Laugh and Love: Top 7 Rom-Com You Need to Watch!

Dec 18, 2022

Living in a single-family home is very, very different from living in a condominium. While sharing the many and beautiful condo amenities and benefits with other unit owners, you get your own personal space and world inside your condo apartment. One of the perks of living inside your condo space is having to binge-watch your favorite romcom movies netflix or romance comedy movies on the top of your lists. Fans of movies don't want to miss any new releases at all costs. They purchase their tickets in advance because they enjoy this opportunity to feel good about themselves. Nevertheless, more individuals choose to watch movies at their condo than in a theater, especially if these are romance comedy movies we truly enjoy watching. The top TV romcoms movies on Netflix are definitely worth crushing on because they strike the perfect balance between huge sentiments and big laughs. The best romance comedy TV programs are delightful, with everything from charming otherworldly romance to sitcom-satisfying meet cute.

The best romance comedy persuades you for 90 minutes or even longer than the very renowned celebrities they're portraying are genuinely the weary singles they are and that it's right for them to fall passionately in love. When they successfully convey the intimacy between the main characters, it is much greater. The feeling that being in love is simple, even for a little period of time, is what creates the genre so entertaining—even when we can guess the outcome. Additionally, top romantic comedy movies are just the motivating factor we need to get through difficult times, especially given that we have been battling a terrible pandemic for the last two years. Even though we've seen the urban lady return to her small-town roots, best friends who pose as lovers, or even in different romantic clichés a gazillion times, it's still enjoyable to watch a whole thing play out.

We've compiled a list of some of the top romantic comedy movies you can enjoy with your significant other or even with friends. Here, we examine seven of the top romantic comedies available for viewing. So curl up on your couches and mattresses and stream a few romantic comedies you'd enjoy!

  1. Marry Me

One of our lists is this romantic comedy with an original premise, Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson are the leads. A music singer decides to wed an unknown man in the crowd after learning that her fiance is cheating on her. What starts out as a hasty reaction turns into a surprising romance. The question of how two individuals from such disparate backgrounds may bridge their gap and establish an environment where they both belong, however, arises as forces work to keep them apart.

2. Love and Leashes

This is certainly a one unique rom-com movie that you will find strange. For two coworkers who enter into a contractual partnership as partners in consenting play, pleasure, and agony, love has never hurt so wonderful. Jung Ji Hoo is admired by his female coworkers despite his stiff, icy, and abrupt manner. One day, Ji Woo, a coworker of Ji Hoo's, unintentionally open a package of his, exposing one of his sexual proclivities to public view. Secretly arranging a contract while feigning pet ownership, Ji Hoo and Ji Woo launch a steamy affair and gratify Ji Hoo's penchant for slave/master fantasy.

3. Moonshot

A barista in the not-too-distant future named Walt badly desires to participate in a unique program that will allow him to fly to Mars on a space shuttle in the romantic comedy Moonshot from HBO Max. He falls with a girl who is going to leave for Mars, which made him want to go up even more. When a teenage college student named Sophie decides to board the shuttle to visit her lover, he manages to con her into letting him ride along as her plus-one, and he eventually makes his wish. As a result, the two embark on a space voyage and develop a bond that neither of them foresaw.

4. Business Proposal

Another K-drama on this list is Business Proposal. Follows Shin Ha-ri as she consents to Jin Young-Seo, her wealthy best friend, taking her spot on a blind date that her father set up. She panics and attempts to cancel the date as quickly as she can after realizing that her match is the President of her company. However, Kang Tae-moo is drawn to her outspoken demeanor, and direct demeanor and ultimately chooses to wed her.

5. The Royal Treatment

A New York hairstylist named Isabella "Izzy" is hired to do the hair and cosmetics for a prince's wedding in the novel The Royal Treatment. Izzy accepts the offer since she is in desperate need of money after using all of her savings to repair her salon following a fire. She heads to Lavania for such event with her coworkers, where she starts making preparations. Izzy becomes friends with the Prince while she is living in Lavania, and the two share precious memories. The romantic tale of The Royal Treatment is set against the stunning scenery of New Zealand.

6. Cha Cha Real Smooth

Sappy yet welcome, Cha Cha Real Smooth seems to be an offbeat comedy that provides a unique dose of affection for the family during these worrying times. This independent love story endearing? Two adults who meet each other in various stages of arrested development are the subject of the story. Cooper Raiff, who not only directed and wrote the movie, is in it. Even just viewing the clip makes my heart feel full, so at guess, they have good chemistry! It might be gloomier and less comical than just some romcoms, but your heart will feel full anyway!

7. Book of Love

On a tour in Mexico, two authors are thrown together. Henry, a young, stiff, and unsuccessful English author, sells no copies of his book. But when his book unexpectedly becomes a bestseller in the City of Mexico, his publicist urges him to go on a promotional trip there. When Henry arrives, he is shocked to learn that Maria, a Mexican translator, has transformed his uninteresting book into a scorching sensual romance, which is the source of its success. Maria, who is reluctant, and Henry, who is enraged, must now journey across Mexico as a book tour. The two start to fall in love and lust in spite of themselves as tempers flare and sparks start to fly.

To be honest, the year 2022 has also been a particularly excellent one for romantic comedies on television. Consider watching some of the shows if you enjoy the genre. So what are you waiting for? Binge watch on your condo living space and enjoy the love and laugh of movies that will brings you to fall in love once again. 

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