Itadakimasu! Top 7 Authentic Japanese Restaurants in Manila

Nov 10, 2022

At its foundation, Japanese cooking is devoted to using the finest and premium ingredients that are treated with the highest respect. This mainly helps in bringing forth the dish's best attributes. It is simple to grasp its fascination when coupled with genuine hospitality. Thankfully, a number of dedicated and passionate chefs and restaurateurs have vowed to introduce this way of thinking to the Philippines.

Few cuisines have a stronger grip on the Filipino local food scene than the Japanese. This is because even the pickiest eaters among friends (or family) will agree to lunch at a ramen place, and most importantly, the number of incredibly specialized Japanese restaurants which serves takoyaki and okonomiyaki, tempura and katsu, ramen and tsukemen, hotpot and curry, sushi and sashimi - perhaps a fine dining kind of choice.

Because of its inventive presentation and distinctive flavors, Japanese cuisine is undoubtedly everyone's favorite. This is the reason why there have already been a lot of Japanese restaurants opening in the city. Therefore, choosing restaurants that are worthwhile to try might take a lot of work.

Here are seven must-visit authentic Japanese restaurants in Manila that will instantly make you feel the "Ikigai" lifestyle.

Top 7 Best Japanese Restaurant in Manila 2022

Living in the city and wanting to experience and explore delicious Japanese foods? Read on because this guide will show you what the "best Japanese restaurant in manila 2022" really means!


This Japanese restaurant in Malate Manila is renowned for its excellent, authentically prepared Japanese food that follows the traditions of the letter. Private dining rooms are available at Yurakuen, or you can eat in the picturesque hall with floor-to-ceiling windows and find some zen energy.

Are you looking for a Japanese restaurant in Malate Manila? Yuraken is the place to be!

Mecha Uma

Mecha Uma is the place to go if you want to sample a more extravagant style of Japanese cuisine. One of Manila's top Japanese eateries, it serves a beautifully and expertly prepared 7-course tasting menu that includes sushi, roast duck, and oysters. Even more impressive is the fact that every component of the dishes, including those from Japan, is imported.

However, because they offer the food in little servings, there might be better choices for you if you have a big appetite. Reserve a seat at the chef's table to watch the staff make your meal in real time; even the dish is explained to you!

Mendokoro Ramenba

Ramen is always a good choice on a rainy day! One of the top ramen houses in the Philippines, Mendokoro Ramenba, serves delectable savory, spicy broth noodle soups and side dishes like gyoza and karaage.

The unique table arrangement makes the dining here extremely excellent. All of the diners (21 to be exact) circle the center kitchen because it is a ramen bar, so you can see your chef preparing your meal in its entirety. However, due to the venue's limited seating, guests typically have to wait in line before being seated.

Izakaya Kikufuji

Izakaya Kikufuji is an authentic Japanese restaurant in Manila worth visiting if you want to sample the greatest and most genuine Japanese cuisine. It has a delectable cuisine that may suit every price range, from inexpensive set meals to a la carte menus, all of which are designed to satisfy the foodie in you.

They even provide sake, which is served in enormous bottles. Additionally, they have a "bottle keep program" that allows you to preserve the sake at their restaurant and re-drink it the following time you visit if you are unable to finish it in one sitting.


Filling the 5th slot is Japonesa, which is now quite popular among partygoers and Japanophilia. This year-old Japanese restaurant/bar in Poblacion offers Japanese-Peruvian dishes that originated from both sides of the globe yet taste familiar. It has a cozy environment where you can bring your parents while still having a good time with your friends.

This greatest Japanese restaurant in Manila also offers inventive cocktails in addition to its Instagram-perfect set of dishes. To serve the afternoon market, they extended their doors to lunch lovers.


Another place that serves authentic Japanese foods is Chino, located in BGC. This Japanese restaurant is known for its unique dishes that combine Mexican and Japanese flavors with each bite. The meals include spicy tuna tostadas, soft shell crab tacos, and Wagyu California burritos. Also to be noticed is Chino's wide drink menu, which of course, includes tequila and Kakashi.

Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi is an ideal option for a more laid-back Japanese eating experience. The best sushi rolls, nigiri, and rice bowls are served at this conveyor-belt restaurant just within Manila. You won't want to miss this because it is highly reminiscent of the actual sushi trains you see in Japan. Diners' will order via an iPad adds to the restaurant's contemporary ambiance. Your order will be delivered by conveyor belt with just a few finger taps!

Genki Sushi has locations throughout NCR, making it the perfect choice for friends and family who are seeking Japanese food, most importantly, those who may not love long waits.

Japanese condo that would make you "Ikimasu"

If some authentic Japanese restaurants do not satisfy your Japanese-living dream, then why not live in a Japanese condo just in the heart of Manila? Sky Arts Manila and Kizuna Heights Manila both offer what you're looking for!

Sky Arts Manila offers a range of residential condo units, including studio, one and two-bedroom options, each with a different layout and available square footage to suit the demands and lifestyles of future homeowners.

It is more than just the simplicity with which it subtly speaks of the Japanese modern lifestyle and amenities like upscale cafes, eateries, and convenience stores. It is a community of passions that can lead to a life with desires.

Kizuna Heights Manila sets itself apart from other residence developments. Students who want to pursue their careers while maintaining a delicate balance between their personal and professional life is feasible in a place like Taft Manila. It is close to major business hubs like Makati and Pasay City, where young people may reside conveniently and establish their careers -an Ikigai Lifestyle!

Whether authentic Japanese cuisine that you can't resist or a Japanese condo living you desperately dream of, Manila has always been the place for it and has always had it.

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