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Small Space Design Ideas You Can Apply to Your Condo

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Short on square footage? Condo living in Metro Manila, specifically, can sometimes be a struggle, especially when it comes to designing the condo space to make it look bigger. Bring in a couple of furniture into your space and before you know it, the room looks cluttered already. But living small should not keep you from making your home feel spacious.

Maximize your condo unit and make the most out of it. Here are some design ideas that you can apply to make your condo space feel and look larger.

Storage is key. Being able to use every nook and cranny of your condo unit is essential. Therefore, maximizing storage space is very important.

In buying furniture, consider those with extra storage space. Find the best storage solution by picking clear storage containers that will allow you to see inside the container. Make sure to put label on these storage containers to save your precious time when quickly retrieving an item from the storage. A more decorative basket is great for your living spaces which can double as a décor piece and serve a major storage purpose.

Trick a small space into looking bigger.Choose a “statement furniture” that can fill the room. Instead of buying several small pieces for the seating area, opt for a huge couch “with attitude” – this brings focus into your living space and effectively decreases the cluttered look.

Space it out. Instead of pushing your furniture against the wall, consider placing a thin console in between the wall and your sofa. Creating a breathing room around your furniture gives the appearance of more space.

Leave the windows uncovered. Utilize natural lighting - more light gives space depth. If privacy is a concern, use blinds or a roman shade instead of curtains for a cleaner look.

De-clutter relentlessly. The first step in creating more space in your condo unit is to get rid of the stuff that you are no longer using. Living in a small space means taking out all the unnecessary things, simply de-cluttering. Keeping them will take valuable space away from important things.

Start by breaking them up into zones and working quickly and deciding which items to toss and which to keep. For items you are getting rid of, you may consider donation instead of just trashing them.

Think vertically. Most people think in terms of left to right but do not discount that space above your head and at your feet. In order to maximize higher spaces, invest in a sturdy step ladder to allow you to reach these areas. Remember not to store anything too heavy above – no boxes full of books or larger appliances.

As for the space near the floor, use plastic storage container – they stack well and make everything from shoes to bags easier to find.

These are simple ways to help make your condo look spacious. Since it is your own space, be creative and resourceful in designing according it according to your taste. 

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