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How To Organize Your Closet in Your Condo

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Either you have too many clothes or have no clue how to properly store those clothes, or you simply have too little space in your closet, these are the main causes of a messy closet that given time could further spiral into a massive lifestyle mess. If you are someone who just moved into a ready for occupancy condo or has been having troubles with organizing your closet and want to have long-lasting implementable strategies to prevent a messy closet, you’ve come to the right place. There are indeed specific and effective ways you can implement now to organize your closet and also maintain the organized state of your closet for longer. 

Here are things that you will be needing to proceed with organizing your closet:

  • 4 Containers for your items (bags, boxes)
  • Towel or tissue paper (to the clean closet)
  • Closet Organizers (measured to fit your closet)

These are the 6 steps that you can easily implement in order to successfully organize your closet:

Remove everything from your closet

While removing each item, separate everything inside durable containers in order to have a neat manner of keeping track of all the different items and how these items are going to be stored later on. You can separate the items from the closet by type and by which you will either keep or store them. So what will happen for example is that you will have a place for the stuff that you won’t keep, tops, pants, and accessories. When the closet is empty you can start measuring the 3 dimensions of the closet and visualize the amount and size of the items you are going to be putting back in the closet, and also visualize the different types of closet organizers in the right size that can be added to more efficiently make use of the available space in your closet.

Wipe down the surfaces on your closet

It’s pretty obvious that we should all clean our closets before putting our clothes in but sometimes, we get lazy and just stuff our clothes in but for the sake of our clothes, wipe our closets! Even if it’s a new purchase, there are so many germs there because it has been handled by a lot of different people. Especially right now in the pandemic where you could get infected easily through touching the same area as an infected person, it is important to clean before you use.

Reduce clutter by getting rid of all items that are no longer being used

Sometimes, we shop for things we like but after one wear, we never use it again - and we choose not to get rid of it because they’re expensive and it’ll be a waste if we get rid of it. Other items may just not fit us anymore but we keep them because of the emotional attachment we have with them. But reducing clutter and other pieces you won’t wear will not only give more room for organizing but will also save you time when getting ready in the morning since you have already removed the unnecessary item from your wardrobe. 

Prepare your closet organizers

When you look for closet organizers you have to make sure you get the information about your closet’s measurements and also the measurements of the closet organizer you will be using to be able to make sure the closet organizer fits your closet perfectly. Having closet organizers can serve as an effective tool that can help you maintain your clutter-free closet as all your items would be separated and as you constantly access these closet items every day, other items will not be affected and clutter-free. After purchasing the different closet organizers, you will be used to increase the efficiency of the space in your closet, make sure you also read the instructions, or if there are none, search online how to use these specific tools in order to maximize the function of your closet organizers and prevent misuse that can lead your closet back into a cluttered mess. Now after you have discovered all the functions of these closet organizers, you may now place these closet organizers into your respective spots in the closet.

Organize the items back into the closet organizers

Once you know how to properly utilize your closet organizers for maximum closet efficiency, you can now put your clothes and other items back into the closet through their respective closet organizers which you feel suits the different factors like your most constantly used items and clothes on the front and less likely used items or clothes at the back as to reduce the number of items or clothes being cluttered when accessing other items and at the same time this reduces the work and time you have to put in when accessing these items and clothes and afterward organizing these times.

If you have small spaces or large spaces for your closet, these steps are easily adaptable to your specific situation and you may have been living independently but not responsibly, or just starting as you just moved into your new condo, if you want to live a life that has more structure and efficiency following these steps will lead your life towards the road of improvement. 

Many of us nowadays who are starting to live more responsibly and independently may find ourselves in a messy situation when it comes to our closets at some point in our lives. As we move forward with our lives as independent individuals, all of us need to make sure our closet is uncluttered and organized as having a cluttered and messy closet creates breeding grounds for not just pests but also a messy lifestyle. Applying these strategies to your closet will help you organize your closet and maintain longevity and also increase the value and appreciation of a neat and healthy lifestyle. 

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