Healthy Body for Every-buddy: Healthy Exercises with Kids

Jul 05, 2022

Have a healthy body, always!

One of the best gifts and possessions that we could have on our own is to have a healthy body. As they say, a healthy body is also our best luxury.

Having a healthy body guarantees us a lot of things. Once we have a healthy body, we can do our daily routine and, later on, proceed to bigger things in our lives. We want to make sure that all of our responsibilities and obligations to ourselves and other people are always met. This makes us willing enough to ensure our health. 

Health is wealth. 

Treating health as wealth is a common mindset for everyone. We know that at this point and even after the pandemic, we want to assure ourselves, our family, and our friends that our health is also one of our top priorities. 

Once we fail to do so, it will cost us so much money and may affect us to move and do things without any hardships in our body itself. 

That is, to ensure that everyone is safe, we must protect and ensure ourselves and our family's health first. We should keep everyone at home safe and healthy to make sure that we are guarded healthily on our end. 

This makes it the first step to spreading healthy living. We must do it to ourselves and our family first before expecting everyone to keep us healthy on our behalf. 

At home, we want to ensure that all our family members are healthy. The most vulnerable to any sickness is our kids and the elderly. They are more prone to sickness due to their age and body's capacity to handle any implications or complications. 

Thus, we tend to focus more on what we can do to ensure their or everyone's health. 

Our elders serve as the foundation and the strength of everyone's family. They are somewhat the people who provide the family's basic needs and necessities. They tend to work hard to earn money so the family can live the life they deserve, like having their desired condo. 

For tiresome work, their body is deprived of enough rest and sleep. This leads to an unhealthy body. Thus, we want to ensure that we will provide for their needs to have a healthy body. We don't want them to suffer and put their health at stake. 

To ensure that, we assist and prepare dishes that are healthy for them. We also value their physical capacities, which leads us to encourage them to do some physical exercise with the kids. 

Kids are our serotonin boosters!

The kids in our home provide energy and happiness in our lives. Their vibe meets our need to smile and be positive in our lives. Their energy transcends us that keeps the home alive. They have a lot of strength in them, in the sense that it gives the whole family the value of bonding. 

So to keep that same energy from them, we want to ensure that they are always healthy. We also want to do things that will keep our energy up always. Preparing healthy dishes and snacks are the go-to solutions to that. 

Another activity that we can use or do to keep our kids healthy is to do some exercise. Exercise help kids and everyone physically fit, and it definitely gives and boosts one's energy. 

More so, doing some exercise doesn't need nor require doing it outside our home or condo, especially if we want to bring our kids with us. There are exercises for kids at home that we can resort to instead of going outside. Exercises for kids at home may not just guarantee safety for them and everyone but may also strengthen the family's bond. 

The following is the list of exercises for kids:


It helps develop coordination and balance while strengthening the core and leg muscles. To encourage kids to do some jumping exercises, make it more entertaining.

Do some freeze jump while having some background music set on and off --- jump when it's on, then stop when it's off. Involve some pretentious activities such as hopping like a kangaroo or a frog. Have a DIY jump-relay race with a pillowcase or sack. You can also do some dance exercises for kids with jumping steps. 

Crab Walk 

This helps kids build their arms and core strength. You can set some challenges for a fun activity to engage the kids in this. 

Prepare some obstacle course to play with while doing some crab walking. You can also just set a finish line: whoever finishes crab-walking first wins. To strengthen their capacity to balance, you can let your kids do crab-walking while balancing some items above their stomachs.


This helps in enhancing your kids' physical fitness and improves their stamina and agility.

While preparing for your kids' favorite snacks while discussing the desired condo living you want for your family, you may let your kids do some rope skipping for games, fun, and entertainment. 

Forward Lunges

Another one to be added to the list of exercises for kids to do at home is forward lunges. It improves the strength of the muscles and joints in the ankles, knees, and hips. This also enhances your sense of balance and the stability of your core. 

For a more entertaining way of doing this, you can set some dance exercises with forwarding lunges to engage your kids in this segment. 

Bear Crawl

This is good for whole-body exercise. It helps and strengthens the limbs and core of the kids. Bear crawls opposite crab-walking as one walks on all fours with the belly facing the floor. 

You can also set obstacle courses or challenges and rewards for kids who want to try and participate in this exercise. 


This helps in strengthening the muscle that assists the abdominal and back muscles. 

You can encourage your kids to do superman by imagining they are heroes flying through the wind and sky. 


This can serve as a dance exercise for kids. You can encourage the kids to do some poses with happy Baby, Child's Pose, Upward-and-Downward Facing Dog, Tree Pose, etc. A stretch-then-cool-down sequence may help kids exercise and then relax to prevent some injuries throughout the exercise. 

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