Perks of Independent Condo Living

Jul 20, 2021

Young professionals and millennials prefer to rent second homes near their workplaces. After all, staying in an apartment or condo is often more convenient than commuting to and from Metro Manila every day.

If it’s your first time buying, renting, or if you are interested in moving into a different area to live independently, or in search of something more convenient to invest in, you will be surprised with some of the advantages of living in a safe and secured condo.

You have the freedom to customize your interior

Renting an apartment requires you to abide by the rules your landlord has established. If there’s anything that you want to customize, you often have to ask for permission from the property manager or landlord, and they often have very little flexibility on the proposed changes. 

On the other hand, since condo living is a pay-to-own living arrangement, you are given the freedom to choose the condo design, decorate, and renovate your living space to suit your personality and lifestyle, however you like.

You can enjoy proximity to recreational areas

Condo living gives you the privilege to live near shopping centers, recreational areas, and your workplace. A condo can make a practical and convenient living solution. 

Aside from convenience, having access to public transportation is also one of the benefits of condo living, and the city often makes sure public transportation is accessible to condo residents. This is best for residents who want to save on fuel costs and car maintenance expenses.

Condo living is more affordable

Condo living is generally more affordable than traditional houses in the same area. If you are a young individual who is just starting and wanting to make a living space on your own, investing in a condominium is a great alternative. With much lower prices, it is much easier to own a condo than a home.

Little to no maintenance

Another benefit of living in a condominium is that there are little to no maintenance responsibilities aside from keeping your own living space clean. 

There are property maintenance personnel that maintain the condominium complex in tip-top shape, which offers you more time to participate in activities that you like to do. However, if you are used to gardening, you can just set up a mini garden of potted plants on your balcony or patio. It will surely make a nice touch that will bring a little bit of the outdoors to your condo living experience.

While living independently in a condo may be a more practical choice, we understand that living on your own and being away from your family and your childhood home can be a bit challenging. 

If you want to make the most of your condo living, here are some survival tips for living on your own:

Be comfortable on your own

Living independently in your condo may mean waking up or coming home to an empty home. When this happens to you, you should remember that it is okay to be alone. 

While you may be used to always being surrounded by family and friends, you also have to appreciate some quiet time. Why not enjoy the silence by reading a good book, catching up on your favorite series, or treating yourself to a fancy dinner? Enjoy your me-time!

Prepare your own food

Living alone in the condo will make you learn how to prepare your meals. Aside from learning a new skill, you will also save money because it is cheaper and healthier than always buying food and deliver from nearby fast-food restaurants. 

To help you get started, make a list of the dishes that you want to learn how to cook and search for tutorials on YouTube. 

Since cooking for a dish can be time-consuming, you may want to prepare in advance. For example, every Sunday afternoon, try to cook enough adobo, beefsteak, and other classic Pinoy viands that will not spoil easily for a whole week. Now, you have something to eat for lunch or dinner every day! 

Clean as you go

Now that you are living on your own, you should always practice the habit of cleaning as you go. You don’t want your own place to be always messy and cluttered, right? 

Remember to make your bed every morning, wash your dishes after every meal, and always keep your personal belongings neat and organized. This will help you create a better living space for yourself.

Take care of things in the condo

Living alone will help you figure out how to change a light bulb, fix a leaking faucet, and work on other broken things in and around your personal space. Consider these as additional learnings and skills that will help you manage to live on your own. 

Prepare for emergencies

Since you are living by yourself, make sure to make a list of the nearest hospitals, ambulance services, police station, fire department, and other important places. Save these numbers on your mobile phone and have one that you can leave on your front door, refrigerator door, and bedroom door.

You should also prepare your emergency bag with essential items such as wallet, flashlight, spare batteries, transistor radio, raincoat, rubber boots, clothes, crackers, canned goods, can opener, and bottled water.

If you’re interested in purchasing or investing in a condominium in Manila, we invite you to explore the condo properties of Vista Residences.

Vista Residences, the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., offers ready for occupancy and pre-selling condominium projects in Manila and Quezon City that are strategically located within inner-city areas, in close proximity to premium universities and developed business districts. 

Vista Residences has ready for occupancy condo projects in Manila such as Vista Taft, Vista Heights, Vista GL Taft, 878 Espana, and Crown Tower University Belt. It also has pre selling projects in the said area which include Vista Recto, Plumeria Heights, Tennyson Heights, Bradbury Heights, Sky Arts Manila, and Kizuna Heights. 

Meanwhile, its ready for occupancy projects in Quezon City include Wil Tower, the Symphony Towers, Pine Crest, and Vista 309 Katipunan. It also has pre selling condo projects in the said city such as Hawthorne Heights and Vista Pointe. 

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