‘Japandi’ Interior Design Hacks to Try in Your Condo

Jan 09, 2021

Japandi, a new décor trend for nature-inspired and minimalist design, earthy tones, emphasis on natural light and use of eco-friendly materials took the design world by storm.

Japandi is a fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian aesthetics that is gaining popularity for its simpler, minimalist yet warm vibe that is perfect for compact spaces like a condo unit.

This new hybrid design trend combines the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi” which finds beauty in the imperfect and “hygge”, a Scandinavian style trend that emphasizes comfort and warmth. Both styles focus on similar design principles of quality craftsmanship and function-driven spaces, helping you bring simplicity and functionality to your condo living space.

You can easily achieve Japandi style in your condo by keeping in mind these design elements and principles:

1.      Focus on minimalism

The key to mastering a Japandi-inspired condo interior is to prioritize minimalism by choosing quality over quantity and selecting only a few well-thought pieces.

Make sure to keep your condo space clutter-free, avoid unnecessary accessories, and choose furniture that are simple yet functional. You can also use strong, clean lines to create a feeling of calmness and warmth, perfect for distressing after a long day’s work.

2.      Use neutral tones

It is said that one of the differences between Japanese and Scandinavian style is their use of color – Japanese design uses richer colour tones such as deeper blues, greens, browns and blacks while Scandinavian design uses a mix of light neutral hues with pops of pastels.

To achieve Japandi style in your condo, simply use neutral tones. Replace cold greys with warmer, earthy tones to give a sense of cosiness in your condo living space.

You can do this by painting your condo unit with shades of paint in the same colour family or paint out the ceiling in the same colour as the walls to avoid the traditional way of painting it white.

3.      Go for natural materials and textures

Wood is a very important element in Japandi style. You can mix light and dark wood to create that perfect contrast and try different natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, linen wool, and paper. These elements add texture and warmth to create an interesting condo interior.

Don’t forget to bring in some plants which are essential natural elements for any interior to add color and soften the clean lines too!

4.      Go low and create more space

Using low furniture and having enough moving space around and in between furniture are some of the things to consider when you want to achieve Japandi style in your condo space.  Going low and leaving a lot of open space creates a feeling of minimalism, calmness and space in interior.

Japandi is more than just a new hybrid interior style; it reflects a philosophy that appreciates the beauty in simplicity and functionality and a calm approach to life.

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