Perks of Renting a Condo Near Your University

May 20, 2022

Now that the pandemic is slowly being lifted and the safety precautions are lessening, schools are also slowly getting back to face-to-face classes. From full-on online courses to selected, blended learning, this means that anytime now, students will need to be back to physically attending their classes at their university classroom. There are now a lot of schools, both public and private that are open to face-to-face classes (of course, still observing the safety precautions). What does this mean, you ask? This means that many students would think about getting a condo near their universities to make their academics easier and more accessible for them.

Many universities and colleges do not provide students with housing for four years. As a result, these students must find off-campus accommodation to live in during the years when they are unable to live on campus. Thinking about it, wouldn't it be better to find a place to rent near your university that also doesn't have a mandated maximum residency? Young professionals and millennials like to rent second houses close to their places of employment. Typically, university students move out of their parent's homes to live near their schools to avoid problems and pursue their desired courses at their ideal colleges via rental flats, dorms and condominiums.

There are advantages of condo living near your university, and of course, there will also be disadvantages. Suppose you're still undecided whether or not to rent a condo in the University Belt or in anywhere near the university you're studying at. In that case, we're here to serve you its perks.

Strategic Location

Do you suddenly need to suddenly buy groceries because you've run out of food to cook and daily necessities? Don't worry!

One of the main advantages of living in a condo is that condos are usually built strategically. Not only can you be near your university, but you can also find many conveniences within a narrow range. Malls, salons, cafés, convenience stores, hospitals, and markets, are most likely present everywhere near a condo—making it easier to do things like urgent shopping without much of a hassle. If not within walking distance, you won't take time and effort to get to places because they are now within reach.

Easy Transportation, Less Time Consumed

Imagine waking up late on quiz day, and your house is about a 30-minute drive to the university—that would be such a pain. However, when living in a condo, you could spend less time on transportation and more time saving some sleep or preparation.

Condos are for convenience, so if you are the type of student who has trouble waking up early or takes much time to prepare, this would be a considerable perk as being near the school means you can now spend less time on transportation. Transport hubs are nearby, and if possible, you can even take some exercise and walk your way to school. However, don't be too complacent with the time and still get up as early as possible!

High Academic Focus

You may be used to the set-up where your family constantly surrounds you at home. Of course, homesickness is a disadvantage of living in a condo by yourself as a student, but maybe being alone sometimes helps you focus more on things you need to pay attention to.

Some say that having some time alone brings you peace, and they may be right. Why not use silence and open your books to study uninterrupted? It'sIt's nice to appreciate some time alone because, maybe, just maybe, you're free from the distractions of the people around you. Yes, not everything should be about school. So, if you have burnout from all the studying, don't forget to give yourself some rest and spend your me-time doing self-care. Take note that you can always invite people who bring out the best in you so you won't be alone and, at the same time, be able to turn typical academic stress into a less pressuring feeling.

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No Fear of Missing Out

Living near the university gives you more chances to take opportunities and not miss out on memorable moments. Some students living far from where they are studying are more likely to feel left out due to missing out on things. What if there was an on-the-spot meeting and you're still far from where they are? The closer you are, the fewer possibilities of feeling the fear of missing out. This could both be an advantage and disadvantage.

They say that people within close distances have more chances of building relationships. Condos in the university belt are more likely to have students as tenants, so connections and meeting new people with the same interests in a new environment would be another freebie. Who knows? Maybe you'll be able to meet study buddies just within reach.

Freebies & Inclusions

What do I mean by freebies, you ask? I'm talking about your convenient use of the condo building's amenities. Unlike living in a dorm or boarding house, condo living offers you different amenities that you are free to use as a tenant. Common condo properties are gyms, swimming pools, study halls, game rooms, and sometimes even parks outside for you to breathe some fresh air. Different condos have different amenities, so you may also want to ask first before renting a condo. Another thing is, when you rent a condo for yourself, you won't need to worry about sharing the bathroom or bedroom or even think about getting home within the curfew-like other dorms. Let's say condo living also serves you freedom as a freebie.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of living in a condo as a university student. It is essential to weigh out its pros and cons first.

Condo living remains one of the most popular second homes for students. After all, living in a dorm or condo is frequently more convenient than commuting to and from the university. Condominiums in the university belt have university students as their target market, and rental places there are in demand because many students need and want to live near their chosen universities. Sure enough, many condos in Taft, Katipunan, España, Intramuros, or all over Quezon City are open to being rented by students. Happy living and studying!

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