Interior Design Tips for Your Condo This 2022

Dec 28, 2021

Getting ready to start anew this 2022? Whether a first-time condo owner, a recent mover or just up to some re-decorating, the thought of personalizing one’s condo has always been exciting! Interior design trends this 2022 are proving to be Instagram-worthy looks people will certainly want to replicate in their condo. This coming year, design is getting comfortable with neutral colors, minimal decorations with maximum use and storage. Given this style, people will not only be able to create a home that’s on-trend but will also remain in style for the time to come. 

For this year, we’re seeing a subtle merge of natural and minimal elements for interior design trends. In addition, with the occurrence of the pandemic in the past 2 years, the importance of setting up home offices and keeping clean spaces play a substantial role in favored looks. 

With all the trends circulating social media from furniture to color palette, to furnishings, here are some of the interior design tips that will surely make your condo living in the Philippines up to date this coming year: 

Basic interior colors – natural, neutral, earth-toned, muted colors

As people began to spend much more time at home, the bright details in their environment began to annoy many. Everyone expects calm and relaxation, multiplied by comfort from their home nowadays since the pandemic hit. Therefore, many people are now into the neutral palette of natural shades. This includes the basic colors in the form of black, white, and shades of gray, as well as muted tones. The latter can supplement and diversify the base. Adding variations of muted colors to furnishings can add up interest in a living space. This can balance out the neutral colors used in finishes. 

Another trendy color scheme is the earth-tone color palette. It contributes to calmness and serenity to its end-users. This type of color palette can also help make the interior space versatile considering changes in furniture in the future. Beige is the most relevant color as a base, both in cold and warm shades.

Minimalism, maximum light, and space

During the pandemic, many have tried to get rid of old non-functional things as decluttering also became a trend. This affected not only the wardrobe but the entire home. Minimalism is not just about simplicity. It’s more of an experimental and personal style where we avoid the unnecessary. Simplicity, utility, and elegance are the key elements to remember. Minimalism is also directly related to color. A soft palette in beige and gray are common with minimal decoration and furniture used to free up space, giving the user a welcoming and airy environment. Less is more. 


One of the main trends for the coming year. A clean design comprised of neutral colors and natural materials (oak wood, metal, cotton, and linen). Easy to arrange and very minimal as a decoration. Keeping the color of the interior wall neutral allows the aesthetic of the natural materials and solid pieces of furniture to shine. The most popular textures are stone: onyx, marble, granite, and wood. The last one is in light colors. The materials are used in decoration and furniture. They are especially good as accents. It can be wood paneling on the wall or floor design with a natural stone effect. 

Rounded shapes

Softness and flowy forms are at their peak this year. Applying to architectural solutions from the choice of furniture to decorations. Strict lines and layouts are softened by flowy furniture making the space less edgy and linear. Pay attention to tables, lamps, sofas, floor chairs, and even carpets. Even chairs and stools can have a softened body, rather than the ones with corners and rigid structure.

Home Garden

Everybody knows this became a global trend combined with a micro-trend that emerged under quarantine conditions. People find it more comfortable in a space with indoor plants. This was acutely felt during the period of isolation when we all began to sharply miss walks, greenery, and fresh air. Caring for potted plants has ceased to be a hobby for certain circles, but has become a mass activity, and even acquired several names: plantitos and plantitas.

This trend is not easy as plants need certain attention. But this is easy to cope with simply by picking up non-capricious specimens such as sansevieria, monstera, or ficus elastica. As much as it brings comfort and aesthetic into your home, take note that the abundance of plants is not always beautiful. When there are too many of them, the atmosphere loses its coziness – making the condo living feel like a greenhouse.

Begin your landscaping by identifying plant spots in the space. Let it be two or three copies, placed at different points, and not focused on the windowsill. For this, it is also important to analyze the place itself: lighting in winter and summer, humidity, and traffic.

Decorating your space right is an investment in your overall health and quality of life. But it doesn't end there, of course. The environment in which you will be living has an impact on the quality of your life as well. Good thing Vista Residences offers ready-for-occupancy condominiums located in prime locations in Manila and other cities in the country’s Central Business Districts wherein the quality of living is guaranteed amicable.

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Vista Residences has expanded the availability of its mid and high-rise towers in Manila, Makati, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Ortigas, Baguio, Cebu, and Cagayan De Oro. Following years of promising growth, Vista Residences is preparing to launch seven new projects nationwide. These projects include Morrison Heights (near UST-Manila), Sky Arts Manila Tower 2 (near Robinsons Place Manila), Encore (near NAIA), Vista Shaw Tower 2 (Ortigas), and the Courtyard – Katherine Building (Taguig). Future homeowners interested in easy access to numerous commercial districts, restaurants, and recreational places should keep an eye on these upcoming projects.

Vista Residences, with a range of strategic condominium locations, undoubtedly provides convenience to residents, especially to the workforce and student body, in this new normal era, reducing the risk of commuting and time of exposure to many people. They are given the option of living near their workplace or being in a convenient and serene environment for them to maximize their work-from-home and/or online class setting—focusing on their work without having to leave their home.

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