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Nov 11, 2021

In the late 1990s to early 2000s, a mobile phone was a simple device used to call or message anyone whether we are outside stuck in traffic or inside our homes without the struggles of wires, cable, or finding coins or spare change for a payphone. Fast forward to 20 years, there are no flying cars yet, but we do have the ever-evolving handy-dandy smartphones that we use for more than the purpose of communication—taking photos, work-meetings, playing games, reading the news, shop for clothes, ordering food, booking flights, buying a condominium and of course to scroll through social media. 

By definition, Social Media are any websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. To the older generation of the digital native, Social Media is the MySpace and Friendster, but nowadays social media is easily referenced to Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and of course Facebook.

Around the world, billions of people use social media every day. According to a report conducted by Data Reportal, as of October 2021, 57.6% of the world's population, or 4.55 billion social media users, actively scroll through these apps on a daily. In the same report, out of the hundreds of social media available, Facebook and its three umbrella social media platforms--Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger take 70% of the overall social media user population.

Since its inception in 2004 Facebook has drastically evolved—from being this exclusive Social Media Platform for Harvard students to connect online, to being a public social media platform in 2006, and establishing itself in the 2010s as a powerful influence and catalyst on the internet. It has become our primary form of communication with family and friends, one of our trusted sources for online shopping whether it is buying aesthetically pleasing furniture or second-hand gadgets, it's a platform for communities to share opportunities, ideas for our next condo living DIY project or renovation—the list goes on. So with how Facebook has been embedded in our daily lives for almost two decades, what’s next?

On October 28, 2021, Facebook officially changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc. or Meta in short. In the words of Zuckerberg, “connection is evolving and so are we”, together with this rebranding announcement, the social media giant introduced the concept of “Metaverse”, which generally refers to a shared virtual world which can be accessed via the internet.

In an 80-minute keynote video, the Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, took us on a virtual experience to show what the Metaverse is all about. While the metaverse is still a working plan, the leading social media platform is focusing on the next evolution of social connection, elevating the communication, entertainment, fitness, shopping, business, learning, and working experience through the help of AR and VR technology is promising. 


The recent pandemic was a cultural reset for everyone, for the first time, “non-essentials” establishments closed their doors to the public, parks and recreational locations closed, leisure travels were suspended and everyone was encouraged to stay at home. For four to six months, most of the people around the world were inside their homes making dalgona coffee and banana bread. While this was a much-needed break for everyone, it's in the human DNA for human connection. Not so long after the world was on pause, families gathered in virtual gatherings and friends spent a couple of hours on video calls--becoming the new normal means of hanging out. 

Meta’s promising offer is that we can have a better experience than just looking at the screen. As explained in their keynote, Metaverse will have virtual home spaces for you to spend time with your friends, families, and even strangers. Imagine having a virtual version of your condo space, or even better! Meta’s aim in launching these virtual home spaces is for everyone to have a space where they can fully express themselves, have an extension of their real-world and be able to share it with the world whether we go back to the old or new normal way of living.

Entertainment & Fitness

When the world temporarily closes in 2020, one of the best experiences in life that everyone misses the most, are concerts, parties, and playing team sports. These are life’s experiences that cannot really be replaced with watching from a zoom call or the replays and films on streaming platforms. Part of the Metaverse is allowing us to join our friends and family in real-time during these events from the comfort of our living rooms, even if it is happening on the other side of the world. 

Playing sports is just the same, we might get the blood rushing playing on our own, but it's not as fun as playing with other fellow sports enthusiasts. Metaverse's idea is to connect people beyond what your current screens can do. With the direction Meta is dedicated to pursuing, you can finally play some basketball with your long-time friend who migrated overseas five years ago in the Metaverse. 

Shopping and Business

One of the best things that happened to everyone is online shopping. Online shopping has helped you to keep your wardrobe updated with the latest fashion trends, find the most useful cleaning and organizing tools, and aesthetically pleasing decors or light fixtures for your condominiums. 

It has given consumers a variety of options, avail products overseas, and it has given a lot of people a livelihood and second income stream, which they can do anywhere at any time. And when it comes to this kind of business, consumers are all about security, quality assurance, and experience. With Metaverse, business owners can create virtual spaces for their products and business, where consumers can not only have more secured transactions but for an elevated shopping experience through virtual shops, exclusive Metaverse deals, and even product events. 

Learning and Working

One of the most practical promises of Meta is its game-changing way of learning and working. The average student and employee spends more time in school and at work than any other place and event in their lives. Even without the pandemic, the concept of homeschool and working from home has been around for years. Now more than ever, any tools and gadgets to help a student or employee learn and work efficiently from our homes, condominiums, or even when and if you are back in the school or office has become essential. Meta is dedicated to providing these tools to help every student, and employee with VR and AR technology solutions that will be available in their platform so that when we are at our working desks at home, the quality of learning and work we do is not compromised at all. 

Meta is committed to working on these plans so that instead of watching on the screen you can be in the experience itself. With its promising service of providing a platform focusing on connectivity, entertainment, information, and e-commerce, proven especially during the Pandemic and its repercussions shifting how individuals, up to corporations connect and operate, there is no slowing down this technology leader. It is here to stay and continuously improve so everyone can experience life’s greatest experiences. 

Learn more and have a glimpse of how Meta and its virtual will be changing the world at Meta’s official website.

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