How To Prepare Your Condo for a Volcanic Eruption

Jul 14, 2021

The Philippines is known for being rich in natural resources. It is very relevant when even international tourists are coming to the country to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure and witness the natural creations that it has. Some of them are beaches with white and fine sands, mountains perfect for hiking, and museums that are rich in history. However, the tourism industry in the country has faced challenges due to inevitable circumstances.

Even before the pandemic, one of the best tourist spots in the country has become trending due to its natural phenomenon – The Taal Volcano. Early last year, 2020, Taal Volcano erupted which caused many damages to the communities living around its vicinity. Because of its unexpected eruption, many lost their homes and loved ones as the communities were not able to prepare for it. This year, it recently erupted which alarmed most residents who haven’t even recovered from its eruption last 2020.

In this time that volcanic eruption is very relevant, it is important that we keep ourselves and our properties prepared. Even if you are residing in a condo, you are not exempted from its damages.

When you think of property damage from volcanic eruptions, you may imagine fire damage from lava and hot ash. But did you know that the ash itself is very abrasive and can cause damage to windows if it’s removed incorrectly? Or that one of the major causes of damage after a volcanic eruption is flood and mudslide damage, due to snowmelt?

It is difficult to predict how an eruption will affect your property. The damage could be as minor as ash exposure, or as severe as a direct lava flow, landslides or explosions. There is little you can do to prepare your property for the most severe types of damage, but there are steps you can take to prepare for more minor damage – and prevent that minor damage from becoming more severe.

Understanding the risks eruptions pose to your property – especially the less obvious risks – can help you better prepare to protect your home. Thus here’s how you can prepare for a volcanic eruption.

Understand your community’s risk

Usually, communities conduct seminars about volcanic eruptions. There, they are discussing the causes of volcanic eruption, the risks of your community, and the ways on how you can prepare for it. It is advisable for you to attend these seminars as it also gives you a chance to ask all unanswered questions that you have. 

If by chance you were not able to attend these seminars conducted by your community, you may ask your community officers about it and observe your location. Besides, it is always better to be concerned than to be neglecting.

Clean up plant debris from gutters, roof and your home’s perimeter to deter combustion.

Our home roofs can also be affected by the eruption. Thus, it is also important to clean up all the plants and any debris on them to avoid any combustion. 

If you are living in a ready for occupancy condo with a balcony, make sure to remove any flammable material outside your home. Doing these will not just protect your property, but the others as well.

Cover your plants

Now that most people are becoming plantito and plantita, it is important that we put covers on our plants. You can do so by creating a small room for all your plants in your garden area, or placing a roof above your outdoor plants. We do not want our lovely plants to get burn, so we should also put effort into taking care of them even in this kind of time.

Turn off your home’s gas line before evacuating

In the areas near volcanoes, communities are vulnerable and may experience devastation on their properties due to the eruption. Thus, it is important to turn off the gas line inside your home to avoid fire. Beforehand, make sure also that everyone in the household knows how to shut off gas, even water, and electricity. You can take some time to teach them how to and to let them be aware of its essential during a volcanic eruption.

Place everything you can inside the home, including parking your car in the garage

Make sure that your essential stuff at home is placed inside your home. This is to prevent your things from any damages brought about by the eruption. Ashes from volcanic eruptions can also stick to your cars and may cause damages to them, so make sure to park your cars in the garage. It is advisable to park it in an enclosed area to protect it from dust and ashes. 

If you are living in a condo, you might be feeling secured with your car because your condo has its parking space inside. However, make sure that you use car covers. As they say – it is better to be prepared for any possibilities.

These are just some of the things that you can do to prepare for a volcanic eruption. It is always important to stay vigilant and observant around to avoid any harm in case of eruptions. Make sure that your home or condo is located in a safe space and report to the property managers once you have seen something delicate. Apart from all the important stuff that you need to consider, make sure also to check up on your loved ones before, during, and after any circumstances.

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