Reasons Why You Should Invest or Live in a Condo in Manila

Sep 20, 2022

Investors and home buyers have turned to real estate as a sanctuary for their money and future. It is undoubtedly ideal to invest in real estate given the country's low expenses, high rental returns, and strong appreciation potential. A great way to get started is by buying a condo in Manila.

Over the past few years, Metro Manila has emerged as a viable investment location in the Asia-Pacific region, stepping out from behind the shadows of its Asian counterparts. New buildings are rising in practically every metropolis as it increasingly becomes a hyperactive megacity.

The quality of life in Manila is beautiful. Many people want to live in Manila, not just because of the perfect weather. It is also because they know that they'll be able to achieve their dreams there, which is one of the pros of living in Manila. 

Manila is known for being one of the most affordable cities in Asia. With more than 14 million people living within its borders, you're never far from a friend or family member. Manila is a great place to live. You'll find high-quality education, medical services, and a highly diverse population. 

If you're wondering whether Manila is proper for you to live and invest in or if Manila is an excellent place to live, keep reading! 

Investing in a Condo in Manila

Buying a condominium might be a fantastic investment if you have a few key elements working in your favor. To answer the question: "is buying a condo in Manila a wise financial decision?" Yes, it is. 

Real estate can be a profitable investment, but there are certain things to consider before getting started. Let's examine these topics so that you may make a wise choice.

A Vision for Investment

Investing in a condo unit in Manila is a smart move for you if you have a long-term vision for the investment. One of the main reasons why many people invest in condos is because they want to make their money grow over time. If you're planning on making a large sum of money, then condo units are one of the best investments. After all, they offer a steady return on investment as the real estate values appreciate over time. 

The Property Location 

When buying real estate, it would be best to consider what city, region, or location to invest in. It is usually advised that you research local businesses because they tend to attract more workers from other places, drive up real estate prices, and raise rental rates—all of which are excellent things for you as a real estate owner. 

It is usually best to examine additional elements that could affect the property's worth when looking for the ideal condo in Manila. These include market value, crime rate, commercial development, and local news. 

Another reason why investing in a condo unit in Manila is an excellent idea is because it allows you to choose the best location possible. Manila is a city full of opportunities. It's easy to get around, and there's a lot to see and do. Vista Residences has a lot of condo location choices, and they also offer pre-selling condos in Manila that you can check out! 

Living in a Condo in Manila 

Manila is one of the most vibrant, exciting, and culturally rich cities in Asia, which makes the quality of living in Manila great! Manila is one of the most dynamic cities in the country. With the increasing number of people moving to the capital, there are many reasons why you should consider living in a condo unit.


If you're looking for convenience and mobility, living in a condo will be perfect. You can quickly get around your new home using public transportation or walking around the neighborhood. It also provides an easy commute to work or school because it's close to all major roads and highways. The best thing about condo living in Manila is that it is close to shopping malls, restaurants, banks, schools, parks, and other amenities. 

Access to Different Amenities 

Young professionals today, including Millennials, play by different rules and expectations, which is also apparent in their choice of housing. They favor short commutes, walkable neighborhoods, and convenient access to additional, multiple amenities and facilities. Their housing preferences are characterized by comfort and cost-effectiveness, which is why condos are preferred over other property kinds. 

Safe, Sound, Secured

The advantages of living in a condo in Manila include security features. Condos have secured entrances and exit points, on-duty security personnel around the clock, and plenty of security cameras. The management is vigilant about who comes in and out of the establishment, ensuring that security cameras and intercoms guarantee the safety of condo residents. Since the condo would take care of it, there is no need to spend money on all those elaborate and pricey security systems. 

Infrastructure Improvements

The government has been making considerable investments in the country's infrastructure, which is one reason you should live in a condo in Manila. It is expected that over the next few years, the government will launch more infrastructure projects to improve the quality of life in Manila. The government has been investing heavily in roads, bridges, and other public utilities to help ease the metropolis's traffic situation.


The Philippines is a country with a high population growth rate. This factor alone makes it essential for parents to have their own space where they can raise their children without worrying about them being exposed to violence and crime. One of the reasons why you should live in a condo in Manila is that it is child-friendly. It is because most of the condos have swimming pools and playgrounds, which makes it easy for parents to take their kids out whenever they want to, plus the variety of schools nearby surrounding these condominium buildings.

Manila is a great city to live in if you want an active, busy place to live that's also somewhat safe. It's not the safest place in the world, but it offers a lot of pros of living in Manila too. Condo living has several advantages and benefits. Life is generally made simpler by it. Condos simplify and improve daily life's convenience and are an excellent investment. So if you still question yourself, "is Manila a good place to live" the answer is yes. Consider living in a condo in Manila or buying a pre-selling condo in Manila with Vista Residences. 

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