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Timeless Hacks to Achieve Your Next Level Condo Interior Design

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To purchase a condo unit is a lifestyle choice. It usually is a popular venture for the young professionals, small families and starting couples due to its affordability, security, convenience, and the less responsibility that it entails. Once you have decided that you are well-suited for a condo lifestyle, a lot of thought goes into the initial purchase. There are key aspects to consider such as the location, budget, amenities, space and neighborhood.

After signing all documents and finally moving into your condo, your attention will now be focused into designing a condominium unit that best fit your taste and preference. If the condo interior design doesn’t come naturally to you, do not panic!

The year 2020 has been an undeniably crucial year for all, from the collective relationships that we have to the way we do things. The global pandemic forced thousands of businesses to close down or suspend their operations for the meantime. Sudden event left people scrambling to create home offices and homeschooling spaces, changing the ways we use our personal condo living spaces. This 2021, people adopted these innovative experiments to create unusual and new designs. It manifests on the way they go around styling their next level condo interior.

When the big moment comes and you will soon be moving to your new condo, make it look chic and harmonious while making the best use of your condo space. To achieve a well-balanced approach on your condo interior, we have prepared some timeless hacks for you:

Pick a theme

Far beyond being an outlet of admiration for others – a condo is your personal living space, a reflection of who you are.  It is your safe and recreational haven from the exhausting and tough life outside. Therefore, it is just important that you consider your personal taste, passion, and lifestyle on styling your condo unit.

In order to make sure that your chosen color scheme will work well with the condo unit space and light, remember to factor in the actual room first. And then, you may now choose your desired color scheme. Creating a mood board might help you best on this step.

Collect color and swatches that you think will visually fit well together and to the condo space you plan on applying them. If unsure, you can always work with a neutral and plain color scheme. It basically compliments with various colors and designs giving you a freedom to add that attractive, statement furniture you cannot wait to have.

Space is of essence

Indeed, a lot of thoughts goes into the initial purchase of a condo unit. One of which is how spacious and open looking your personal living space could be. Some would prefer a small condo unit space for a trouble-free maintenance and others prefer it big so that they can have a lot of space to go on their daily routine. But whichever is chosen, the golden rule is to avoid making your condo unit look hectic and uninviting.

So, to maximize your condo potential, you must have a careful decision as to the furniture and accessories that you put on your condo space. Shopping is exciting but remember to not go overboard! Only add the necessary furnishings. Less but essential is best. Having too many furniture resting on every corner of the room makes your personal living space chaotic and unbreathable.

Use your condo space wisely with useful items

Do you agree that the biggest area of your condo unit is neither your bedroom nor your living area, but is your walls? With that fact, it just makes sense that your walls have the biggest impact on your condo interior styling. Start by keeping things simple.

Mirrors can be an ideal starting point. If you have a small unit, make your condo space look larger by placing mirrors in the entry way. It can also enhance the natural light going in your condo. Other items such as plant shelves does not only highlight a specific part of your space but boost your mood as you feel more connected with nature. Wall-hung shelves can also add a great amount of personality and feel to your condo.

Multi-purpose furniture is the key

Tidy and practical – that is how you design your condo space. If you want an under the budget ship-shape condo space, then a multi-purpose furniture is your best friend! Who does not like a couch that also doubles up as a bed? Or a coffee table with a built-in shelf underneath? Or maybe a chair that can be used as a furniture stand? Forgo the endless storage and useless accessories. Space is of essence – keep it neat and simple.

Glass bathroom shelves

Another low-maintenance hack for your condo, specifically to your bathroom, is to install a glass shelf.  It is easy to clean and makes the bathroom looks bigger. It also adds a touch of luxury without having to pay much. Lastly, it is a good storage for all your bathroom essentials.

We are sure you are excited to go to the next level in designing your condo space. With condo living design, always remember to be mindful and not to overdo it. As with most things, less is more and fewer items can have more impact than a room filled to the brim.

These are just some of the few tips that can guide you on your condo interior design. Everything else is up to you. After all, this is your own personal space. So go on, get a blank canvass, and start visualizing how you want your dream condo to look like.

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