How to Make your Vacation Condo Standout

May 03, 2022

Vacation condo rentals are a booming business. They are a great way to give family members or guests the feeling of home. They should feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease inside the condo.

With the rise of Airbnb, people are spending more time in vacation condos than ever before. If you're looking to make the condo design stand out from the crowd and attract more guests, here are some tips:

What are the secrets to creating and having a standout vacation condo home?

Be the renter

First, understand the guests. Who are they? What do they need? Where do they hang out in their personal lives? What do they expect from a vacation rental? Is the interior aimed to attract families or couples? Is the vacation condo attracting young couples or retirees? The first step is understanding who the target market is. Only then can condo owners start thinking about what they want in a vacation rental.

Vacation condo owners need to understand who their guests are and what they want from their vacation experience. Vacationers wish for a place where they can relax and feel comfortable, but they also wish to adventure—they want to see new homes, try new things, and experience new cultures. They want to feel like they're getting an authentic taste of their chosen destination. Condo owners can accomplish this by providing a space that feels inviting, cozy, and clean while also giving them opportunities to explore.

Value color schemes

Second, use an appropriate color scheme and use updated furniture. It's tempting to splurge on old-school décor when trying to make a place look like it's been around for years, but nothing says "new" like new furniture and tasteful colors.

Many people think that since they're renting out their condo or house as short-term accommodations, it doesn't matter if it looks like a college dormitory because no one will be there for very long anyway. But this is not true! The longer someone stays at the property (and the more money they spend), the more likely they will notice things that don't look quite right. 

One thing that can make or break a property is its color scheme. Vacation condo owners don't want something too bright or too dark because it will make people uncomfortable. Instead, try using neutral tones like white, ivory, beige, tan, browns, etc. These colors work well with most spaces regardless of size or shape.

Embrace technology and simplicity at the same time

Third, go high-tech with condo interiors, but keep it simple. Don't overwhelm guests with too many gadgets—they'll get confused and frustrated. Instead, focus on ensuring that everything works well and looks nice without bogging down the condo interior with unnecessary bells and whistles.

Condo owners might be tempted to go all out with tech gadgets like smart TVs and sound systems with built-in speakers. But it's critical to remember that these devices can be intimidating for guests who may not know how to use them or are not familiar with the products. Thus, instead of buying expensive appliances that the guests might not use, save money by using existing technology like a phone or tablet as an entertainment center during their stay—and invest in creating an inviting atmosphere with candles or other décors instead of relying on furniture alone.

Decorate with purpose

To emphasize the last point, don't rely on furniture alone—create eye-catching spaces by adding artwork or other decorative touches that help define the function of each room.

It's easy to buy furniture simply because it looks nice, but if it doesn't fit the space well or doesn't serve a purpose, it just takes up space and adds clutter. Make sure every piece has a sense:

  • Artful mirrors make rooms look bigger.
  • Storage units provide extra storage space.
  • Comfortable chairs encourage visitors.

When decorating the vacation condo interior, make sure each room has its purpose and meaning. This way, your guests will know where they should go if they need something specific like entertainment or relaxation space, for example. You can also create an intimate feel by using warm colors such as reds or browns. Furthermore, it tends to attract people more than other colors because they're more soothing than, say, green, for example, which tends to be calming and makes people feel energized rather than relaxed as red does, so use these colors wisely when decorating your home!

But remember: don't rely on furniture; instead, create eye-catching spaces! Try adding some artwork or decorating with plants—either way, and it'll make the place feel homier and less like just another rental property.

Create intimate spaces

Condo owners also want to create intimate spaces where people can relax and unwind. Whether small or large, every room should feel like its own little world where guests can relax and unwind.

Owners would also want to take advantage of the indoor amenities and facilities the condominium offers. For example, Salcedo Square located at Salcedo Village, offers a swimming pool where tired professionals can let go of stress. Condo owners can personalize their condo interior to make the most out of the indoor pool. One way is by creating intimate bathroom designs for couples where they can wash together after dipping. This allows vacation homes to create an inviting space that feels special for couples and families.

Guests should have places where they can congregate together—like the living room area—but they also need private spots where they can find solitude—like their bedroom or bathroom. This makes guests feel comfortable and at home while also giving them some alone time if they need it.

A great way to do this is by using lighting and sound. If condo owners are eyeing a cozy area where guests can hang out, set up some low lights in a corner with an oversized comfy couch or small table and chairs. Then set up speakers around the room so that when they're enjoying their time together, they can also enjoy some music or TV programming.

For those who want a bit more privacy, consider adding some cozy chairs in another corner of the room with soft lighting around them. This will allow guests who want to doze off or read quietly while others are nearby yet still maintain their privacy by being able to keep their eyes closed if they wish!

Vacation condo owners should aim for simplicity, comfort, and color-neutral spaces. The vacation condo will stand out from the rest of the vacation condos in the area.

Niche markets appeal to specific groups of people and are growing every year. Coupled with the fact that people want to own and control their vacation homes, condo owners can start to see the potential for growth in the vacation rental market. And with that being said, it is essential to create and have a standout vacation condo home so that owners can focus on the things that matter the most to their guests and the target demographic they are attempting to appeal to.

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