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Sep 13, 2021

Whether a family is planning a staycation, looking for the best place to explore, or just looking for a place to go out with their loved ones, the Philippines offers so many options for the perfect getaway

Here are some of the best places to spend with families in the Philippines. 


Pescador Island

It is a necessity for families to visit this. Located in the Tañon Strait of Cebu, the island is full of marine life and is a refuge for dolphins. You can relax on the beaches or take a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters. Enjoy an ideal and personal experience with dolphins. 

Check the rich coral reef and marine life of the island. Pecador island is located on the mountain slope of Mallondog, city of Cebu, and the place offers a very exciting scene. You can swim with turtles and other fish. Bonus, sunsets are very visible on this island.

Bluewater Island Sumilon Resort

Located on 25 acres of coral island in Oslob Cebu, the Bluewater Island Sumilon Resort is a perfect getaway for families seeking exploration in natural beauty. One of the main attractions of the resort is its sandbar, which changes shape and location depending on the season. In the south of the island, there is a watchtower from the 19th century. 

The natural lagoon with mangrove forest is another feature of the island. In addition, the first marine reserve in the Philippines is located on the island. This unique island resort offers a relatively private getaway for families.

After falling in love with the nature escape of Cebu, couples may consider settling in this beautiful place. A condo in Cebu called Suarez Residence is now in its preselling state. Perfect for people who wanted to live and experience Cebu.


Known as the ‘City of Love, Iloilo offers various places perfect for families. Explore the pristine island white beaches and delicious seafood only at Iloilo. Make sure to explore Gigantes Island, one of the famous and must-visit islands in Iloilo. Iloilo is also known for its tasty dishes, a good place for a food-loving family.

Aside from its beaches, Iloilo is also rich in culture, the place is rich in Spanish colonial history, a good place for the parents and children to explore and learn. 

Cagayan De Oro

Seven Seas Waterpark

For couples who are up for a fun adventure together, Seven Seas waterpark is the perfect destination. Dubbed as one of the largest pirate-themed parks in the Philippines, fun awaits the families. The pirate-themed Seven Seas Waterpark is filled with some of the best water attractions in the country. Located at Misamis Oriental, Cagayan De Oro, one of the places to go if families want to escape the city. 

Very exciting theme parks for children as well.

A ready for occupancy condo in Cagayan De Oro is also available for families who want to get a unit in the amazing place of CDO.


Siargao is the best place for families who love beach and island hopping. There is a lot to see and do on the island. There are also many romantic restaurants for the parents to date, as well as big bars with a buzzing atmosphere. Families will make many beautiful memories in Siargao.

In Siargao, youngsters can do such things as surfing together, family romantic dinner at the beach, romantic beach walks, strolling, and meeting the locals of the island.

El Nido

Known as one of the best places in the Philippines is El Nido. Filled with picturesque beaches and home to delicious food restaurants, indeed a kind getaway for families.

These are the many things you can do in El Nido glamping on Nacpan Beach, romantic sunset walks on Nacpan Beach, private island hopping tours, delicious dinner at Las Cabanas Beach, and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the island.


For families looking for a quiet and serene place to stay, Baguio is the perfect pick.

Stroll through Baguio and visit their different parks. Each Barangay also has a community garden that competes annually for the main prize at the Flower Baguio Festival (Panagbenga). These small gardens are full of flowers suited for the romantic atmosphere of couples. Experience museum tours with your loved ones as Baguio is full of arts and crafts. 

Couples can also take a late afternoon boat ride at Burnham Park. 

Families and couples take Baguio as one of their top picks in settling for a home to live in. Consider Vista Residence’s condo in Baguio as a choice to settle in. There are several condominium projects in Baguio such as Brenthill, Canyon Hill, and Pinehill. 


Bohol is one of the Philippines’ islands that has everything. It has a beautiful coastline, beaches, and sunsets that await people. 

Bohol has wonderful forests, waterfalls, and the amazing geological phenomenon of chocolate hills. Bohol is another island with lots of activities, which adapts to the idea of a romantic escape for adventurers to relax and have fun. There is no denying that kids and parents can do a lot of things in Bohol.


Palawan might be one of those places in top spots for a perfect getaway for a vacation. This place serves as a mix of both remote and exotic places. Families can do activities like island hopping, snorkeling, sightseeing, visiting the caves, exploring lagoons, and just a simple romantic walk at the beach.


Holiday or not, families have chosen to spend their time together on this world-class beach. Everyone can see many of them walking barefoot along the dusty white sands of the beach, sitting to watch the sunset, or sharing dinner in the light of candles in one of the restaurants or hotels in front of the sea. Boracay is also a place for newlywed couples to spend their honeymoon. 


Albay is a province in the Bicol region that is full of various natural wonders, marine life, historic monuments, and delicious food. This is a great escapade for families to explore a variety of activities together. With a variety of beaches to choose from, caves, waterfalls, and ruins, couples can have fun on their time in Albay. 

Experience the Albay Sunset Cruise and have a romantic time enjoying cocktails and canapes while cruising along the Pacific Ocean with an amazing view of the sunset by the Mayon Volcano. They may also visit the site of what’s left in the town of Cagsawa on a Cagsawa Ruins Tour. Go beach hopping and try different water activities. Truly a fun and leisure experience.


For some, Batanes is their dream destination. Batanes is surely filled with wander and interesting things. The top things families can do in Batanes is to explore Ivatan culture by visiting traditional villages, walk along Morong Beach, and try Ivatan headgear from the Sabtang Weavers Association.

It will be fun to experience the locals' tradition. Have a beach day and just lounge around under the sun in Chadpidan beach or Nakabuang Beach. Don’t forget to take a relaxing stroll together around the town and immerse in the Ivatan’s history, and culture.

Amanpulo Island

An exclusive island resort, Amanpulo surely brings out a world-class experience for every couple. Families can enjoy the white sand along the beach, and snorkel together. They can also try water activities like sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking. 


With its location just near Manila, this is the place perfect for couples who wanted to escape the bustling city of the Metro. There are a lot of things to do in Tagaytay like having a hearty breakfast at Breakfast at Antonio’s. Couples can also hike to the crater of Taal Volcano and marvel at the beauty of the lake. 

Go on an adventure date at Sky Ranch and get an artsy visit to Museo Orlina. Couples may also book a session of couple’s massage at The Bathhouse at Qiwellness Living. Truly a quick relaxing trip for families who stays in the city.


Just a couple of hours away from Manila, Batangas is home to the best beaches in Luzon. Batangas offers tons of beach resorts that families can enjoy. Enjoy swimming, scuba diving, and discover the rich marine life of Batangas beaches. From Anilao, San Juan, and Laiya, there are so many destinations to choose from.

Romantic Destinations in the Metro


Rave Rainforest Park

It is not necessary to go too far for a fun nature adventure with your special someone. Rave Rainforest Park offers the perfect place to get close to nature with its many attractions and activities that will surely occupy your whole day. If you are looking for a quiet and serene place inside the metro, this is the perfect place for families. Be sure to drop by their adventure park, bloating lagoon, botanical garden, and camping area.

Rave Rainforest Park is located in Pasig City. People looking for a place to stay in the city, be sure to check out Spectrum Ortigas, a pre selling condo in Pasig. Just in the east spot of Pasig, a ready for occupancy condo in Mandaluyong is one to check. They might also consider getting a condo in Quezon City as it is also near the areas of Mandaluyong and Pasig.


For couple of foodies out there, here are some yummy and amazing restaurant spots in Manila:

Harbor View Restaurant

Who would have thought of having a restaurant along Manila Bay? This romantic spot surely captivates one’s eye as if the place is floating in the middle of the bay. 

Skydeck Lounge

Located at the rooftop of The Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros, the Skydeck Deck view bar is the best spot inside Manila. With an overlooking view and relaxed atmosphere, families and friends will surely have a good time. 

La Cathedral Cafe

An artsy spot that will remind everyone of those Al Fresco cafe’s in France. This surely is a perfect place for families looking for a vintage ambiance and chill vibes. 


After eating at the most amazing spots in Intramuros, children might want to take a stroll in one of Manila’s historical places. There are several activities that a family can do in Intramuros, like museum tours, visiting churches, and of course, a good place to take Instagram-worthy photos!

There are also several condominiums located at the heart of Manila for families to check. They can visit and check out some Vista Residences projects in Manila. Vista Heights is a condo in Manila that provides a clean and secured environment for families. 


One of the places in the Metro that has a peaceful vibe, Antipolo is the top pick. Antipolo gives a similar feel to Tagaytay. Couples can enjoy sightseeing, trying delicious food at every restaurant, and museum tours. Famous places like Pinto Art Museum, Masungi Georeserve, and Hinulugang taktak. Antipolo is a large place so make sure to allot much of your time to explore this wonderful place.


For families and friends who seek out modern and city vibe type of date, BGC is the perfect place. They can explore and stroll around the High Street Lounge, or eat inside an Italian inspired mall called the Venice Grand Canal. 

For new families planning to settle down, a condo in Taguig should be up for consideration. The Courtyard by Vista Residence is located in BGC, Taguig where everyone can experience a world-class living. Just minutes away from BGC, they can also check out a condo in Makati. There are also several ready for occupancy projects in Makati for people who seek convenience in work and leisure.


Take a stroll in one of the busiest streets and central districts in the Metro. Everyone can walk around and shop in several malls like Greenbelt and Glorietta. Makati has also one of the best lists of restaurants that families can visit together. 

Luxury and world-class hotels are also present in the city, perfect for those who prefer a staycation not too far away.

Indeed, there are a lot of beautiful and amazing places in the Philippines. Destinations perfect for couples, friends, and families. These places will surely bring beautiful memories of people together with their special someone.

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