Philippines Voted as World’s Best Country Destination

Jan 07, 2023

The Philippines is quickly rising to the top of the World's most popular travel destinations across all ages. We're not here to just talk about famous destinations but highlight the undiscovered beautiful places in the Philippines. It's time for us to unravel and promote other tourist destinations in the Philippines. 

Philippines voted as the 'World's Best Country Destination

The Philippines was once again selected as the "best country tourism destination in the world" at the 2022 Uzakrota Global Travel Awards, solidifying its status as a top-of-the-mind vacation spot even in the occurrence of a pandemic.

With 721 votes, the nation outperformed every other nominee, winning the prize for the second time since it first held it in 2020. The initiative was spearheaded by the Turkish travel agency Uzakrota Global, which also named Malaysia and the Dominican Republic as the top two and three countries in the World, receiving 523 and 459 votes, respectively. 

The nation came in second place in the categories of Macro Life, Cavern/Cave & Grotto Diving, Beginners, Photography, and Best Value; third place in the category of Wreck Diving; fourth place in the category of Advanced Diving; fifth place in the category of Best Overall; and ninth place in the variety of Big Animals for the Pacific and Indian Ocean cluster.

The nation was previously recognized by the World Travel Awards as the Top Dive Destination in the World for 2022.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the Philippines

The Philippines is more than just a picture-perfect tropical location for island-hopping vacations and beach excursions. The Philippines is also home to renowned natural wonders like an underground river and rice terraces. There are also incredible diving locations rich in biodiversity, vibrant festivals that showcase its vibrant culture, and amiable locals thought to be among the happiest in the World.


Cebu is considered one of the most traveled tourist destinations in the Philippines. Due to Cebu's location, accessibility, and international airport that serves both domestic and international flights, there are always new tours and activities to try. 

Kawasan Falls

If you're up to discovering unique places in the Philippines, a deep dive in Kawasan Falls is just right for you. Kawasan Falls, a three-tiered cascade with notably turquoise water, is the most well-known landmark in Badian. Additionally, it is among the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines.

There are two ways to explore falls. The first involves picking one of several canyoneering tours and traveling from Alegria to Badian for three to six hours. The second involves taking Kawasan Falls tours, which involve a short hike to the waterfalls.

Temple of Leah

Are you looking for a unique place in the Philippines? The Temple of Leah is a great place to start if you're interested in taking a hillside tour of Cebu. The seven-story Temple of Leah is a colossal structure that stands in the Busay hills of Cebu City and was designed in early Roman architecture. 


It predicts that on an average summer day, the temperature will only rise to 26 °C. Baguio is the place for you if you want to engage in outdoor activities during the summer in the Philippines without having to endure the oppressive heat. Baguio is also a place for undiscovered beautiful places in the Philippines.

Mount Costa

The location has several distinctive gardens, including The Maze Garden, where you can get lost in luscious greenery. The Outdoor Musical Garden has instruments and is an excellent place to meditate; The Mirror Garden uses nature to create optical illusions; and others. 

Mt. Cloud Bookshop

Mt. Cloud Bookshop, one of Baguio City's hidden gems, is unquestionably a haven for bookworms. And it's not just because it has good books for sale; the atmosphere in the store makes you want to hang out and read all day. 


The top 10 tourist attractions in the Philippines will only be complete with Boracay. Everyone aspires to experience the coveted beach life in Boracay. There is always someplace to explore and a fun tour to take!

Boracay’s White Beach

White Beach, a sprawling 4-kilometer beachfront lined with Boracay resorts, hotels, and restaurants, is the epicenter of Boracay's international fame. The Boracay sightseeing beach trip is the most popular activity on the island, so it makes sense that White Beach would be the most populated area.

Cagayan de Oro

Numerous other must-visit locations in Cagayan de Oro offer thrilling and relaxing activities. It is a secure location for foreign visitors and the third most popular tourist destination among locals after Davao in Mindanao and Cebu in the Visayas. 

Camiguin Island

A day trip to Camiguin Island is for you if you enjoy the beach and some water sports. In addition to its white sand beaches, this region is home to waterfalls, jungles, volcanoes, and, of course, delicious local cuisine. Cagayan de Oro proves that there are a lot of unique places in the Philippines.

Seven Seas Water Park and Resort

In every area of this well-known waterpark and resort in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, the "pirates" theme is very obvious. Explore Shipwreck Island, Treasure Island, and Pirate Lookout Tower with the whole family at the resort.


The province offers many recreational opportunities, including parks, beaches, wildlife conservation facilities, outdoor activities, delicious local cuisine, top-notch Davao hotels, and the renowned Kadayawan Festival. 

Eden Nature Park

This following location is a must-visit if you want to connect with nature. The well-known Biblical Garden is the inspiration for Eden Nature Park and Resort in Davao City. A tour of Eden Nature Park is worthwhile whether you want to relax with your family and friends or practice meditation alone.

Crocodile Park

A popular tourist destination included in a Davao wildlife experience is the Davao Crocodile Park. This location showcases the nation's "state of the art" crocodile farming, complete with cutting-edge facilities and tools.


Bacolod is one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines. It is a city in Negros Occidental that takes pride in having a diverse collection of historical, religious, and cultural sites.

The Ruins

The country's capital of Bacolod is known as the "Sugar Capital," and this is how the locals of the old times made their fortune. The Ruins, which formerly housed sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, is a reminder of this period. A popular tourist destination in Bacolod is this. Although it was destroyed by fire in World War II, its beautiful architecture is still clearly visible today.

The Philippines is your next travel destination and home

It's More Fun in the Philippines is the country's official tourism slogan because no matter what kind of travel adventure you're looking for, you're sure to find it in the Philippines. You might consider moving or investing in a home across these tourist attractions. Fret not, as Vista Residences has projects in places like CDO, Baguio, Cebu, and Boracay. 

Don't hesitate to plan a trip to the Philippines; it is worthwhile, and you will probably eagerly anticipate your return visit.

Start making travel arrangements, look into the best Philippines tour packages, and read up on Philippine travel guides to ensure you will have the most memorable adventure ever.

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