Must-Visit Museums in Baguio City Near Your Condo

Jun 30, 2022

Museums are great for meeting new people, learning how our ancestors lived and expanding our minds.

People visit museums for a variety of reasons. Some people are interested in learning about the past, while others want to experience art and culture or are intrigued about the place they are traveling to. Museums are fantastic places to make new friends discover how our predecessors lived, and broaden our horizons.

Museums can also be much fun for kids! They're exciting places for them to explore. Some of them even have activities like puppet shows that are great for children who love to play with puppets.

Museums offer an excellent opportunity for families to spend time together and give children a chance to learn more about their heritage. One of my favorite things about museums is seeing different styles of art and culture from around the world.

Of course, you can't go around a country looking for museums, but if you are, why not start with one of the most creative cities in the Philippines — Baguio City! You can't miss out on the art museums in Baguio City.

Baguio City is your best choice if you want a city filled with creativity and culture. Most of the attractions in Baguio have been made by talented local artists who have brought in colors, smells, and sights unique to this city. The streets are also lined with museums and galleries.

And if you're searching for a holiday apartment while visiting museums in Baguio, why not make the most of Vista Residences' Brenthill Baguio, which is centrally located and an excellent place to stay. The ten-story Brenthill Baguio tower features an interior garden atrium, a function hall, and three lower ground levels for the main lobby. It is designed in the manner of "classic Baguio architecture." 

The province of Benguet is known as the "kitchen of the Philippines," thanks to the abundance of local ingredients available here. Baguio City is one of the most active centers in terms of culture, sports, and leisure activities. With a wide range of museums, galleries, and historic buildings which are scattered throughout the city, you can discover Baguio City's rich cultural heritage by visiting one or more museums listed below while getting to know some of the Baguio museum histories:

Bencab Museum

BenCab Museum in Tuba, Benguet, is a must for any trip to Baguio. Benedicto Cabrera, a national artist whose talent spans from painting to printmaking and beyond, owns BenCab and is the inspiration for its name. The museum's collection includes works by other prominent Filipino artists—including displayed tribal wood carvings—and features a relaxing garden and an on-site restaurant called Cafe Sabe,l where visitors can unwind or grab a quick bite.

Museo Kordilyera

If you're looking to learn more about the history and culture of the Cordillera Region, make sure to include Museo Kordilyera on your list of Baguio's top museums. Various objects displayed at the ethnographic museum will help visitors better understand the indigenous groups that call Northern Luzon home. Items from the Ifugaos, Bontocs, and Kalingas are among those present.

Inside the University of the Philippines in Baguio, the Museo Kordilyera includes three floors filled with artwork and relics, a cafe, and a small gift shop accessible to all visitors.

Emilio F. Aguinaldo Museum Baguio

Aguinaldo Museum Baguio is an interesting museum where you may discover more about Philippine history and be made aware of all the struggles and sacrifices made by our heroes. And according to some visitors, the tour guides are hilarious during their interactions.

The family of former Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo owns and runs the Aguinaldo Museum. It is situated in Baguio City and is home to the original Philippine flag. The museum's objectives and aims, which include expressing the sentiment of patriotism and ensuring that every Filipino is there to see the flag's continued presence, are consistent with keeping the flag secure.

Since Baguio is a popular tourist and educational destination, the Aguinaldo successors decided to build the museum there. He continued that the weather in Baguio is significantly cooler than in Manila, making it the ideal location to maintain the flag. The flag needs to be kept in an enclosed, dark area free of moisture, humidity, and human contact if we want it to last for another 50 years.

Baguio Museum

Baguio Museum is located on Gov. Pack Rd, Baguio City. Another gallery devoted to protecting the city's cultural legacy is the Baguio Museum. But art lovers will still have a blast here. Beginning with the use of wood and stone as a predominant building material on the exterior alone, it is clear that traditional Ifugao dwellings influenced the museum's architectural design. Extensive dioramas, tribal artifacts, and other items illustrating the way of life of the numerous indigenous communities who reside in the Cordillera Region may be found inside.

Exhibits and performances are also held in the Baguio Museum. For information about upcoming events, it is best to follow them on social media.

Bell House Library Museum

Even though the Bell House Library Museum isn't your typical art museum in Baguio, it's worthwhile seeing. General J. Franklin Bell created the distinctive feature inside Camp John Hay, and the Commanding General of the Philippines utilized it as a rest lodge. Its pleasant rooms and American-style design will satisfy lovers of art and architecture.

The Bell Amphitheater and the Cemetery of Negativity, both part of Camp John Hay's historical core, are located near the Bell House.

Tam-Awan Village

In Pinsao Proper, there is a unique artistic neighborhood called Tam-Awan Village. It aims to highlight the works of regional artists while promoting the rich cultural legacy of the Cordilleran people.

Tam-Awan is known for various Kalinga and Ifugao huts, an infinite exhibition of Cordillera art, and the inviting Tam-awan Village Cafe. The Igorot Stone Kingdom is a brand-new attraction that is currently under construction.

Galleria De Potenciana by Arca’s Yard

Galleria De Potenciana beside Arca's Yard is another museum in Baguio that is well worth visiting for any art enthusiast. The cafe/gallery is already well-known on its own because of its Instagram-worthy décor and intriguing tribal art show. On the other hand, Galleria De Potenciana is an addition to Arca's Yard that serves as an art gallery.

The gallery serves as a venue for activities that are not simply related to art but also for other occasions. After a long travel, you can choose to eat here while enjoying their furniture collection made by regional artisans and Cordilleran crafts.

Ililikha Artist Village

One of the most famous art museums in Baguio City. Ililikha Artist Village is not your typical art gallery; it will get your attention. The genius minds behind the Artist Village built the complex from recycled materials in a treehouse that took ten years to build. It contains flower stalls, a small theatre, and several foods stands offering wholesome and reasonably priced fare. If you're there just for the art, feel free to wander around or attend one of their frequent events.

Ililikha Artist Village offers a variety of functions as well. It contains a flower shop, a small theater, and several food stands providing generally wholesome and reasonably priced fare. If you're just there for the art, feel free to wander the "village" and take in its odd exhibits or go to one of their frequent events.

Victor Oteyza Community Art Space Gallery

The Victor Oteyza Community Art Space is a project born out of Kidlat Tahimik's passion for creating art spaces. Like Ililikha Artist Village, it is an unconventional idea, utilizing recycled materials and featuring works by Filipino artists. It bears the name of Tahimik's uncle, Victor Oteyza, who was a leading figure in developing modern Philippine art.

Take note of these museums and don't forget to visit once you visit Baguio City!

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