Mark Zuckerberg unveils 'Meta Verified' for Facebook & IG

Mar 12, 2023

Last week, Metas CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the arrival of Meta Verified, a new feature for Instagram and Facebook users.

According to the statement from the Meta Newsroom, Meta Verified is a full monthly subscription service or paid subscription to Meta for more functionality on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. The same blue verification badge symbol you would see on your accounts after subscribing is the most noticeable Meta Verified feature.

The new Meta Verified is a monthly subscription to package on Instagram and Facebook that includes a verified badge. The process authenticates your account with a government ID, provides extra protection through more proactive monitoring and account protection, access to account support, and increased visibility and reach. This service is intended to help up-and-coming creators grow their presence and build community more quickly. In order to determine what features are most useful, Meta will launch a progressive test in Australia and New Zealand and then intend to roll out Meta Verified to the rest of the world in the near future.

Some of the most popular requests Meta gets from creators are for new tools and subscription services to improve visibility, expand access reach, and wider access to verification and account assistance. - And Zuckerberg has been considering how to charge for access to these functionalities ever since last year.

What is meta verify?

The new membership package, Meta Verified, comes with account verification, impersonation protections, access to greater visibility, and account support. This new meta-verified subscription service also aims to help creators with the following:

  1. Impersonation Monitoring: Account monitoring to target impersonators.
  2. Verification Badge: Account authentication with a government ID upon subscribing.
  3. Reach & Visibility: Increased exposure in search, comments, and recommendations.
  4. Live Chat Customer Support: Access to real-time customer support.
  5. Exclusive Features: Stickers on Facebook and Instagram Stories — plus Facebook Reels.

Latest Updates: What is meta-paid verification?

While Twitter Blue was introduced in late 2022, Meta Verified's announcement follows closely on the heels of that project. The significant distinctions lie in the new features, which appear to be better at thwarting account impersonation, which was a Twitter Blue problem.

In 2022, Snapchat also introduced a premium subscription service called Snapchat+, which attracted over a million users, making Meta the most recent entry in this field.

To subscribe to Meta Verified, you must be at least 18 years old and upload a valid government-issued ID. When you subscribe, called meta verified yourself, you can no longer change things like your name or birthday. After the verification, you would get a full blue badge, and a verified badge, get extra impersonation protection against accounts pretending to be you, and get direct access to customer support, according to Zuckerberg. Meta Verified will launch this week, starting in Australia and New Zealand as pilot countries. This new feature is about boosting authenticity and security across Meta's services.

Zuckerberg added that verified Facebook and other accounts claiming Instagram profiles and paid verification for web users will remain the same and that only people who are at least 18 years old would be permitted to subscribe. Businesses still need to be able to use the service.

How much does Instagram and Facebook verification cost?

Verification on Facebook and Instagram will now cost around $12 per month. It was unclear how Zuckerberg intended to charge a monthly fee paid verification for Meta Verified in nations where users could not afford to pay $12 per month or in cash-based economies where they could have fewer options for sending the money to be called Meta verified.

How does getting a verified badge help you as a content creator?

Verified users are individuals or accounts on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, that have been confirmed as authentic and belonging to the person or entity they claim to represent. These accounts are typically marked with a blue checkmark or another badge indicating they are verified.

The verification process varies depending on the platform but generally involves submitting proof of identity to the platform's verification team, such as a government-issued ID or official documentation. Verification is not available to all users and is typically reserved for high-profile individuals, public figures, and organizations.

The purpose of verification is to help users identify and distinguish between legitimate accounts and fake or impersonator accounts, which can be used for malicious purposes such as spreading misinformation, phishing scams, or other forms of online fraud. Verified users are typically seen as more credible and trustworthy and may also have access to additional features and tools that are not available to non-verified users.

Can I use Metapay to pay for my subscription?

Yes, you definitely can! Facebook Pay is now called Meta Pay to align with Facebook's company rebrand to Meta. Does the name change to Meta Pay affect existing Facebook Pay users? There is no change to the way existing Facebook Pay users use Meta Pay. Current Facebook Pay users can use Meta Pay immediately to pay for the subscription service and other services.

More about Facebook and Meta:

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, with over 2.9 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2021. However, the growth of Facebook's user base has slowed down in recent years due to various factors, such as increased competition from other social media platforms, concerns about data privacy and security, and changing user preferences and behaviors.

Despite these challenges, Facebook continues to grow in some regions and demographics. The platform has seen significant growth in developing countries where internet access is expanding rapidly, and it remains popular among older age groups who have been using the platform for years.

In addition to its core social networking platform, Facebook also owns several other popular platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, which continue to experience growth and help diversify the company's user base and its new revenue stream and streams.

While Facebook's growth has slowed in recent years, the platform remains one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world, and the company continues to explore new ways to expand and innovate its offerings.

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