How to Pack Lightly Before Moving into a Condominium Unit

Sep 07, 2021

A glorious day wakes you up; perfect for your scheduled resettling from your old rented apartment to a new condo living. It's like the sun is smiling over you. Relocation sometimes suggests change at times. Something is transitioning in your life that makes you want to have and experience a new style of condo living in your everyday life. However, relocating itself is not only restricting but also takes a lot of effort especially when you're doing everything on your own. Unlike Japan and other countries where "movers" existed for their jobs of assisting people from moving home to home, most countries utilize what they have when relocating.

According to Brian Tracy, "you can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new." However, if there are chances to start your new condo living easier as how it should be, why not try to grab that opportunity, right? Making life easier has been the entire goal of so many scientists and inventors for their works, a worry, and less stress livelihood.

This is why knowing how to pack light or even knowing how to consume spaces for your luggage is important especially to people who constantly move around the state because of their jobs or personal livelihoods. Packing lights could be a challenge even to traveling experts around. But because of numerous benefits in packing lightly, it is recommended to anyone for a more hassle-free relocating for anyone who is going to a condo living. In a ready for occupancy condo, worry not, as we have prepared ways on how to pack light for easier relocation and less weight on your shoulders for a new condo living.

Choose the "Throw-Away" to Essential Belongings

It is recommended to only bring belongings that you cannot replace in your ready for occupancy as you would only need to get things that are not available in the condo unit. Choose what you could throw away from belongings that you would keep, probably for condo design. 

For example, your stocks of food in your fridge or even the decorations you put in your old apartment. You should also try to see if you could just leave or throw away some toiletries that you could just buy at a nearer store in your new condominium unit. Remember, it is important to only bring the essential ones and throw away the clutters and unnecessary things. Throwing away your old décor items can help you start fresh as ready for occupancy condo units have great condo design on their own.

Let go of old Utensils and Appliances

Ready for occupancy condo units provides you with necessary appliances so scraping the old ones can save time and hassle. Always consider upgrading the old and rusty utensils or small appliances that you have. Old-fashioned and rusted appliances and utensils could affect the overall impact of a good condo design so avoid using them or do some preventive measures. Why settle for something old when there’s a better option? it's called being practical.

So, bring only the ones that can fit your condo design or style and let go of the other stuff. Invest in better utensils and appliances for long-term use and for better condo living.

Leave what's Already Available in your New Condominium Unit

Moving can be a struggle, and one way to lessen the hassle is to leave the things that are already available in your new condo unit. Renting or hiring a moving service can cost a fortune, but opting to leave out things like furniture and other big and bulky things, can save time and money. Also consider leaving or selling some, like gym equipment that your condominium gym can provide. 

On the other hand, if you are an employee that changes location every month or week because of your work. For example, you were promoted as an Area Manager so you have to check several branches of your company in different places in the country. Or maybe, you have that one luck to get the job for Travel Content Writing in your company, then here are some tips that I've gathered for a better condo living.

Manage and Organize for a Lighter Luggage

As expected for having a ready for occupancy condo, you should focus on your essential belongings. Remember to not bring your entire closet in. If you could manage to only pack up what you needed and could leave some unnecessary belongings to your permanent home then that would be better. Sometimes, you could help yourself manage and organize your luggage for lighter baggage by bringing smaller baggage with you. 

You could also use some tips from our military personnel on how they pack their baggage to be able to fit in your luggage all the belongings that you needed. Here is a thorough step-by-step way on how to pack clothes to save spaces in your luggage.

Kelly McPhillips' Conquer Laundry Day by Folding Your T-Shirts Like They Do in U.S. Army

Step 1: Spread the shirt out on a flat surface, front side facing up. 

Step 2: Fold the bottom part of the T-shirt upward about three inches (like you would a beanie). Smooth out the corners and make sure your fold is straight all the way around.

Step 3: Take one side and fold it over the center. Fold the sleeve over as well.

Step 4: Repeat on the opposite side. You should be left with a six-inch-wide shirt that’s ready to be rolled.

Step 5: Starting at the collar, roll the shirt as tightly as you possibly can until you reach the bottom. Make sure (again!) that there are no wrinkles.

Step 6: Wrap the bottom fold around the burrito you’ve created and smooth it out.

Bring Mixer-types of clothing

If you're worried about wearing the same outfit every week, try to bring clothes that could be mixed and matched well to anything in your packed clothes. There are mixer-typed clothes that could change their styles based on how you wear them like these clothes.

Emily Torres' 6 Responsibly-Made Convertible Clothing Pieces For The Minimalist Traveler

  1. Encircled's The Chrysalis Cardi
  2. Season's The Pepper Dress
  3. SWAK Designs' Eternity Convertible Dress
  4. Patagonia's Kamala Midi Skirt
  5. HFS Collective's Black Convertible Crossbody Bag
  6. Tanya Heath's Jess BlackWhite Stretch Sandals

They are helpful for all fashion-conscious out there. These clothes will not only make you guys look good but also saves a ton of space in your luggage or back. Packing these types of garments is one of the best hacks in packing light.

Choose a Conventional and an Appealing Footwear

Do not over-pack shoes. At least 2 shoes are will suffice. Packing conventional and comfortable shoes like a pair of white sneakers and sandals or slippers can get you by for your stay. These types of footwear provide not just comfort it is also presentable for casual looks and can work for work events and activities. Lastly, make sure to choose neutral-colored shoes like white, nude, or black as they are more versatile and easier to partner with any outfit. With a minimal number of shoes, packing would be so much easier. 

Bring Travel-Friendly Toiletries

Products that are travel-friendly have been popularized like pocket sizes toothpaste, shampoo, and body soap. Investing in these products especially for travel can save some space for your traveling baggage. Ready-for-occupancy condo units may or may not have these things readily available for you but preparing and being ready can save you from hassle situations.

Relocating is not just about changing a house but it is about accepting a new chapter in life in a new environment with new neighbors and new friends. And sometimes, to be able to grow, we needed to change something about ourselves, be it in our way of living or even our house. However, always remember that no matter where you are right now, you'll always be you. Just a better and mature version.

In Vista Residences, moving in is made easier with ready-for-occupancy condo units. Our RFO units are made for your life to be easier. No need to pack up big loads of boxes full of home necessities, because our units are furnished with high-quality materials and appliances that will cater to you and your family’s needs. 

Vista Residences does not only ensure a complete home, but also cares for your safety, security, and wellness. Our 24-hour security, Fitness and Wellness Gym, and other amenities prove that Vista Residences takes care of their residents at an outstanding level.

Vista Residences’ ready-for-occupancy condo units are strategically located in major areas in the metro. From Quezon City, Pasig, Manila, Mandaluyong, and Makati, these prime locations houses Vista’s RFO Condo Units. Living in a Vista property ensures comfort and ease with everything within your reach.

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.

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