dominant position, which calls for the door to be seen from the bed but not vice versa. The bedroom should then be clutter-free to allow energy to flow freely. This does not, however, entail stuffing things under the bed, as this still interrupts the room's energy flow. 

Contrasting to the living room, the presence of aquariums or other bodies of water in this space should be strictly prohibited. Because water is intended to dilute fire, there will be less fervor in the bedroom. 

Some experts permit having mirrors inside the bedroom. However, you just have to remember to place them in the bedroom's corner, not directly across from or next to the bed. Other feng shui experts forbid mirrors as they can serve as distractions. 

Feng Shui Tips for the Kitchen

The feng shui principles for home advise that the stove should occupy a dominant position in the kitchen, just like the bed does in the bedroom. The kitchen should then be decluttered as well, and this includes organizing the refrigerator. Additionally, be careful to discard any broken kitchenware; and at all costs, avoid storing broken objects. 

Experts advise utilizing a salt and water solution for cleansing in order to flush out negative energies and draw in positive ones.

If you're planning to re-do your kitchen condo design, here are the colors to use: yellow and brown denote nourishment, blue and green means vitality, and white and gray suggest happiness. All of these colors, together with a touch of red or orange for inspiration, are advised by feng shui experts to be used in the kitchen. 

Feng Shui Tips for the Bathroom

The lowest source of energy is found in bathrooms. They must be positioned in the northeast direction in accordance with the Bagua map. The use of wicker and light, warm colors like light blue, turquoise blue, green, peach, pink, white, creamy white, and yellow are also encouraged by Feng Shui specialists.

It is advised to utilize oval mirrors and soft lighting. The experts highly discourage using intense lights that are hanging. Above all else, regular deep cleaning and clutter removal in your bathroom are advised.

The purpose of the feng shui principles for home is to improve the balance and flow of energy in your home or condo living. By understanding how to arrange furniture, add objects and color schemes in ways that will enhance the flow of energy, you can create a space that is more conducive to good health and happiness.

The most important thing to remember when practicing feng shui is that it should be done with respect for yourself and others. If you are not comfortable with something you have done, then change it back! Feng Shui isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of thing; it should work for each person who lives in your condo living space. 

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