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Nov 11, 2021

A vacation to a cold-weather place sounds like the perfect getaway, right? But it also entails preparing yourself for the cold temperatures and breeze!

That’s why it’s important to be well prepared when you’re off on your dream vacation. Here are the travel essentials that you must pack to brave the cold and enjoy your getaway!


You cannot tell until you get there but all sorts of illnesses may take the fun out of your vacation so make sure you’re ready for them!

Most people experience consistent coughing brought by the harsh, dry air. It is important to bring with you a cough syrup which will likely be all you need to remedy the situation

Don’t forget to put them in a ziplock bag to make them easier and safer to carry around. Take some whenever you need some relief for irritated throats and coughing!

Other common medications you should consider might include stuff like flu or fever medicine as it’s easier to catch a cold in these places. You should also bring nasal decongestants and expectorants in case of unclogging and stuffy nose. And if you’re prone to body aches, it’ll be good to bring some pain relief medication as well since the cold weather can sometimes worsen such conditions. 


Scarves are often overlooked when traveling to cold places but they are absolutely essential in breezy weather! A scarf will help retain the body’s natural heat by protecting the neck. Ladies usually bring cashmere to keep themselves warm while traveling.

A good scarf can also double up as protection for your mouth, nose, and ears should the need ever arise. Plus, they are also a great way to accessorize and accentuate your fashion sense, making your outfit stand out in the crowd.


Don’t forget to bring a beanie for added protection. When you keep your head warm, you help ensure that other parts of the body remain warm too. Therefore, ensure that you enjoy your cold vacation by packing a beanie, preferably made of wool or fleece that fits perfectly to insulate heat. 


While extra socks can keep your feet warm, it doesn’t keep your feet dry at all times. Boots are great insulators and even better at keeping moisture out, ensuring that your feet stay nice and dry. 

Simply look for boots that are waterproof and have a stable grip in the soles, you don’t have to spend so much on these items.


As with the boots, the most important thing about your gloves is to make sure that they’re waterproof. Nowadays, since most electronic devices are touchscreens, there are gloves out there with touchscreen capabilities that make everyone’s life easier. 

Lip balm

Harsh winds and long exposure to the cold weather will most likely cause painfully chapped lips. Thus, one winter travel essential you should not forget is lip balm!

Even men will definitely need the lip balm to restore some much-needed moisture.


When packing your things, never ever forget to include moisturizers of different sorts to help retain moisture in your skin. Make sure to include facial moisturizers, body lotion, and even hand creams! Moisturizers are important especially if you’re going to spend long hours of the day out in the open and exposed to the elements.

Look for moisturizers that contain ingredients like shea butter which is known to be extremely effective in trapping moisture in your skin! Also, consider getting products that are hypoallergenic as your skin may become sensitive during the cold weather! 


Some studies suggest that UV radiation is actually stronger during the cold months. Remember that despite the cold weather, the sun continues to shine and as that happens, UV rays continue to batter the Earth during the cold weather. 

Thus, applying sunscreen during your travels is quite essential! What’s more, it may surprise you to find out that sunburn is a common occurrence even at this time of the year. The cold weather actually prevents us from realizing that we’re getting sunburnt, which makes sunscreen even more important!

Thermos flask

It is best to drink a hot beverage during cold travel. So, bringing a trusty thermos flask would be helpful.

Thermos flasks come in all shapes and sizes and if you can find one which easily fits in your bag, you’ve got yourself a good travel essential. You can use it to store hot beverages to keep yourself warm and well-hydrated during your travels. You could use it to store hot water in case of emergencies.

Portable charger

Another problem you might face when you’re out in the cold weather is that phone batteries tend to drain faster, even without much use. This is because the cold slows down the chemical reactions in the battery, thereby causing the battery to go flat.

To prevent your phone from dying, make sure to bring a portable battery pack or charger with you for some much-needed power. To prolong battery life, store your phone in a warm place, like the inner pockets of your coat or down jacket.

Now that you know these travel essentials, you’re ready to fully enjoy your cold-weather vacation without a worry in mind. Don't forget to pack your most fashionable face mask that will suit every OOTD that you will be wearing for your trip.

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