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How to Level Up Your Balcony in Your Condo

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In the Philippines, your balcony is your escape from the restricting and sometimes cloistered four walls of your home. That’s why a well-kept outside space is perfect for getting some fresh air, unwinding in the afternoon sun, or having a casual get-together with friends. However, in order to maximize the efficiency and adaptability of your balcony, make sure it is well-organized.

Vista Residences believes that the balcony is the unsung hero of condo living. This small patch of outside space is all yours, and it's filled with promise just waiting to be unleashed. If you need a burst of condo design inspiration, there are a variety of methods to decorate your balcony or patio, as well as things to examine or think about. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Consider the space's primary function.

There are many factors to consider when designing your balcony or patio, just as there are when planning for your condo design. The primary purpose of the space, or what you plan on doing in the space, is one of them. Whether you want it to be a place for amusement or just a place to unwind after a long day, knowing what you want it to be can help you decide what you need to add when styling. 

Because the balcony or terrace will almost often serve several purposes, your condo design decisions will need to reflect this. As an example, you may need a secure spot for your children to play as well as a place for you to kick back and relax, so you'll need to figure out how to combine the two without taking up too much room. 

Consider the overall style or atmosphere.

Your balcony or terrace should have a uniform aesthetic throughout. This entails settling on a certain style or feel and keeping it in mind while you select furnishings and make design decisions for the area. Whether you want to create a peaceful beach-side ambiance with a coastal style or a colorful boho style for a casual, carefree vibe, concentrating on this throughout the condo design process may help you achieve a more unified and cohesive aesthetic.

Construct an outdoor dining area.

You may set up an outdoor dining area for people who want to entertain or enjoy a fancy view with their regular meals. Because you may have a restricted amount of room, it doesn't have to be something too large. All you'll need is a small table and a couple of chairs. For a cozy and cafe-like eating alternative when the weather is just perfect, dress up the space with some string lights and shade. Your guests will love spending their time in your condo balcony!

While you’re at it, Vista Residences offers ready for occupancy condo units everywhere in the Philippines. Enjoy condo living at its finest with Vista straight from your personalized balcony. Experience the urban sprawl in the heart of the city, where everything you need is just a short distance away from your condo balcony!

Set up a hammock and some lounge chairs.

If you don't have enough space for an outdoor eating area but can fit some furniture onto your balcony or terrace, a few chairs or a hammock will do just the thing! You may simply set up a lovely area to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and the view, whether you choose a lounge chair, a hanging chair, or some armchairs with some soft, vividly colored cushions.

Furniture with softer lines and fluid curves, as well as sculptural chairs, maybe what you're looking for if you want something more visually attractive while still delivering the relaxed and welcome atmosphere you want to achieve. If you don't have enough space to keep the chairs there permanently, foldable furniture that can be stored could be the best option.

Include some shade and protection.

Because the tropical sun and Philippine weather may be too harsh at times, adding some shade to your condo balcony environment may be a good idea. Brushwood, high-grade vinyl, cotton, acrylic canvas, or polyester are some of the materials you can use.

This can provide you with extra privacy from your above-ground neighbors while also shielding you and your balcony or patio from the weather.

Make your balcony a plantito/plantita haven.

If you want to build a beautiful garden, you don't need a large backyard in your condo to do that. There are a variety of methods to make the most of your condo balcony area and arrange your plants in a unique fashion. Consider lavender, caladium, sweet alyssum, lobelia, Mandevilla, and even lettuce as tiny potted plants to keep the space from becoming too crowded. A little tree might also suffice. To conserve space, try vertical planting.

Your balcony is also an excellent location for a small herb garden. Your balcony is the ideal location for this since it allows you to stroll out and grab what you need for your meal while you're still cooking. Be aware that, depending on your setup, various plants are appropriate for different climates. For example, if you have a lot of suns but no shade, basil and rosemary are good choices; if you have some sun but some shade, cilantro and chives are good choices.

A balcony bloom is another popular option to include some plants or flowers on your condo balcony. Hanging from the railing's edge, you may add a lovely splash of color that will be seen by everyone below. 

Keep things simple.

After all, your balcony or patio is most likely a small place, so there's no need to over-decorate it. Following a more minimalist approach may prevent the room from getting congested, making it less uninviting than a more streamlined and tidy setting. You've probably heard the term "less is more," which is especially true in these compact settings. Concentrate on the details and make each decision important.

Whether you have a garden or not, when it comes to designing your condo unit, don't forget about your balcony or terrace. Even though it is a tiny area, it may benefit from some style to add a personal touch while also making it more useful and pleasant. After all, condo living allows you to enjoy the city life and enjoy moments with a view of the cityscape from your condo balcony.

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