Perks of Condo Living Near Universities

Jul 14, 2021

2021 is a very unique year for everyone across the world. Businesses are adapting to a mix of work from home and face-to-face setup. One in particular who is adjusting to a new set-up is schools. This year, schools are adapting toblended learning wherein selected days of the week or month will be situated to go back to the normal set-up of being face-to-face. Many schools are situated in Manila, especially the colleges and universities since this is the capital city of the country where most businesses are also located. Students from the college or university department were permitted to go back to the face-to-face set-up from selected courses while following strict protocols for safety resulting in different experiences and situations for students for this year and the incoming school years. 

Despite these inevitable changes, condo living is still one of the in-demand second homes for students who are pursuing their future careers. Usually, university students tend to move out of their parent's homes to live near their schools to avoid hassles and to take their chosen courses in their dream universities through rental apartments, and condominiums.

While some still cannot find condominiums as an essential second home for studentsdue to some reasons such as the cost, little did they know that it has a lot of benefits. Thus, here are some perks of living near universities. 

Convenience is within reach

Condominiums are usually built in strategic locations where conveniences are nearby. Aside from some of it being near universities, condominiums are also situated just a few minutes away from supermarkets, malls, and convenience stores. This enables the tenants to shop and get their daily necessities without the hassle of commuting. Also, being near conveniences makes the condo life less hassle as everything that you need is within reach anytime. If you are thinking of buying furniture, appliances, or even planning to craft DIYs in your condo, being near malls and markets is time-saving.

Free use of amenities

Condo living is made more convenient because of the amenities. This is one of the considering factors when choosing a perfect condo for you. Ready for occupancy condo properties have gyms, swimming pools, function rooms, game rooms, and study hall. However, take note that this differs from every condominium so make sure you ask which ones they have. Having these amenities can help you de-stress and relax from stress brought about by your tasks at school. Also, amenities are free of use for all tenants.

Easy access to transportation hubs

Traveling back and forth to different locations is made easier for the ones who are living in a condo. Most condominiums are just a few minutes away from transportation hubs, enabling the tenants to visit locations in just minutes. Also, it saves your travel time and chances are you can conveniently walk to your school. This saves you a lot of time especially if you are not the morning type of person. But if you are the type to wake up early to prepare and get ready for a class in the morning this gives you extra time to sleep and do self-care in the mornings since your travel time is already out of the question since you are situated near the school. If you do not like walking in the morning you can easily look for public transport such as jeepneys or tricycles that can take you up until the entrance of the school for your convenience.

Located near essential facilities and institutions

Another perk of living in a condominium while studying is that you are near essential facilities such as hospitals, business hubs, and institutions.

In Manila, there are hospitals and clinics near you such as UST Hospital, Chinese General Hospital, and more if you need any medical certificate or for your check-up, you can easily choose which you prefer. 

Aside from these, if you will be needing any documents for work after you graduate or for identification from the government, there are nearby facilities and institutions for you such as for your NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, government IDs such as PhilHealth, SSS, Pag-ibig and more. Many main offices are located in Manila. But keep in mind that since these are the main offices it is likely that many people do visit these branches than the others. 

A step away from food trips and nightlife.

If food options are very important to you, living in places that are near the schools is perfect for you. Usually, there are what you call karinderya and many restaurants such as samgyeopsal, buffet and more around the area for many food options. There are different types of cuisines such as Japanese, Indian, Korean, and even Thai cuisine that you can easily find near your school. There are nearby malls such as SM, Ayala Malls, and more if you will be needing more food choices, any items you need for school or personal needs, as well as for leisure. But due to COVID-19 please stay indoors especially if they are not urgent or for essential needs.  

These are just some of the benefits you get to encounter when staying at a condominium from your school. There are learning opportunities you get to experience first hand once you start living on your own as an independent student. Having more freedom and having to adjust to living alone and taking care of yourself. This is an eye-opener especially that this can be a practice for your adult life after graduating from school. Not only do you get to learn valuable experiences, but you can also take advantage of having a condominium as an investment in the long run. After graduation, if you wish to move to a different place instead of selling the condo you can have it up on the market for rent which can serve as an additional income for you. You get to hit two birds with one stone since you can experience a different environment from your previous place and you will still be earning extra from the rental of your condo. 

The common advantages of living near your school still are relatively the same. The usual reasons why students prefer living near their school are proximity, comfort, location, travel time, transportation, food, nightlife, mall, and many more. This results in students looking for condominiums or dormitories around the area of their school. The majority of students prefer looking for condominiumsdue to many dormitories having curfews, common bathrooms, shared rooms, security, and more. Take note that there are different types of people who are looking for a condominium, some for rent and some to buy for personal use or as an investment. Either you prefer to live in a budget-friendly situation or you are willing to spend a little more. This will depend on how you will strategize your stay in your place.

If you are on the look for a perfect condominium while you are preparing to pursue your dream career in your dream university, Vista Residences got you covered!

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It offers pre selling condo properties perfect for the ones who are looking for a perfect condo investment, and ready for occupancy condo properties for young professionals, students, and investors equipped with top-notch amenities for a unique condo living experience. Its condos are strategically located around the metro cities in the country, near central business districts, and universities.

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