How to Take Care of Your skin during the dry season

Apr 27, 2022

Summers the season is one of the times of the year that's favorite by some. It's the time of the year that the hit of sunlight onto our skin hits extra, extra heat that sometimes causes intense pain. It is so nice to stay out of the sun this dry season or summer season. Many of us are enjoying the sun's heat on the beach and doing some other activities and adventures. But the, excessive heat and sun exposure might affect the condition of our skin. Here are some tips on how well you take care of your skin this summer season. But first, what are the causes or reasons for getting dry skin? 

What causes dry skin during summer? 

First, excessive heat and sun exposure can cause dry skin in the summer months. Enough sun protection factor or SPF can damage your skin barrier function, resulting in transepidermal water loss. Aside from solar skin damage, not drinking enough water can further worsen the drying out of your skin. One of the causes of skin dryness is when you are seated in air conditions rooms which can cause your skin to lock moisture. If you're going on a swimming trip this summer season, remember not to spend a lot of time in the pool. It is known that chlorinated water steals skin's natural pH, which leads to skin dryness.

On the other hand, here's some skincare for summer that can help you to deal with dry skin on this summer season:

Drink more water 

This should be included as the number one summer skincare routine for dry skin to keep you and your skin staying hydrated. It is one of the best ways to prevent your skin from getting dry. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day will help you to ensure that your skin receives the moisture it needs. 

Face Wash 

The face wash is one thing to consider as one of your summer skincare routines for dry skin. Some of the cleansers and certain soaps that you use contain chemicals that make your skin dry. Otherwise, go for mild face washes that contain hypoallergenic and moisturizing properties. When choosing a soap or facial wash that you will include for your summer skincare for dry skin, look for fruit enzymes such as papaya, kiwi fruit, or pineapple. Ensure that these fruit enzymes are free from chemicals that harmful to your skin, like parabens. 

Use Humidifiers 

One of the summer skincare routines for dry skin that is recommended for you is to use humidifiers in your home. It is inevitable to use air conditioners this summer season, but you should keep in mind that this can make your skin dry as it tends to absorb the moisture and humidity from the air. To regulate the humidity in the air, you can use humidifiers if you live in places with dry, hot weather. A humidifier will help you to prevent your skin from getting more dehydrated.

Use Sunscreen 

Before leaving your house or even when you are just staying inside your home, it is very important to use sunscreen regularly. The effect of sunscreen is not only to protect the skin from harmful UV rays but also to prevent the skin from drying out. Make sure to buy the sunscreen that is according to your skin type. Make sure to apply that sunscreen that is really for your skin type, as the improper application will lead to more skin dullness. These days, there is sunscreen spray that you can use on your skin and hair. 

Aloe Vera Gel 

Green aloe vera gel is usually used on the face and neck. Aloe vera can help heal and repair damaged skin cells, and it acts as a soothing agent for the damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun.  

The summer season is well packed with a higher degree of UV levels and sun rays that cause the skin to be most prone to getting sunburn. But what are the other Common skin concerns during the summer season aside from having dry skin? Here are the following: 

  1. Acne Breakouts
  2. Blackheads and whiteheads
  3. Dull, tired skin 
  4. Visible and enlarged pores; and
  5. Super shiny zones or oily skin

One of the struggles of every man and woman is having dry skin; what more of this summer season, right? So, if you have oily skin, here's a summer skincare routine for oily skin recommended for you!

Apply a light moisturizer

Moisturizers prevent excessive secretion of sebum – an oily, waxy substance that is produced by the body's sebaceous glands, and it also hydrates your skin. Using a light mattifying moisturizer can help to avoid your face being greasy by mid-day. 

Avoid Washing your Face too often.

One of the summer skincare routines for oily skin includes not washing your face too often. Our skin has different layers, and if you over-wash your face, this may cause you to lose the skin's much-needed moisture. Instead of controlling the oil by washing it too often and end up getting more oil over your face, better not to do it to make your skin more hydrated.  

Use Face masks

Facemasks can help to soak up our faces' excess oil, soothes summer-stressed skin, and removes bacteria and impurities. 

Apply Sunscreen 

Wherever and whenever you are, sunscreen is essential. You should not remove sunscreen from the list of your skincare for summer. It can increase oil production by being out of the sun. It makes the skin greasier. It is essential to make sure that you apply sunscreen that is broad-spectrum and gel-based. This will help you to shield the harm of the sun's ultraviolet rays. 

Watch what you eat and drink.

What you eat and drink will reflect on your body. It plays a crucial role in keeping the skin healthy. If you are struggling with having oily skin, you should try to avoid oily and fried and junk foods as well. Change your diet by eating lots of green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits that are very healthy for our body.  

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