Squid Game Inspired Bedroom Design for your Condo

Nov 03, 2021

The South Korean drama series  on Netflix, Squid Game has dominated the world through its thriller and horror fiction theme. Because of its popularity and with the perfect timing of the Halloween season, you can incorporate the Squid Game thrill with these Squid Game inspired bed designs for your condo!

The Hallway

This theme is easy. All you have to do is accessorize your bed with pink, lime green, and blue colors. Put on some pink sheet, dress up your pillows in those lime green and blue pillow covers, to add a bit of that bloody theme to it, slap on a red throw-pillow, or an accent red blanket to complete the grim and brutal scene. A perfect addition to your condo halloween decoration if you're someone who's opting for a low-key but recognizable halloween design.

The Second Game

If you’re looking for something that can be kid friendly but still want to keep the horror theme going, then the second game room theme is for you. This is perfect for your kids room. The drawn cloud wallpapers are perfect especially for small condo rooms. It’s easy, it looks nice, plus it’s a good bonding experience with you and kids, or even alone! And after filling your room up with clouds, and fun shapes, you can enjoy a dalgona candy, and even join in on carving the shapes up for fun.

Contestants’ Quarters

If you’re seeking to have a sleepover or a slumber party with your friends at your condo, then this theme is for you. Depending on who you are, you can have as many beds as you can that can fit in your condo room and have your bed frames in black, and your sheets all white. And to stay more tru to the theme, you can all wear teal colored pajamas and slap on player numbers on them to truly be in the scene. But beware, your slumber party can turn into a brawny fight when the lights are off and all of you are enjoying a good pillow fight.

Marble Game Neighborhood 

If your condo interior design is industrial, the marble game neighborhood is your answer. What you can do to achieve a great looking  neighborhood just like in the series, is have your condo decorated with exposed bricks, clay pots and planters, bicycles hanging on the wall, earth tone sheets, and if you want to be extra, add exposed metal roof accents, and rust colored decorations. The marble game neighborhood will be a great addition to your condo’s interior décor.

Green Light Red Light

If you’re looking for a warm and cozy, at the same time horror game inspired bedroom this is perfect for you. This game room is perfect for relaxation and pleasure. You can decorate your room with some red accents to give off a blood thriller theme to it. And a great tip is to make a pool table in your room! You can decorate it with black felt and include colorful pool balls, balls of different shapes, and even make a hole in the pool table as well!

Glass Room

If you don’t have a window in your condo, but you still want to use the same color scheme and theme of the series, the glass room is perfect for you! It’s simple and perfect. You can decorate your room by adding some basic white sheets and also add in some black and white pillows and accent black sheets if you so desire. And for great contrast inside your room, add some colorful details such as vibrant orange, bright yellow, green vibrant colors.

Squid Game VIP Lounge

If you’re looking for a bedroom theme that will be perfect addition to your condo, the Squid Game VIP lounge is just what you're looking for! It can be as simple as some black and white pillows and sheets, and a ton of gold and animal print accents here and there. Those can be books, vases, rugs, pottery, or something even as simple as a tissue holder! Get those gold and animal prints all around and feel like a real Squid Game VIP in your own condo.

Circle, Triangles, and Squares

Definitely the easiest Decoration here in the list. This is straightforward, fill your condo with circle, triangle and square shapes! And it’s not as boring as just a wallpaper filled with those shapes, use all items you can think of with those shapes, and fill your room with it. A circle pag, a circle chair, a square picture frame, a triangle lamp, a triangle coaster, a square ball if you can find that, a circle mirror, triangle rugs and carpets; all that— fill your condo room with those symbolic thrilling shapes and keep that thrill from the time you go to bed, to when you wake up.

Golden Squid

When you’re looking for something that is as unique as the Netflix series itself, then this golden squid inspired deco is perfect. Imagine your room as a golden, bright gold background. Add in some black and white pillows for that creepy and gruesome effect. You can also add black lanterns or light up torches of different colors to keep the golden theme going!

Last but not least, if you're looking for something that can be used as a night stand, then this is perfect for you:

Swimming Pool: What better way of relaxing and killing some time than drowning yourself in a giant swimming pool? Make sure to paint your walls with bright green; it’ll make the scene look even more realistic. Place pillows of different shapes and sizes on the ground. And if you want to add in some squid game flair to the scene, place some candles on the ground and place some small squid statues around.

This is it! Squid Game inspired bedroom designs for your condo

Remember when decorating your condo to be safe, and make sure to enjoy and be happy of your own creation. Just make sure you'll be having a goodnight rest when you sleep in your own squid game themed condo.

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