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How to Enjoy Condo Life This Rainy Season

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With the onset of the southeastern monsoon (commonly known as the “habagat”), the rain will become a frequent visitor to your doorstep, especially to those living in flood-prone areas in Metro Manila. While rain may be anything as small as a minor inconvenience or as large as a major obstacle in our daily schedules, we can still prepare for the challenging circumstances that may come while inside the comfort of your condo.

Although the habagat is often characterized by hot temperatures, it completely reverses with the rainy season. Without warning, rain with occasional harsh winds will appear, causing temperatures to drop and hindering an unprepared person’s day, be it through getting caught in traffic, stuck in the workplace, or even freezing in their very own condos. Thus, we should learn about the essentials to stay warm and comfortable amidst the cold rain.

Here are some essentials that you should have inside your condo in this rainy season.  


It is necessary to keep ourselves warm on the outside. Condominiums are typically equipped with a water heater provision for a hot shower, something that many homes in the Philippines typically lack. As a homeowner for several properties in the Philippines, many of them do not have this provision, making hot showers impossible within cold weather. For the best advice, inquire with your property manager to determine which is the best brand of water heater for your condo. However, this alone is not enough. After all, we don’t spend the whole day showering, don’t we?

Warm meals

As said by many, a nice, warm meal and drink is best enjoyed within cold weather. And that’s true: it’s necessary to eat well amidst the cold weather in order to stay warm. However, in condos, not many may have the equipment to whip up a tasty bowl of bulalo or nilagang baka. Thus, for our condo family, what should we do? To stay comfortable within condos, always have an electric kettle prepared. With that, you can make the simplest of meals amidst the rainy weather, be it a cup of instant la paz batchoy or a hearty bowl of oatmeal. Not only that, but one can also make their favorite cold-weather drinks, may it be a warm cup of coffee or a sweet cup of hot chocolate. 

Thick clothes

Having thick clothes available in your closet could be a life-saver for those who are not fond of cold air. Being exposed to breezing air can cause many sicknesses such as colds and coughs, thus, you can prevent yourself from being sick by wearing jackets, long sleeves, or thick clothes. Also, it will make you feel warm during this season, which will make you feel comfortable all day.

Flashlight or Desk Lamp

For the Filipino, the rain brings forth many possibilities in ways that can change someone’s day. For some, it’s as small as a usual, non-impactful occurrence. For others, it could spell brownouts, internet outages, or even floods. Thus, how can one be prepared amidst the possible major inconveniences that occur during the rain? Worry not, it is simply a matter of “preparing now” rather than “panicking when it happens.”

First, brownouts. One of the most immediate issues faced by those within a brownout is the loss of lighting. Since most work nowadays is now performed on the computer, many may say that this will not be an issue. However, studies have shown that staring at a computer screen without any other source of light will heavily strain eyes. Since the quarantine is still ongoing, most people spend most of their day in front of their screen, thus making terms such as “Zoom fatigue” and “online burnout”. With that said, a cordless desk lamp and a rechargeable nightlight are two ideal condominium essentials for convenience; not only will they serve as emergency lights in the event of blackouts, but also as power-saving lighting solutions when wanting to conserve electricity bills.

Internet Connection

Another event that could occur during rain is an internet outage, especially for those with a monthly internet and landline subscription. While mobile data on a phone may be a temporary solution for this, it is an inefficient solution, due to spending up to 50 pesos per gigabyte of data that can be quickly consumed during a Zoom meeting. However, other solutions exist, especially within Vista Residences properties featuring a study lounge with communal internet. Not only can this issue be solved, but it can also form opportunities to form new connections with people from different walks of life.

With these essentials for rainy days, you will be able to turn these days into something comforting, maybe even memorable. Make use of these essentials to step back and enjoy these rainy days as we continue to work within the confines of our homes. Through keeping in touch with friends and family safely, making your home as comfortable and customized as possible to your preferences, and living in the convenience that you want, condo life will be beyond enjoyable for you to experience.

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